Posted by Cheryl Wakefield on Mar 12, 2018
 Today, and for many days to come, we will be celebrating the passing of Barry Karleskint. As club members and friends, there is no doubt that each one of us has a story to share about our most beloved Rotarian. He was Brave, Strong, and Thoughtful in every manner of his life. He held us true to our goals and standards as our Parlimentarian and a 30 year member of Rotary De Tolosa. We will miss him, but not forget him as we share with each other our memories. At this time, Brenda has no outstanding needs. She is with family and will let Garret know if there are any needs or updates. She knows how much we love her and Barry, and that it would be our honor to help in any way. Garret will update us with news or needs as soon as there is anything to report. For now, Please take a moment of reflection to remember our dear, dear friend, Barry Karlerskint.