President Bruce expresses his gratitude for the huge impact through our work this year.
I have been reflecting on what an incredible year it has been for me as president of SB Sunrise Rotary. Highlights included last year's Dolphin Dive (now Dolphin Derby), the visit of the Celaya Rotarians during Fiesta, the International Committee trip to Nicaragua for a 360 review with our partners in the Ciudad Sandino Rotary Club, and my trip to India for polio immunizations - - which included so much more. On the domestic side the number of projects, partnerships, events (both District and things like RYLA) plus fellowship events were so numerous they would take up more space than I have here. The most recent project (as I write this) was the work day at Camp Whittier. So much done with so much teamwork under the leadership of Tom Heath and other members. We are having a huge impact and we can be proud of all of the lives we have touched, and will touch, through our efforts.
I want to thank everyone for their support and hard work through this Rotary year. I really appreciate it, and I treasure all of the friendships and memories I have made through my involvement in Rotary.
Grazie mille!