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Find out more about what it means to be a Rotarian by joining us for breakfast at the Dundas Valley Golf and Curling Club, Tuesday mornings from 7:10 - 8:30. Contact rmontesanto@cogeco.ca for more information.

Our speaker on Tuesday, August 15th was Dr. Chris Swartz. Chris is a colleague of Phil Wood in the Department of Chemical Engineering at McMaster University. Chris holds the Dofasco Chair in Process Automation and Information Technology and is the Director of the McMaster Advanced Control Consortium (MACC). He lives in Dundas with his wife Jacquie and children Philippa and Helen. 

The theme of Chris’s presentation was optimization or “determining the best amongst alternatives” He gave several simple examples of optimization from daily life – for example: planning our optimum shopping route, planning our investment strategy or even for children planning their trick our treat route. 

The MACC is a consortium of several member companies (e.g. Corning, Dofasco), 5 faculty members and 20 or so graduate students. 

Chris gave some real examples of the type of work they do. One project is sponsored by Praxair a company that separates air into its components (mainly nitrogen and oxygen) by cooling it and then boiling it. The process is a huge user of electricity which is extremely expensive these days so they need to optimize their process in response to the demand for the products and the cost of electricity. Ideally you would like to do all of the separation when the cost is lowest but that isn’t always when the demand is highest.

Another project is one he is working on with Dofasco. It involves an electric arc furnace which is used to melt scrap metal down. Again, electricity is a major expense as is oxygen. Chris’s group is preparing a mathematical model of the process to guide the process engineers at Dofasco who are working with the actual process.

Our speaker today was Nancy Smith, Executive Director of Interval House. Nancy was accompanied by Sadie Wolfe and was introduced by Mary Lou Emmett. 

Interval House provides a shelter for abused women and focusses their programs on gender based violence. Last year they celebrated their 30th year in operation and is the only non faith-based shelter in Hamilton. Additional information about Interval House can be viewed on their website: https://intervalhousehamilton.org/ 

Services offered by Interval House: 

Nancy left us with their 2016/17 Annual Report. Copies can be downloaded from this web page: https://intervalhousehamilton.org/history-of-interval-house 

Nancy was thanked by Ross Longbottom and given a cheque for $500 from our club by Jessica to support the work of Interval House.

The speaker on July 18th was Grant Linney who was introduced by Dave Carson. Grant was an outdoor educator at Upper Canada College and spoke to us about climate change. Grant has his own web page on the Climate Reality Project page.  It contains numerous resources for those interested in climate change (all of us?) and how to reduce our carbon foot print. We were also given a brochure on climate change that was prepared by Environment Hamilton http://www.environmenthamilton.org/ . In his presentation, Grant talked about the new documentary by Al Gore: “An Inconvenient Sequel” which is a follow-up to the original “An Inconvenient Truth”. Here is the trailer that Grant showed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huX1bmfdkyA

Grant also spoke about the importance of science. Here is a brief video that he showed by Neil deGrasse Tyson, one of America’s great scientists: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MqTOEospfo. 

The final topic that Grant discussed was the “greenhouse effect” which is created by (among other things) man-made carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This leads to global warming and the many problems associated with it. Some countries, like Germany and Denmark are reducing their reliance on fossil fuels by, for example, increasing wind power generation. China is leading the world in solar power. His advice regarding fossil fuels? “keep it in the ground. 

Our speaker on July 11th was Armin Ghazi, President and Lead Consultant of SSG Managed Technology Services (https://www.ssgmanaged.com/#home-section). He spoke to us about protecting our privacy at the border. He left a little pocket guide behind which can be found here

Armin grew up in Louisville Kentucky and went to university in Spain. He is and Iranian/U.S. citizen and his wife is an Iranian/Canadian citizen and due to recent aggressive questioning at the border by Homeland Security, he has become interested in persons personal devices being searched at the border. He cited a story of a U.S. citizen (a space industry employee) returning from Chile. The issue was that he head sensitive, confidential documents on his phone that he did not want to give up to the border guards. These guards can use a device developed by the Israeli government to break into a phone and then create a mirror image of the phone’s contents and copy them to a USB stick. The data is then assessed and the guards will decide if you can enter the U.S. or not. An issue occurs when your device contains data that belongs to clients. 

Armin gave us several options 

  1. Refuse to surrender your device (not an option) 
  2. Rent or ship your devices (very inconvenient). 
  3. Wipe and restore – i.e. backup all data to i-cloud and then delete from your devices. Restore at a hotspot in the U.S. 
  4. Use “burners”. These are dedicated travel devices used only for travel. 

In terms of regular safety regarding our data and passwords, Armin had the following suggestions: 

  1. Use a password manager. This will create an unique password for every account that you have (and more importantly, remember it!). 
  2. Enable two factor authorization (2FA) 
  3. Use cloud services and then remote access – very little is stored on the actual device 
  4. Always encrypt, sign out and power off
On Tuesday, July 4th outgoing President Ross Bannatyne thanked the Board and Club members of Dundas Valley Sunrise Rotary Club for a great year. The Club was extremely thankful to Ross for a wonderful year of service and pledged its support to the new President Jessica Brennan and the Board.
Assistant District Governor Allyson Wenzowski swore in new president Jessica Brennan using the same speech that DVSRC member Bob Morrow used to swear her in as President on the noon club last year.
Members of the Board pledged to support Jessica during her year as President and Jessica pledged to support the ideals of Rotary. Jessica thanked her sponsor George Gould and the Club for supporting her during year as President Elect.
Jessica noted that as President she wants our Club to continue to provide service in the Dundas community and to identify all the places that we serve. She wants to improve the gender and ethnic balance in the club membership if possible. Jessica announced the 2017-18 Board as follows:
Brennan, Jessica
President Elect
Busing, Barbara
Carson, Dave
Massey, Wayne
Past President
Bannatyne, Ross
Vice President
Armstrong, Grant
Community Service
Davidson, Don
Vocational Service
Price, Derek
International Service
Armstrong, Bill
Montesanto, Ralph
Public Relations
Schulz, Nic
Club Administration
Davidson, Don
Youth Services
Roblin, Steve
In addition, at the District Level Ralph Montesanto and Bob Morrow are involved in different forms of training and Wayne Massey is providing his expertise to the grant selection process.
Rotary pins for President, Past President and President Elect were presented to Jessica, Ross and Grant.
Finally, Ross passed on the gavel to Jessica and a new Rotary year has started.
Our speaker on Tuesday, June 20 was Shaunaugh Whelan. Shaunaugh shared with us her experience at the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA). Shaunaugh has been engaged in Rotary for many years, since she was on a Rotary Exchange to France at age 19.
Shaunaugh was a fantastic cheerleader for the RYLA program and the club was very pleased to have sent such an impressive young leader to the program. She described the impact attending RYLA had for her and thanked the Club for our sponsorship.
As a program RYLA connects with leaders in the community and around the world to:
  • Build communication and problem-solving skills
  • Discover strategies for becoming a dynamic leader in your school or community
  • Learn from community leaders, inspirational speakers and peer mentors
  • Unlock your potential to turn motivation into action
  • Have fun and form lasting friendships
There were many team building and leadership activities Shaunaugh participated in as well as workshops which helped attendees gain perspectives on how they see themselves and how others view them.  For more information on the RYLA program and how to nominate young Dundas leaders contact
Shaunaugh is a member of the Hamilton Rotaract Club and is engaged in many activities to help the community. 
On May 30, 2017 the Dundas Valley Sunrise Rotary Club was joined by distinguished Dundas citizens Bob Rockford and Fred Fuchs. Bob and Fred are principals in the non-profit Westdale Cinema Group. Their group was put together to save the Westdale Theatre from being torn down.
One questioner asked “would the façade be maintained?” to which Fred replied “which one?”. This opened a really interesting discussion about the changes the theatre has already seen over the years. In this article: http://www.thespec.com/opinion-story/7172976-dreschel-hamilton-embraces-urban-barn-raising-for-westdale-theatre-renos/ you will see a picture at the top showing the original façade from about 1937. Quite a bit different than today!
Fred and Bob noted that Westdale was one of Canada’s first planned communities. It was built with streets like spokes on a wheel and at the hub was the theatre. Over time the theatre has deteriorated though and was about to be sold. The Westdale Cinema Group came together to restore the theatre and restore it to its original lustre. It will be reduced in size to 400 seats and will become the new home of the Art Gallery of Hamilton’s film festival. The theatre will also be used for musical events and speakers.
The sale was to close on June 1st and the group has applied for charitable status. Renovations will take roughly 9 months to complete. An Open House and party will take place on June 25th where members can learn more about the plans. A Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=westdale%20cinema%20group has already attracted more than 1800 members.
Our speaker on May 23, 2017 was Thijmen Van Loenen who spoke to use about his work in Motherwell Township near Port Elizabeth South Africa.  The project's primary mission is to protect children in high risk areas and sending orphans in the area to school. 
The club was pleased to present Thijmen with a cheque for $1500 to support their good work. 
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