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Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays:
  • Vance Thompson
    January 1
  • Michelle Cekov
    January 2
  • Juan Mendoza
    January 14
  • James Emch
    January 25
  • John Borneman
    February 6
  • Amber Landis-Stover
    February 25
  • Tom Hashbarger
    February 26
  • Bill Crookston
    Kathleen Crookston
    January 3
Join Date:
  • David Anderson
    January 1, 2003
    15 years
  • Dick Gallagher
    January 1, 2003
    15 years
  • Harriet Clune
    January 1, 2003
    15 years
  • Husam Hishmeh
    January 1, 2003
    15 years
  • James Emch
    January 1, 2003
    15 years
  • Midge Stork CFP, CSPG
    January 1, 1986
    32 years
  • Vance Thompson
    January 1, 2003
    15 years
  • Nicole Kreutz
    January 16, 2014
    4 years
  • Tom Swan
    January 26, 2006
    12 years
  • Jordan Eller
    February 1, 2006
    12 years
  • Rafael Canton, M.D.
    February 1, 1974
    44 years
  • Bob Pazen
    February 2, 1970
    48 years
  • Steve Harbison
    February 21, 2017
    1 year
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What is Rotary
Welcome to the Rotary Club of Ventura-East
Welcome to the Rotary Club of Ventura-East.  Our club was chartered on May 23, 1963; 54 years of service to our community and the world.  We are also the first club to have achieved a 100% Paul Harris Fellowship, having donated $1,000 per member to the Rotary International Foundation to fund projects in the United States and all around the world.
Ventura-East Rotarians meet for lunch from 12:00 – 1:30 p.m. every Thursday at the Poinsettia Pavilion in Ventura, 3451 Foothill Road.   A delicious lunch, fellowship and networking, a short business session and usually an informative speaker who presents current and timely topics.
Rotarians practice our pledge of “Service Above Self” through our five Avenues of Service committees:  Club Service, Community Service, International Service, Vocational Service and Youth Service.  One of our most popular projects is the Push-em Pull-em Parade for youngsters and families on the 4th of July. We started this parade in 1976 and celebrated the 42nd anniversary of the Push-em Pull-em Parde this year (Click on this link to see photos PhotoAlbums/2017-push-em-pull-em-parade).  Operation Splash, partnered with the YMCA, teaches youngsters to swim and learn water safety.  We are, after all, a beach community!  We support the Boys & Girls Clubs, Food Share and the Ventura Botanical Gardens.  This year in June we awarded $50,000 in scholarships to Buena High School Seniors with plans to attend colleges and universities.  This coming June we plan to also award scholarships to those students pursuing vocational programs.
Leadership training for our youth is an important part of what we do, sponsoring an “Interact” Club at Buena High School and sending High School Juniors to a program called RYLA, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, a 4-day retreat for self-development and leadership experience. 
On an International basis, we partner with “Go Care” in support of a project in Nicaragua, offering health care, educational opportunities, computer labs, English language lessons and much more.  A new project for us is partnering with “The Mossy Foot Project” based in Ventura and providing medical and rehabilitation services through their project in Ethiopia.   
We have two major fundraisers each year to support our charitable work.  In October, we throw a fun filled adult costume party called “Nightmare on the Hill.”  It is a very popular event.  Our second fundraiser is Poinsettia Sales for the holidays. Volunteer Rotarians deliver the cases of beautiful plants for each order to home or business.  For large business orders, we can drop ship the cases.  Ask us!  These fund-raising events allow us to continue our services to our local community and to the world.
If you have an interest in Rotary and doing good in our world, here locally and internationally, please contact us through our website or see us on Facebook.  We welcome your inquiry and would welcome you to join us at lunch to investigate the opportunities of Rotary Membership.
Harriet Clune
President 2017-2018
Rotary Club of Ventura East
Bill Spellman led us in the Flag Salute.
Our Inspirational Message was delivered by Kris Hansen.
Bill Hicks told us about a Thomas Fire Fundraiser being held on February 3rd at Plaza Park.
Kris Hansen introduced guests and visiting Rotarians. Guest of Tobias Hildebrand was Anita Lynch.
Midge Stork announced that our raffle prize was a gift card to the Yardhouse donated by Laura Shannon.
Our joke of the day was given by Tim Hughes.
John Borneman read a poem today in memory of a friend he lost in the Montecito mudslides.
Avenues of Service announcements:
Joe Strohman announced that we need nominations for two at large directors for our club foundation.
Jeff Hata announced that we are moving our February 8th meeting to February 7th and we would be meeting at the Derby club with Downtown and South to hear Deepa Willingham speak.
Amber Stevens reminded us that the Community Service meeting would be immediately after the club meeting today.
Rich Stewart thanked Kris Hansen and Tom Hashbarger for volunteering to help the Friends of the Library move books on January 19th for a book sale to support the new Hill St library.
President Harriet let us know that the Board meeting was rescheduled to January 16th due to the rain and bad weather last week.
Jordan Eller let us know that scholarship applications will be available beginning March 1st through April 15th. We have $50,000 available to award this year. 
Happy $'s: Husam Hishmeh, John Borneman, Harriet Clune, Midge Stork and Tobias Hildebrand.
Kris Hansen led us in the Flag Salute.
Jeff Hata gave our Inspirational Message.
Guests today were Karen Campbell and Kevin Daly.
President Harriet thanked Laura Shannon for greeting and Todd Juvonen for taking attendance.
Our raffle prize today was donated by Jeff Hata, a bottle of Labyrinth Tempranillo and a bottle Eberle Sauvignon Gris.
John Borneman gave our Joke of the Day and then led us in our song.
Joe Strohman reported that our Club Foundation is up to $2.7 million. We need to elect 2 directors to the Foundation Board for a 2 year term beginning July 1, 2018. If you are interested, please let Joe know.
Joe also reported that Diana Davis who helped us with our Veteran's program will be here next week and the 4 Way Test Essay contest has begun. Carolyn Hertel will be donating $1,000 for awards again this year.
Amber Stevens reported that our Community Service meeting will be after our meeting next week.
Margarida Eidson let us know that there is free sand and sand bags available at the Poinsettia Pavilion for anyone that may need them.
President Harriet let us know that the Friends of the Library will need help on January 18th to load books to move to the Hill St library.
Happy $'s: Margarida Eidson, Jim Emch, Ashley Pope and Kathy McGee.
Midge Stork conducted the raffle and our lucky winner was Tom Swan, who had to leave early, so the wine was awarded to Bruce & Kathy McGee who lost their wine collection to the fires.
Husam Hishmeh said a few words about the Thomas fire before the meeting started.
Tom Hashbarger led us in the Flag Salute.
Bill Crookston gave our Inspirational Message.
Kris Hansen offered his help and advice for members affected by the Thomas Fire. Kris also offered the use of his van.
Laura Shannon gave our joke of the day followed by John Borneman who led us in our song of the day.
Amber Stevens will be having a Community Service Meeting after our club meeting on January 4th.
Tom Hashbarger presented Bill Crookston with a certificate for being a veteran.
President Harriet asked for donations of canned goods or monetary donations four Balboa Middle school.
President Harriet announced that our Annual Meeting would be January 11, 2018.
President Harriet also announced that Sharon Daly has been appointed to fill an open At Large Director's position on the board.
Happy $'s: John Borneman & Harriet Clune
We were back after a week off due to the Thomas Fire. We met in the Canada Larga Room since the rest of the Poinsettia Pavilion was being used for assistance to fire victims.
Sharon Daly led us in the Flag Salute.
Tom Swan introduced guests and visiting Rotarians. Guest of Tom Swan today was Ron French!
President Harriet thanked Juan Mendoza for bringing a sound system today.
Our speaker today, Tom Hilton from Project Understanding had to cancel today but we managed to get Deputy Director Curtis Updike from H.S.A. to tell us what is being done at the Poinsettia Pavilion to assist Thomas Fire victims.
John Borneman gave our Inspirational Message and our Joke of the Day.
Joe Strohman spoke about our project with the Military Collaborative. This is our 3rd year working with the and this year we will be sponsoring 3 families.
Rotaract President Olivia Strohman is a teacher at E.O. Green in Oxnard and her students made wreaths for Bill Gray, Carol Marquez-Olson, Bob and Wendy Pazen and Bruce and Kathy McGee who lost their homes in the fire.
Rich Stewart thanked everyone who participated by ringing the bell for the Salvation Army. The kettle was so full at the end of the day, there wasn't any room to add any more money! Great job!
Rich Stewart announced that there were boxes of masks on the tables for us to take. Take as many masks as we thought we would need.
President Harriet passed around the list of people who signed up for Rose Parade Decorating. If you cannot go please let President Harriet know. If you can drive, please let President Harriet know.
President Harriet announced that we are forming a committee for Poinsettia Sales next year. There were numerous volunteers to join the committee so next year should be a banner year for us. Judy Hoag announced that we netted over $8,200 this year on Poinsettia sales. President Harriet told us that between Nightmare on the Hill and Poinsettia sales we have netted over $10,000 in fund raisers this year.
Happy $'s: Midge Stork, Melody O'Leary-Namikas, Bruce McGee, Ashley Pope, Jeff Hata and Bill Gray.
Jordan Eller had passed around a sign-up sheet to donate towards our Military Collaborative project and we collected $695!
Fire recap by John Masterson
I have waited until the “all clear but Smokey” siren before writing this.  It has been a tumultuous 48 hours.  One that I have never experienced in my 82 years of breathing oxygen.

Saying “I lost my home” doesn’t seem so tough but in that, you are saying, I lost EVERYTHING that I hold dear.  Unreplaceable pictures, personal items, wardrobe, medicines, all those things collected thru the years to provide you with comfort, now gone.  You are at zero!  (The older you are, the darker that zero becomes.)  While beautiful homes all around us burned to the ground, ours survived.  (I was asked what my pre-plans were and I replied, “pray to Jesus and buy a lottery ticket.”

When Judy rushed into the bedroom at 9pm Monday nite and breathlessly shouted, “we have to evacuate!”, I immediately pooh poohed that comment.  “It’s not going to happen”, I stated.  Ignoring my ignorance and indignation, she immediately began to pack a suitcase.  “Don’t forget your medicines!, she added.  Meanwhile my youngest son rushed to us to help out.  We decided to stay with his family until the warning was removed.  Our daughter, Janna, her new puppy Cosmo, Judy and I joined a long line of traffic heading out of Ondulando.

The city was extra depressing.  The electricity was off everywhere.  It was dark, cold and fiercely windy.  Flashlights were mandatory.  iPhones and IPads quickly ran out to power.  With no TV, and trying to ignore the raging fires silhouetted on the blazing hillside you were left with small talk and meaningless conversation.  Then we got a call from our neighbor, Steve Osman.  He stayed behind and was fiercely watching his and OUR houses stamping out embers being blown around by the unpredictable fire storm.
Meanwhile, homes all around us were going up in flames.

I slept fitfully on the couch until 5:30am.  I awoke to see good friend, Barry Nielsen, on the other couch.  He had lesser time to react as he left his expensive watch on his dresser as he rushed out the door.  (His home is gone along with all clothes, personal sundries and daily needs.  (Big day at Costco coming up shortly!)  now comes the HUGE problem.  Where do you live for the next year or two?  (It will probably take that long for the city to issue a permit!)
There are no rooms to rent anywhere.....period!

Then came the next alarming news.  We have been told to evacuate my son’s residence.  (He lives next to Buena H S.). “Holy Moly,” as Batman would say.  Where do we go now?

Janett and Roger Whitlock have been good friends for 60 years.  They have a lovely, spacious residence in Camarillo.  A quick call at 6:00 am and eight of us, plus cat and dog headed south.

Janett is the most fabulous host.  We have been treated like royalty.  It will be hard to go home but home we will go as we have one.  As I reflect on the past events, one thing is abundantly clear.  Having family, friends and good neighbors is a blessing not all enjoy.  Judy and I are triple blessed.  I can’t imagine going thru this conflagration without their support.  

We are blessed with a strong family who support each other.  We are blessed with long, deep friendships of people who care.  We are blessed by a neighbor who epitomizes the old fashioned, timeless care and concern.  And as an added bonus, we are blessed with our home of 47 years.

Life is good.

John Masterson

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