Janet Napier, International Service Committee Director, shares the latest information on our international project to install aquaponics units in the backyards of community members in Cuajachillo 2, Trinidad Central and Nagarote:
  1. We have identified 27 families that want to participate, and they have filled out forms.
  2. The professor has attended some seminars on aquaponics and has made some adjustments to the design for durability. He also thinks that there are a couple of different adjustments we can make, depending on the conditions of each house.
  3. Although this is not with Global Grant funds, NicaPhoto has installed their system in Nagarote. This will serve as our model system there, although it is MUCH bigger, it will give the idea to people of what the systems are like. We hope to install systems with some families in Nagarote.
  4. The system at the school in Cuajachillo 2 (GoCare/MINED) is going well, they asked for another tank to be able to grow their own baby fish. We have approved that and they are coming to pick it up.
  5. On the 26th the professor will go to separate out the baby fish into a separate tank at the Cuajachillo school. He believes they can continue this process and avoid the cost of buying new baby fish. He continues consulting with them about their system.
  6. In one of the families who participated in the pilot project, the main person in charge of the aquaponics has accepted a job out of the country, and the system was not in use. We consulted with the family and told them that the deal was that it would remain in use. If they are not using it, then we take back the materials. They agreed, so Diana went and repossessed the system and is installing it in a house in Trinidad Central to be our model there. The family in Trinidad is very excited.
  7. We are planning materials purchasing for as soon as we can get proforma invoices. We are planning trainings for the new families in early January, installations in January/February.
The photos are of the Nagarote pilot project. While not part of our Global Grant project, it serves to give you an idea of what we will be doing, although on a much smaller scale.