Sunriser volunteers on the Old Mission steps prior to the Fiesta Pequena performance.
Sunrisers volunteered for the set up of the Fiesta Pequena filming. While viewing of the live event was canceled to the public, the show still went on and was taped and live streamed. Volunteers helped set up chairs, trash cans, and answered questions from passersby. The best part was watching Judith McCaffrey in action as the stage manager of the show, 2020 El Presidente first lady Angelique Davis in her sparkling dress, and front row seats for the performance!

Thank you to Chris Baxter, Bruce Belfiore, Scott Burns, Gloria Cavallero, Joe Clark, Lynne Hornyak, Kathleen Rogers, Madeline Rogers, Karen Kawaguchi, Kimi Kawaguchi, Eric Ryan, Michelle Seagraves, Liz Smith, Diana Washburn, and especially Judith McCaffrey for organizing the volunteers and the show!
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