Sunrisers tour the Santa Barbara County Tajiguas Canyon Recycling Center
Sunrisers enjoyed lunch on the patio of Hollister Brewing Company and then made a vocational visit to the Tajiguas Canyon Recycling Center. The brand-new state of the art facility enables the County to recycle 85% of our trash into repurposed material and generate sufficient energy to power all the machinery (larger than two Costcos) and sell excess to the City of Goleta.
Watching the various conveyor belts separate and move the trash along in the facility was fascinating; however, seeing the landfill in the canyon was equally interesting especially when they were introduced to “Sadie” the falcon that keeps the sea gulls away from the open landfill until it is covered with tarps and later dirt.
This educational tour was coordinated by Joanne Schoenfeld, Vocational Service Director. 
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