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We welcomed two new members -- Liz Whitton and Mike Palme. WELCOME!  
Next Meeting on December 10, is the "Live" Auction for St. Matthew's House, featuring Bruce Eccles as autioneer. 
The Rotary Club of Dundas and the Rotary Club of Dundas Sunrise presented a cheque for $30,000 to Margaret's Place Hospice at St Joseph's Villa. The Villa plans to break ground in the next few weeks.
Sara Bird is the program consultant children youth & family ministry for the Anglican Diocese of Niagara. Sara walked us through her early life as a PK -priest's kid, through her Highland dance career, her managerial jobs at Boston Pizza and Roots clothing to her undergraduate work in Sociology. She started as a volunteer at HARRRP, got hired, became a program director to run after school programs for grade 6 to 8 youth. She is now working for the diocese and has 50 staff and volunteers that service 500 youth. 
She told us youth are more educated, diverse, connected and engaged than ever before. However, they take longer to transition to adulthood, live at home longer, carry heavy school debt, marry later, have fewer children and are a click away from just about anything.
Mental health issues are common with youth and young adults. Gender inclusion is not an issue for them. 
She closed by saying she finds the interests of youth and develops programs for that interest.
On Tuesday, October 29, we welcomed Renée Wetselaar, Executive Director of St. Matthew’s House
Renée began her talk outlining her personal concerns for her 92 year old mother. Although those worries are very real for Renée and her mother, Renée is comforted knowing that her mother has a comfortable place to live and many supports.
This is not the case for many isolated seniors within St. Matthew’s service area who may live very harsh lives. In under-resourced Code Red neighbourhoods, many people live 20 years less that Hamilton’s richly resourced because of three common elements:  (1) Poor housing; (2) low income; and (3) poor food security.
With this reality, St. Matthew’s House had recently shifted its focus to provide a deeper engagement with isolated seniors whose health and emotional wellness are severely compromised. Wrap-around services, such as the Food Bank, are targeted to the isolated senior’s need.
On Tuesday, Novemver 5, Jim Byron from the Dundas Legion spoke to Rotary. Jim is the chair of the Poppy Fund. He gave a history of how the fund started and that approximately $90 000 has been donated to Dundas and area veterans and widows. The Legion also runs a literature and poster contest in area schools that gives out $1500 in prize money.
The Oct 22 2019 meeting was vocational services at Dundas Arena. Thanks to director of vocational service Derek Price for arranging the location and bringing in the breakfast. Also, thank you to Ken Beel for supplying the dishes and cups to reduce trash.
Guest of the club, Liz Whitton was invited by Gina; and Bob who is a friend of Carl.
The purpose of today's vocational service meeting was to get a tour of the remodelled addition to the arena and to see the community room in case our club is interested in helping to finish it.

Announcements – St James Dundas House Tour is Dec 7. Kathy Starodub – Rotary Stars reminder – we need wine, bring next week. Over $8,500 in sponsorships so far. If you have tickets to sell, please do so and bring money October 29. If you have no tickets p[lease consider getting them and invite your friends to attend.
Happy Dollars
Palermo Opera was a good visit
Grant – Good dinner at DVGCC – Social members give it a try
Phil Wood - McMaster Live Lab was a good place to hear music
Jan Southall – Amazing trip to Belgium, Austria and Amsterdam
Bob Morrow – This house move will be his last – too much work!

Grant – Thanks to Carl and Derek for putting Arena tour together; the Paul Harris Dinner was a great success. Dec 10 – Christmas Auction for St Matthews House – bring donations or cash or debit card
Ryan Turner – Routes Dinner $25 Friday.  - tickets still available
Tour – opening remarks by Ken Beel – history of Arena and how renovation happened and was taken over by City
Change rooms reflect the future – modern, more of them, some accessible, same sex rooms to accommodate mixed gender teams
Kitchen – available for Rent
Community Room – still being finished – can be rented for events
Track for running / walking is up and running.
Tour led by Joe Kennedy – everything looks refreshed and clean.  
The Dundas Valley Sunrise Rotary Club recently celebrated with a Paul Harris Awards dinner.  Three individuals from “outside” of Rotary were recognized - Steven Parton, Bill Stewart and John Ellison.  It was a splendid event with more than 70 people in attendance including District Governor, Bob Artis and his wife, Corinne. At the event, the club presented District Governor Bob with a cheque for $12 000 for the Rotary Foundation and Polio Plus. As well as receiving a PH award, John Ellison provided us with excellent entertainment.
Today’s speaker was Siobhan Kukolic. To learn more about Siobhan, check out her website: https://siobhankukolic.com/about-siobhan-kukolic/. Siobhan gave a very entertaining talk about embracing failure and mental wellness. She is the author of “The Treasure You Seek” and is a blogger for the Huffington Post. She is a frequent inspirational speaker to school an business groups.
She started her talk off with a quote from poet Mary Oliver: "Tell me what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life ...”. And went on to talk about success and failure by speaking about Winston Churchill: “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm” and Thomas Edison: “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”
Siobhan spoke about having a fixed mindset versus a growth mindset. She used the example of down and out actor Sylvester Stallone who held out with his script for “Rocky” until he could star in his own movie. She also used the example of Barack Obama who went from being uninvited to the Democratic Convention to being President in 8 years.
She used this quote from Obama as someone who did not have a fixed mindset: “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” In terms of motivation, Siobhan used this quote from Neil Gaiman: “The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can.”
For a story on perseverance, Siobhan used the story of George Danzig and the unsolvable math problem: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/the-unsolvable-math-problem/. This story illustrates that  when people are free to pursue goals unfettered by presumed limitations on what they can accomplish, they just may manage some extraordinary feats through the combined application of native talent and hard work. That is, George didn’t have a fixed mindset.
As an example of Grit, Siobhan used the story of Terry Fox. Since Terry’s death, more than $750 million has been raised to fight cancer.
Finally, to illustrate resilience, she used the story of Keegan Johnson’s son Dante has Prader-Willi Syndrome. Keegan has created the charity “Foundation For Prader-Willi research”. Siobhan has blogged about this family in the Huffington Post: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/can-you-take-one-small-st_b_10043682
Siobhan is an excellent speaker and writer. Several examples of her work can be found on her website under THE TREASURE YOU SEEK heading  https://siobhankukolic.com/the-treasure-you-seek-blog/
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