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Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays:
  • Tim Blackwell
    June 9
  • Alison Thompson
    June 13
  • Jeff Hata
    June 21
  • Bruce McGee
    June 25
  • Rich Stewart
    June 27
  • Mike Martin
    July 11
  • Tim Hughes
    Peggy Hughes
    June 14
Join Date:
  • Tom Hashbarger
    June 1, 1989
    28 years
  • Samuel Marsh
    June 9, 2008
    9 years
  • Kristopher Hansen
    June 16, 2016
    1 year
  • Ken Kagan
    July 22, 2010
    7 years
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What is Rotary

Rotary Club of Ventura-East Elevator Speech

We are a leadership organization comprising of local business, civic and professional leaders.
We are a nonpolitical, nonsectarian service club.
We meet regularly to get to know each other, form friendships and through that we are able to get things done in this community. Like:
   - Scholarships at 5 local high schools,
   - Interact Clubs at 3 local schools.
   - Support the YMCA, City Center, Ventura Botanical Gardens
   - Promote literacy and career guidance in schools
Internationally we support a huge project our club started called GoCare in Nicaragua and contribute to eliminating Polio worldwide.
The Rotary Club of  Ventura-East meets Thursday noon to 1:30 at the Poinsettia Pavilion in Ventura. Come and learn more about Rotary's humanitarian service, high ethical standards in all vocations and help build good will in this community.
The Rotary Club of Ventura-East awarded 16 scholarships to local Ventura High School Seniors in the amount of $50,000 total. Congratulations to all of our recipients!
Bob Lynn led us in the Flag Salute.
Tom Hashbarger gave our Inspirational Message.
Laura Shannon gave our Joke of the Day.
President Husam thanked Ashley Pope for greeting today.
Guests and visiting Rotarians: Guest of Joe Strohman  was Jane Monahue. Guest of the club was Greg Jones.
President Husam had purchased 10 tickets to the Ojai Wine Festival and then realized he had a conflict. President Husam asked for donations for his tickets and he would donate all the proceeds to GoCare's employee, Indiana's sone who was burned very severely with hot water and needs funds to get care at the hospital.
Laura Shanon bought 4 tickets for a donation of $200
David Morris bought 2 tickets for a donation of $100
Bill Spellman donated $100 and didn't want any tickets.
Carol Marquez bought 2 tickets for $100
Wendy Pazen bought 2 tickets for $100.
Greg Jones was inducted into the club by Joe Strohman and Bruce McGee.
President Husam celebrated Rotary's birthday with an ice cream cake! President Husam went around the room and asked each member how long they have been in Rotary.
Next week will be our scholarship presentations so our meeting will be in the Ventura Room.
Jordan Eller reported that Downtown has agreed to the contribute $50,000 to the Botanical Gardens project so each club in Ventura will be donating $50,000 to the project over the next 2 years.
Todd Juvonen said that the YMCA would be doing a beach cleanup on C Street / Surfers Point on May 27th. The Rotaract Pizza Fundraiser was a huge success raising $1,350 to Rotaract's Mexico Build in November.
Rich Stewart, Harriet Clune, Kathy McGee and Ashley Pope all read thank you letters from our RYLA participants.
We had two raffle prizes today, a $50 Trader Joe's gift card and a $50 Wood Ranch gift card. Bob Noville won the Trader Joe's card and Laura Shanon won the Wood Ranch card. We collected $800 today and President Husam donated another $200 to make an even 1,000.
P.E. Harriet Clune stepped in for President Husam who was out golfing today with Kris Hansen & Bruce McGee!
John Masterson led us in the Flag Salute.
Jeff Hata gave our Joke of the Day.
Rich Stewart introduced guests and visiting Rotarians. John Godfrey and his son Trevor along with Trevor's friend Emma were visiting today. Trevor will be receiving a scholarship from the club next week. Ken Kagan brought his daughter Sarah and visiting from the Rotary Club of Ventura was Hutch.
P.E. Harriet thanked Kathy McGee for taking attendance today.
Avenues of service, no announcements today.
Tom Swan told everyone about Roxanne Nomura's Memorial Service on June 17th.  Tom also reminded everyone about our Step Down dinner on June 22nd at the Tower Club. The district Step Down luncheon will be on June 24th at Los Robles Greens in Thousand Oaks.
Michelle Cekov spoke about Indiana's son who had a terrible accident and was burned. There is an incredible burn center at the Palace Hospital in Nicaragua. Michelle let us know that Indiana will be here in two weeks for a GoCare meeting.
P.E. Harriet welcomed Tobias Hildebrand back and gave condolences for the passing of his mother.
Jordan Eller spoke about our scholarship presentations next week and thanked the committee which was comprised of Tim Hughes, Amber Stevens, Tobias Hildebrand, Michelle Cekov and Ken Kagan. We will be recognizing 13 students next week.
P.E. Harriet let us know Jim Emch had surgery on his ankle 2 weeks ago.
Kathy McGee spoke about President Husam's demotion. Bruce McGee would like to do a roast of President Husam. Please send any and all ideas to Bruce McGee.
The Push-em Pull-em parade is coming July 4th. A sign up sheet was passed for intersection/traffic control.
P.E. Harriet said that there were two vacancies on the current board that President Husam is filling with Melody - O'Leary-Namikas and Rich Stewart.
Happy $'s: Rich Stewart, Melody O'Leary-Namikas, Carol Marquez-Olson, Michelle Cekov, Jeff Hata and John Borneman.
Rich Stewart have a brief bio on John Borneman.
Todd Juvonen reminded the present board and next year's board that there will be a social at President Husam's parent's house.
Todd Juvonen also announced that Amber Steven's will be taking over as Community Service director next year.
Our raffle prize today was a gift card to Lure graciously donated by Melody O'Leary-Namikas and our lucky winner was Sarah Kagan!
President Husam led us in the Flag Salute.
Kathy McGee gave our Inspirational Message.
President Husam reported that the Rotaract Fundraiser made $1,350 which will go towards their upcoming Mexico build.
Guests and visiting Rotarians...
Guest of Ashley Pope was Diane Quinn. Guest of Ayn DeVera was Alison Radcliff. Guest of President Husam was Steve Bennett. Guests of Kris Hansen were Annette Garcia and Tonya Page. Guests of Bill Gray were Kim, Tyler and Mason Gray. Guest of Joe Strohman was Greg Wordell. Guests of the club were Greg Morris, Ayn DeVera and Margarida Eidson.
Steve Bennett spoke about a Cornhole tournament to benefit youth exiting Child Protective Services. 
Tim Blackwell inducted Ayn DeVera and David Morris into the club.
l-r Tim Blackwell, Wendy Pazen, Ayn DeVera, David Morris, President Husam, Bill Crookston
Judy Hoag spoke about our upcoming Poinsettia Sales.
Alison Thompson gave our Joke of the Day.
Happy $'s: Tim Hughes, Wendy Pazen & Harriet Clune.
By Mary Kay Doubek
Saturday, April 29 was Rotarians at Work Day for 1.2 million members globally.  In Ventura, the Downtown, East, and South clubs joined forces on a single project so they could make a bigger impact in the community they love.  “Ventura Botanical Gardens is an ideal place to show the power of Rotary,” stated Downtown Ventura Rotary President Betsy Chess.  “60 local Rotary, Rotaract (18-30 ages), and Interact (high school ages) members set aside their Saturday morning and were able to clear invasive plants and brush from a quarter mile stretch of trail above Summit Drive.  There certainly was an impressive stack of weeds when we were done.”
Joe Cahill, VBG Executive Director, added, “The trails are in use more than ever this spring.  Along with the 60 Rotarians on site that day, there were thousands of trail walkers and 500 or more participants and spectators in the Ventura Police Department-sponsored Mud Run.  Later that afternoon, the Ventura Climate March came through the gardens too.  We are pleased to have everyone enjoy the special beauty here after the rains of winter.  All the flowers and plants have prospered, but so have the invasive plants.  In several places, the trail was nearly impenetrable through a seven-foot tall wall of mustard.  It is amazing how quickly these volunteers were able to get the job done.  Thanks to Rotary, now visitors to the upper trail can see where they are going!  An added benefit is that we got a jump start on reducing brush that is a concern during fire season.  It was such a positive experience; I look forward to working with more large groups of volunteers from other local clubs. 
After working up their appetites, Rotarians were treated to Domino’s Pizza from East Ventura Rotarian Husam Hishmeh at the future site of Rotary Plaza at VBG.  It was the first visit to the site for many Rotarians, who were enthusiastic about putting the Rotary name up at Ventura Botanical Gardens.  As they munched their slices of pizza, project organizers Bruce and Kathy McGee of Rotary East described the features to be developed for Rotary Plaza.  It will include a gathering place for 50 or more people, as well as the Rotary Wheel and Four Way Test, symbols of the “service above self” motto that Rotarians live by.  They will be placed in a setting which offers unobstructed panoramic views of the gardens below, as well as city hall, and the ocean and islands beyond.
“We are confident we can build the financial support within Rotary to make this investment in Ventura Botanical Gardens,” said Bruce McGee.  “Any way you look at it, Rotary Plaza is a fantastic project.  Foremost, we want to endorse Ventura Botanical Gardens, the best and biggest new public asset in Ventura in our lifetime.  VBG is already a gift to every member of the community we love, and it will be enhanced dramatically over the next 30 years to be enjoyed for many generations to come.  Secondly, the superior location of the plaza at a crossroads by the top of the first trail, will naturally attract people.  Many will stop to look and learn about the values of Rotary via an online app they can access on their mobile phones.  Founded 110 years ago and now counting over 35,000 clubs globally, Rotary is committed to serve others near and far.  Now, more than ever, the world needs more people who live by our club’s guiding principles of truth, fairness, goodwill, and friendship.  Who knows, some visitors to Rotary Plaza at VBG may even decide to become Rotarians themselves in their own communities.” 

Welcome to the website of the Rotary Club of Ventura East!!

Ventura East
We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Poinsettia Pavilion
3451 Foothill Road
Ventura, CA  93003
United States
Membership Corner
Meeting Responsibilities
Hashbarger, Tom
Flag Salute
Cekov, Michelle
Daly, Sharon
Devera, Ayn
Joke of the Week
Masterson, John A.
Opportunity Drawing Donor
Masterson, John A.
Upcoming Speakers
Arnie Tolks
Jun 29, 2017
Observations about the criminal justice system from a 35 year prosecutor
Harriet Clune
Jul 06, 2017
Incoming President's Message
Ryan Boland,
Jul 27, 2017
New Buena football coach
Past Speakers
Jun 22, 2017
Step-Down Dinner
Dave Rader
Jun 08, 2017
teaches for academia, business, government, and the military
Cody Foster
Jun 01, 2017
Teaches biology, earth science at Buena High school
June 2017
News from R.I.
Five years since its debut, Rotary Club Central is getting a big upgrade
When we introduced Rotary Club Central in 2012, it revolutionized goal tracking and planning for clubs and districts — no more filling out paper club-planning forms or passing along boxes of historical club information every time a new leader took office. Rotary Club Central offered clubs and districts a quantifiable way to begin measuring local and global impact, specifically membership initiatives, service activities, and Rotary Foundation giving. But as with any technological advancement, in a few short years, Rotary Club Central began to show its age, and Rotarians took notice. They...
Rotary International Board adopts new zone structure
At its January 2017 meeting, the Rotary International Board of Directors adopted a new zone structure for Rotary clubs. Rotary bylaws require the Board to complete a comprehensive review of the 34 Rotary zones no less often than every eight years to ensure that each zone has an approximately equal number of Rotarians. The Board’s previous review of the zones occurred in 2008. The Board earlier approved the creation of three regional workgroups to develop rezoning proposals for Asia, Europe/Africa, and the Americas. These workgroups comprised one representative (either a current director,...
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Ventura, California  93006