An update from the Rotary Club of Puerto Vallarte Sur in Mexico. 
LuzMaria Ortiz and E. Russell Smith attended the meeting of the Rotary Club of Puerto Vallarta Sur in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This is the partnering Rotary club that supports the Los Volcanes educational projects among others. Club member Art Fumerton shared exciting news the music band has been invited to perform at Bellas Artes, a prestigious art and education institution in Mexico City. Our club contributed toward the purchase of musical instruments for the band.
A beautiful bench at the Botanical Gardens in Puerto Vallarta was designed by an artist who has participated in the I Madonnari event in Santa Barbara. It shows beautiful scenes from Santa Barbara. Also attending the meeting was Guy De Mangeon, President of the Rotary Club of Santa Barbara North, who will be hosting a dinner in his Puerto Vallarta home during the Sister Cities celebration visit in November.
Top Photo: E. Russell Smith; LuzMaria Ortiz; Sandra Statz, President, RC Puerto Vallarta Sur; Guy De Mangeon, RC Santa Barbara North; and Jeremy Taylor, Executive Director of the Botanical Gardens.