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The Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise Charitable Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization (Sunrise Foundation), was formed in June 1993 for charitable, humanitarian and educational purposes.  The Sunrise Foundation is the custodian of funds raised by the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise (RCSBS) to support service projects locally and internationally and to fund grants to non-profit organizations.
The members of the RCSBS, through the Sunrise Foundation, contribute to The Rotary Foundation, the charitable organization of Rotary International, Annual Programs Fund and other special programs.  The Sunrise Foundation actively pursues Rotary District and Global Grants as a match to its funds in order to increase its effectiveness exponentially.
Traditionally, the Sunrise Foundation focuses on youth-supporting services although its outreach has also included other projects that improve the human condition, such as clean water projects.  The Sunrise Foundation may also respond to the needs created by domestic and international disasters.
RCSBS club members are asked to make annual commitments to the Sunrise Foundation, for which the goal is “Every Rotarian Every Year,” 100% of members making an annual donation.
In addition to general member and public donations, the RCSBS holds fundraising events. 
The Sunrise Foundation maintains a board-restricted quasi-endowment fund held at and invested by The Santa Barbara Foundation.  The corpus of this fund is retained in perpetuity and annual discretionary income may be transferred to the Sunrise Foundation to support its mission.
Rotary Club of Santa Barbara Sunrise
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