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Service Above Self

We meet Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
Dundas Museum
139 Park Street West
Meeting Room
Dundas, ON  L9H 1X8
District Site
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What's Happening in Our Club!
To all Rotary Dundas Members and your families
Caldwell Farm Social & Potluck                                                                    
Tuesday August 1, 2017
Refreshments & Appetizers at 5:30pm
Potluck Dinner at 6:30pm

Happy Birthday, Canada

July 1, 2017


Paul Harris - Group Award

Councillor Arlene Van der beek gave Kerry McNamara - Joe Naggy -Keith Green- Russ Powers- a Hamilton pin and certificate in recognition for the many contributions to the Dundas Community and the Dundas & District Firefighters Trust
Paul Harris Dinner and Awards - Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Carl Loewith gave his son Ben a Paul Harris Fellowship for the many contributions he has made to the broader community and leadership in the dairy industry.


Joe Nagy of Frid and Nagy Collision in Dundas received a Paul Harris Fellowship from President Keith in recognition for his many volunteer hours in restoring and maintaining the 4 original Dundas fire trucks over the last 18 years


David LaCombe gave Kamal Shankardass the last Paul Harris for Sustaining members


Ron Lemckert presented Allyson with a Paul Harris Fellowship for her year as a District Governor and for her service as Last years Club President.

Global Missions - Medical Ministry International, April 25, 2017

MMI Canada Manager, Barbara Skinner shared the organizations 36 year history of global impact. MMI is a registered charity, head office in Stoney Creek, Ont. MMI's 755+ volunteers work world-wide to assist with Primary health care, Dental care, Health education, Optical care, Ophthalmology and Cataract surgery. Eyeglasses are collected at the Stoney Creek location. MMI connects with Rotarians around the world to assist financially with equipment purchases. Q&A. Glasses Dispensing? 50% of the glasses we dispense are reading glasses. Higher needs glasses are often used, repaired and redistributed. More than just optics? Yes, we assist with Dental and general health care too. Used equipment from Canada? Yes, we take small equipment such as sterilizers. Volunteer at the head office? Yes, 4th Friday of each month from Sept. to May.
Introduced and thank you: John Attridge  
Assembly Changes for May, July and August 2017
May 2 - no lunch assembly - Paul Harris Dinner, Dundas Curling Club
May 9 - offsite lunch assembly - Circle of Life, 100 King Street East. (905-628-8558)
May 16, 23 and 30 - regular lunch assembly at the Dundas Museum
Summer Schedule:
July 4 - no lunch assembly
July 11 - regular lunch assembly
July 18 - no lunch assembly
July 25 - regular lunch assembly
August 1 - no lunch assembly
August 8 - regular lunch assembly
August 15 - no lunch assembly
August 22 - regular lunch assembly
August 29 - no lunch assembly
Sept 5 - weekly meeting and lunches resume.

10 Year Recognition

Following Rotarian George Eastwood's 10th Anniversary Classification on Tuesday, April 18th,
President, Keith Green presented George with a 10 Year Recognition Plaque.

Gift of Life - Tuesday, April 11

Rotarian Pamela Milroy presented the impacts of the Gift of Life program. Since 2008, this global grant has provided 10,000 children with access to life saving open heart surgery. The recipients become ambassadors for the program. In the past, it was traditional to bring these children to North America to receive medical treatment. Now the program is developing surgical centres around the globe thereby saving more children. Rotary Clubs can help by choosing a member to be a Gift of Life representative, attend the 4 meetings per year, buying chocolate hearts, participating in the June Tennis tournament, and making a Club donation to the Gift of Life program. Q&A. Finances for this program? Since 2014 there has been $498,000.00 international contributions to the program. McMaster University involved? No, Sick Kids in Toronto is specialized in cardiac surgery.
Introduced and thank you: John McRae.

Welcome Gail Ramlochan - Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Allyson Wenzowski - Assistant District Governor 7090, Keith Green - President, Judy Shepalo - Membership Director and Karin Schuett - Sponsor inducted Gail Ramlochan to the Dundas Rotary Club

Interested in becoming a member of the Dundas Rotary?
Contact Judy at judy@judyshepalo.ca or through the link to Judy on the Dundas Rotary Club website link at the left.
Scrap Metal &
Electronics Drive
Saturday April 22, 2017
9 AM to 1 PM
Drop off in the parking lot behind
the Westoby Arena
                             70 Olympic Drive, Dundas
We accept iron, steel, aluminum, copper, brass, exotic metals, copper wiring, electric motors, car & tractor batteries
and electronic products - TVs, computer monitors, printers and accessories, microwaves, radios, cell phones, telephones, audio & video players, flashlight batteries, etc. 
We can not accept propane tanks !
For further information please contact:
Gary Caldwell :    (519)  647-3504
Danielle Mably:    (905)  929-0572
             Rotary has been a founding and sustaining supporter
Budget Environmental is our scrap business sponsor


Open to all 7090 Rotarians
Club Leadership Training
Saturday, May 6, 2017 Niagara College in Niagara on the Lake
Make a Difference as a Leader in our Clubs, Communities and World! 
Register at www.rotary7090.org

Cootes to Escarpment Project - Eco Park System  March 21, 2017

Dr. David Gailbraith, Head of Science for the Royal Botanical Gardens in charge of research, archives and plant collections. Dr. Gailbraith reviewed the geological history of Cootes Paradise Marshlands. This area is now a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The area is known as: Cootes to Escarpment Ecological Corridor. A biodiverse hotspot surrounded by urban living.  David spoke of the major ecosystem stressors and what the public is doing to protect these natural green spaces. The Eco Park system is 4,900 acres. There is a governance structure in place who meet and discuss monthly the progress of maintaining this delicate green space. There is a website: Cootestoescarpmentpark.ca for more detailed and current information. He noted an upcoming Fundraiser titled: A day on the Bridge, June 11, 2017
Introduced and Thank you: Joan Bell

Adopt a School in Kenya, February 28th, 2017

John Smith started Connecting Countries - Adopt a School in Kenya in 2005. Connections have grown from pen pals in John's classroom to now over 5,000 children engaged in pen pal writing. Along side the writing, John also raises funds to bring better sanitation to villages in Kenya. He presented a video, "What's a toilet worth in Kenya." to the members. He will be returning to Kenya this May.
Q&A. The toilets constructed, are they dry toilets? No, these are pits formed under concrete buildings. Is there a western style toilet seat? No, the user will squat over a hole that drains into the pit. The toilets are cleaned everyday. Often a bucket of water is inside for the user to assist with the flush. Where do you get your funds for this project? Rotary clubs, school fundraising, corporate funds. The donors receive a photo of the construction completed.
Introduced and thank you: John Attridge

Line Dancing at Rotary February 21

Rotarian John Attridge wanted to liven up the weekly Rotary assembly, so he found a line dance instructor that was willing to meet the challenge. The instructor, Lynn Goruk presented information about her career in Line Dancing, she answered questions and then offered a line dance lesson or two with the members. The brave and courageous Rotarians taking on the line dance, left to right: Joan, Marguerite, Keith, Christine, Ian, Karin and John.

Understanding Routes of Dundas

From left to right Rotarians Gary Caldwell (Routes representative), Ross Cruikshank, Ian Donnelly
Tuesday, February 14th, Rotarian Gary Caldwell thanked the Rotary Club of Dundas for its on-going support of the Centre since 2000. Gary spoke of the history of Routes in Dundas beginning in the early 1990's. There are currently 4000 youth visiting the Centre at the Armories on a regular basis. The current centre offers programs for youth age 8 to 19. The youth of today need a place to drop in, feel safe, engage with others like themselves, and participate in programs such as LGBTQ sessions, Basketball nights, and Improv classes. Gary emphasized the point that there continues to be a segment of our youth in Dundas that need help. The Routes Centre is a vital and positive opportunity for the youth of Dundas.

January 31 - A poverty experience

Susan Creer reminded us that sudden life changes can put anyone into poverty. Susan spoke of the trials and stigma many people face when working with the Ontario Disability Support Program and Ontario Works Program. Susan has continued to advance herself by volunteering, fundraising, speaking and has created a theatre company: Making Waves Productions. Susan indicated her good friends and support network help her get along in life. Susan lives by the mantra, "Anyway you throw me, I'll stand." Q&A Below $25,000.00 dollars is the poverty line in Hamilton? Yes, the Welfare and social assistance rates should be based on evidence of living in the Hamilton Area. Who decides that $25,000.00 is the target?  The Minister of Community and Social Services makes these claims of the dollars needed for an individual. Are there examples of progress for the Round Table discussions on Poverty? Yes, the positives include; conversations of homelessness in Hamilton, the increasing needs of First Nations Peoples, and the Hamilton Mayor is a member of the Board.
Introduced and thanked by John Attridge.

Rotary Support Routes of Dundas

        Rotarian Gary Caldwell, representing Routes Youth of Dundas, receives a $4000.00 cheque presented by 
President Keith Green on Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tuesday, January 24 - Breaking Barriers and Mentorship

Trish Tonaj, author, coach and speaker. Mentors can inspire and motivate us to new levels. Mentors are; informal in family situations, formal in work place settings and inspirational through a personal friend or someone you've never met. Trish spoke of entrepreneurs and why people start their own businesses. Her book, Breaking Barriers, shares stories of ten entrepreneurial women who break through the barriers in order to pursue their dreams. Q&A. How did you select the women for your text? Women were selected from different workplace settings and I chose the women who fit the categories of the text. How were the categories identified for the text? These naturally came forward as I interviewed the women. Are there entrepreneur failures? Yes, a successful entrepreneur will learn from mistakes/failures and not give up.
Introduced and thanked by: Karin Schuett

First Meeting at the Dundas Museum

Tuesday, January 10, 2017 marked a new beginning for the Rotarians of the Dundas Club.
The Dundas Museum is the new home to weekly meetings.
Would you like to join the Rotary Club of Dundas? Contact: Judy Shepalo 905 517 6494
Officers and Directors:
Please prepare to present your reports at the Club Assembly on March 28, 2017

Laws of Effective Communication

Co-partner in the company, Duranet Enterprises, Ahmed-Shah Duranai presented the seven laws of effective communication. He explained the details of each law and how these when combined and practiced will enhance any form of communication. The laws are: Law of state, presence, assumptions, space, empathy, acknowledgment, and truth.
Q&A Where can these laws be applied? In all situations in personal and business environments. Can these laws be utilized in a negotiation environment? Yes, only if there is mutual gain in the communication. Not so much if only one party is to gain and the other to lose. Are there other laws that can enhance these communication laws, such as law of attraction? Of course, when all laws are being considered and working together one would expect the best results.
Introduced and thank you by: Kabir Jalili

How will you be remembered?

Dr. Dustin Galer spoke with the club members on January 10, 2017. His company, My Historian, helps families record those precious memories before becoming lost as time passes. He reminded us that photographs can be triggers for sensory memories. Dustin presented various methods family members may use to record memories. Video, Audio, Written, Photographs. His company will assist families to record their memories in a text and audio recordings.
Introduced and thank you by: Karin Schuett

Farewell after 30 years!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016
Eighteen members participated in the final lunch assembly at the Dundas Country Golf Club
This location has been home to the Rotary Club of Dundas since 1986.
The new location is the Dundas Museum, 139 Park Street West, Dundas
Come join us on Tuesday, January 10, 2017
12:00 assembly
Would you like to join the Rotary Club of Dundas? Contact: Judy Shepalo 905 517 6494

Global Health Experiences

Candi Flynn, MD. CCFP. MSc. presented her educational experiences in Inuvik, NWT and Banda Aceh, Indonesia. She spoke of the many positive clinical opportunities, the challenges of remote medicine, her exposure to a variety of health care systems, and the McMaster University partnership with Syiah Kuala University.
Candi was very thankful of the financial support and appreciative of the Rotary Club of Dundas' partnership in her education and growth. Dr. Kamal Shankardass presented Dr. Candi Flynn with a $500.00 bursary cheque and a thank you certificate for the presentation.
Introduced and thanked by Dr. K Shankardass



SATURDAY  MAY 27  2017

Cochlear Implants - Nov. 1, 2016

David joined the Burlington Rotary in 1978 and came to the Rotary Club of Dundas in 2001. He has been married to Jessie for 46 years and is a retired elementary school principal. David told the assembly that a Cochlear implant is not a hearing aid, the implant establishes a new nerve pathway to the brain. David said his brain is sorting through all of the sounds he is hearing and overtime he will learn the language and discern voices of different speakers. From this point on, David is exceptionally happy with the outcome of the implant and asks for patience during this new transition period. During this period David needs to have the members keep talking to him, he has to be safe and avoid head injuries, be knowledgeable near magnets and airport security devices, and learn to program his implant independently.
Q&A. 1. Reason for your loss of hearing? Unknown, could have been many reasons. 2. What type of airport security provisions are available for you? I carry a card that identifies me as a recipient of a Cochlear Implant. Problem is other airports around our globe may not understand the card or there may be language barriers to understanding the identification. 3. Is everyone a candidate for implants? No, there a specific criteria that involves the amount of hearing loss. 4. What is your % of hearing improvement since the implant has been in place? About 10% improvement at this time. 5. Is training your brain a passive task? No, I am required to carry out listening exercises, speak regularly with family members and listen to novels on CD's. 6. What do you mean when you say, "I have to relearn the language."? I hear words and some of them my brain does not yet recognize. There are a bank of words I have come to learn, but to carry on a conversation of words that are not yet in my bank, I would have to relearn them and ask that you be patient with me during this time of learning.
Introduced and thank you: Keith Green
Congratulations, Doug Hall! 
40 years of service in Rotary
October 25, 2016

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 - We welcomed District Governor Marlee Diehl

District Governor Marlee Diehl, spoke on various topics: Rotary International, ending Polio, the pyramid of Rotarians around the world, a new Rotary club initiative within the District, any local changes require 100% member approval, the Rotary Centennial, Arch Klumph, 100 events for 100 years, the World Rotary Conference in Atlanta June 2017, and the District Conference in NY. She summated her presentation with key points on membership, eradication of Polio, celebrating our Rotary Centennial, developing a solid knowledge base, maintaining Rotary that is filled with fellowship and fun.
Marlee's husband Bill supported the presentation by handing out new 2016 pins for all members and a reminder wooden coin for the upcoming District Conference.
Introduced and Thank you: Allyson Wenzowski

Climbing Kilimanjaro Mountain - Tues, October 4, 2016

Ed Bodbyl brought along an amazing collection of photographs and general information in his slide presentation about reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. He spoke of the various camps along the trek, elevation sickness, and the numerous porters required to climb successfully and reach the summit of 19341 ft. He began his training in March for the September trek. The final leg of the trek begins at night so the hikers can reach the summit and descend during the daylight hours.
Q&A. 1. What did you have to pack each day? We had to carry up to 6L of our own water, our snacks, lunch, camera and lenses, money, passport and clothing needed during the day. The porters carried the remaining gear. 2. Were permits required? The permits were taken care of by the tour group. 3. Did you need Oxygen? No, the climb is not as high and the camps give most climbers an opportunity to slowly assimilate to the levels of oxygen each night. Kilimanjaro is climbable without oxygen. 4. Are there any emergency services available? None, other than a first aid kit. If someone is quite sick, injured or ill due to elevation sickness then they would descend with the aid of the porters.
Introduced and thank you: Keith Green 
Thank you to all who participated, sponsored and made the golf classic a huge success. The day was filled with great fellowship and the love of golf. This is a major annual fundraiser for the Rotary Club of Dundas and the event created funds for community and international needs. Thank you to Ron Ebbing and the Golf Classic committee for a successful day!


Ian Donnelly and his beloved spouse Maryisa shared their 10 months of volunteer experience in Jamaica during the September 13 lunch assembly. Ian, a member of the Caribbean Micro Finance Alliance (CMFA) assisted new business owners with advice, management strategies and financing for their successful start. Ian was instrumental in the set up of a micro financing fair and a business plan competition. Ian spoke of the many impressive young men and women he worked with to help the small business owners. While there, Maryisa volunteered in the education field and was so deeply touched by the wonderful children and families she came to know and cherish.
Introduced and thank you: Keith Green
Thank you to the Rotary Club of Dundas!
A beautiful green space made accessible with the financial support for a Gazebo, benches, a paved pathway and eventually shade trees for all in the community to enjoy. September 2, 2016
Another great local community contribution made possible by the fundraising effort of the Rotary Club of Dundas. Imagine all that You can do... in Rotary.
Congratulations and thank you to the Rotary Club of Dundas for the financial contribution to the ECO/Canal Park - August 22, 2016. This is a restoration project funded by many partners within the Hamilton Region.
The Canal Park is located in Dundas on King Street East, between Olympic Drive and East Street North. Check it out!
Ken Hall - Rotarian receives the Honour of Five Avenues Service Award
On August 9, 2016, Ken Hall long time Rotarian of Dundas celebrated his Fives Avenues of Service Award. Amica at Dundas hosted the enjoyable gathering of friends, family and fellow Rotarians. Rotarian Carl Loewith presented Ken Hall with the distinguished award given to members who have demonstrated commitment in five areas of service; Club, Vocational, Community, International and Youth. Congratulations, Ken!
Dundas Cactus Festival Parade - August 18, 2016
The Dundas Rotary Club participates annually in the Thursday evening Cactus Parade. The Fire Trucks are called into service and loaded with Rotarians and their family members. Rotarians also follow along on foot behind the Fire Trucks as they pass through the waving crowds of young and old. An evening enjoyed by all!

New Home Community Bikes - Tues. August 2, 2016

Andrew Hibma is the manager of New Home Community Bikes on Main and Kenilworth in Hamilton. The location serves the public where a person can bring a bike to repair on their own, buy or rent a used bike, or have a bike repaired. Donations of bikes are always accepted. In collaboration with the Trillium Foundation, New Home Community Bikes offer a "Ride Smart" program for school children taught in classrooms throughout the Hamilton area. They also offer a women's only bike repair and learn night. 
Q&A. 1. Does Ride Smart include rules of the road? Yes, the program includes road safety. 2. Does the shop have rentals? Yes, we rent, Reverse Trikes, Cargo Bikes and regular bikes. 3. Are there lessons on learn to ride? Yes, we have lunch and learn sessions, and other workshop times/activities to assist first time riders.  More information can be found at www.newhopecommunitybikes.com 
Introduced and thank you: John Attridge

Jamaican Banner - August 2, 2016

Ian Donnelly a Dundas Rotarian returned from a 10 month CUSO international work stay in Jamaica.
The goal of his work was to help small businesses get established.
Ian is seen here with President Keith sharing the Jamaican Banner at the lunch assembly on August 2, 2016

Community Access to Transportation - July 26, 2016

Michelle Martin and Amelia Schumph presented information on a training program for people with developmental disabilities throughout the Hamilton area. Over 200 individuals have been assisted to feel more confident with independent travel throughout the city. Training occurs in the school classrooms, field training (one to one) and instructional videos are available as well. More information can be attained by emailing Michelle: MichelleMartin@lawsonministries.org
Q&A. 1. HSR involvement? Yes, HSR drivers are; trained as per Ministry regulation, are notified that the CAT program exists on their route, and a free riding pass is issued to the individual receiving the training. How many individuals are trained each year? 40. What if a trained individual finds themselves in an unexpected problem? The individuals are trained to seek help from the driver or public. They also carry a card with them to show their destination.
Introduced and thanked by: Joan Bell
Induction of Dundas Rotary President - Keith Green July 4, 2016
The Induction ceremony: Allyson Wenzowski (Past President) began by reading aloud a Rotarian Letter and Summation Message, followed by a renewal of our Rotarian Commitment. Allyson presented Keith with the Presidential Lanyard and Pin. Allyson in turn received her Diamond Pin and Plaque for her 2015 - 2016 year of exemplary Rotary Service as President. During Keith's Inaugural speech he shared information on the history of Rotary in Dundas, his personal involvement in Rotary and his vision of Rotary throughout the coming year.

Happy Canada Day, Dundas!



Introduced and thanked by Judy Shepalo
Deidre Pike a member of the Research Council of Hamilton presented at the lunch assembly on Tuesday, May 31, 2016. Deidre's gift of speaking was evident during her presentation on how the Research Counsel of Hamilton has an impact on local issues. For example; the extent and growth of the Nutrition programs for students in Hamilton. Deidre explained that there are similar Social Planning Councils across Ontario and North America that look at trends and social issues, then collaborate ways to address them. (Homelessness, poverty reduction, healthy child development, equity) The overarching theme: What are my neighbours immediate and long term needs and what can we do collaboratively do to help them walk on both feet? A lasting way to help and have an impact on our neighbours is to understand their needs. 


Dundas Rotary Lobster & Rib Fest May 27, 2017

RotaryMoE_Azure®The Rotary Clubs of Dundas present the 23rd annual Lobster & Rib Fest, May 27, 2017. Dundas is well known for its exciting seasonal festivals. Start off your summer event season with the Dundas Rotary Lobster & Rib Fest 2016.

This major fundraiser for the Rotary Club of Dundas and the Dundas Valley Sunrise Rotary Club has helped raise over $30,000 a year to support youth, families and seniors, as well as park development, in the Dundas community. This event is an important part of making our community stronger, happier and healthier!

ScotiaA large part of the ongoing success of the Lobster and Rib Fest is thanks to the generous support of our lead sponsor Scotiabank, with three branches to serve you in the Dundas community.

Each year our Lobster & Rib Fest attracts over 700 leaders from the Dundas community including media and corporate sponsors. The event includes a fabulous dinner with lobster and/or ribs, a choice of salads, dessert and coffee as well as a silent auction, live entertainment and dancing!  



Rotary Club of Dundas Tuesday, April 26, 2016 Lunch meeting
Guest Speaker: Jaclyn Kukat MD (Current residency: Fergus Ontario)
President Allyson and Doctor Shankardass presented Jaclyn with a Rotary Club of Dundas Bursary of $500.00 to support her studies in medicine. Jaclyn shared a power point presentation of her residency experiences in Inuvik, Aklavik and Tuktoyaktuk. She explained, “This experience of the north forces one to re-think medicine in a different way.” Poverty, isolation and very high costs for health care are factors that influence how doctors assist the people of the north.
Q/A – Food nutrition, length of stay for hospital staff, and mental health issues were addressed in an exemplary manner by Jaclyn
Introduced and thanked by Kamal


Trees and natural pollinators

Rotary Club of Dundas Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Lunch meeting

Guest Speaker: Marion Robertson – B Sweet Honey and Nature Company

Topic: Trees in our neighbourhood

Marion identified the tree species and their seeds for recovery projects in southern Ontario.  Her company services the public, conservation authorities and RBG with original endangered tree and plant species. Forest Ontario will partner with nursery companies to locate, collect seeds and share data.

Marion spent time discussing the natural pollinators of southern Ontario and the tree species that are vital for their existence. “Pollinator parks” are being created with tree species to sustain animal and insect populations.

Q/A – Trillium Grant for pollinators, planting in our backyard    

Introduced and Thanked by Garry Barankin


Islam 101

Rotary Club of Dundas Tuesday, May 10, 2016 Lunch meeting

Guest Speaker: Dr. Raza Khan

Topic: Islam 101

Dr. Khan shared basic facts of Sharia Law. Spoke of Islam being the Abrahamic Faith. Allah is God, the same God of Moses and Abraham. He presented a brief understanding of the Qur’an.

Dr. Khan used a power point to provide photographs of the Valley of Bakkah and the Kaaba. He explained the term circumambulation and how it relates to the Islam faith and the natural laws of the universe. Dr. Kahn shared his views on the differences and similarities of Islam and Christianity.

Q/A – the Kaaba, Perception of Islam for the past twenty years in Ontario, Islamic Banking system, Sharia Law.

Introduced and Thanked by Gary Caldwell

Interval House - Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Presenters: Nancy Smith and Sadie Wolfe
Introduced and thanked by John Attridge
Interval House has been supporting women and children in the Hamilton area for 30 years. Support workers at the House are experts in supporting women who have experienced violence in their lives. Further topics of intervention practices, shelter services and safety planning were shared. Nancy Smith thanked the Dundas Rotary Club for past support.
Q/A - assistance for the abusers, demographics and average length of stay in the shelters.   Additional literature shared for Interval House and their upcoming Golf Tournament Fundraiser on June 1, 2016.  More information can be provided at nsmith@intervalhousehamilton.org


April 12, 2016
Bob Morrow, District Representative with Allyson Wenzowski, Local President inducted new members to the Dundas Rotary Club.
Ron Ebbing with sponsor Gary Caldwell and Neil Chopp with Sponsor Judy Shepalo.
If you are interested in becoming a member of the Dundas Rotary please contact Judy Shepalo at judy@judyshepalo.ca or through the link to Judy on the Dundas Rotary Club website link at the left.

First Past the Post

Rotary Club of Dundas Tuesday, April 5, 2016 Lunch meeting

Guest Speakers: Simon Geoghegan

Simon, a representative of the Fair Vote Canada organization advocates for electoral reform and change. Their platforms are education of the public and conversations at various municipal and provincial levels.

Municipalities will have the option to adopt the Rank Option for the 2018 elections.

Simon spoke of the disparity between the voting percentages compared to the number of seats a party holds in government and Canada’s/Ontario’s current First Past The Post System (FPTP) compared it to the Proportional System. British Columbia is the first Canadian province to begin considering a form of Proportional System.

Q/A.  The proportional system may allow the extreme parties a seat in government? Simon responded: a law would be required to only allow a candidate to have a seat with a specific percentage of votes. (5%)

Introduced and thanked by Bob

Well Digging in Haiti

Rotary Club of Dundas Tuesday, March 29, 2016 Lunch meeting

Guest Speakers: Roy and Norma Sheldrick

Roy and Norma, members of the Ancaster Rotary Club began a fundraising project in 1996 with the goal of making a difference for the people and children of Haiti. A total of 258 villages now have capped wells and clean water. Roy indicated the work goes on and sustainability is now important. (Well repairs and training of villagers to maintain the wells)

Roy and Norma are seeking further Dundas Rotary Club support for the sustainability of this project. Q/A on the education of villagers to maintain their healthy natural waterways, the cost of drilling and making a functioning capped well ($5,000.00 CDN), repairs and maintenance, keep the project going, and the deforestation issue in Haiti?  

Introduced and thanked by Kamal

How can Rotary stay relevant to its younger members?
One of the biggest hurdles facing Rotary Clubs today is the recruitment and maintenance of youger members. The Rotary Minute link below provides a brief glimpse into the ways to achieve this.
With apologies to our star for the error in spelling his name the first time.


Our esteemed Fire Engine Driver/Historian and member of our club, Keith Green offers his (and our clubs)
thanks again to Carl Loewith’s son Ben for letting us keep the fire truck at his farm.


Our Pumper No1 willspend the winter enclosed in its car capsule we purchased.
It is inflated in the back by 2 computers fans. The air is dry and dust free. Keeps out the local animal population.


The new Rotary Young Professionals - for more information about joining
this 25 to 35 year old group contact President Krista Deverson (on the far left)


Krista Deverson   Jacqueline Cressy, Caitlyn Hicks,  Rebecca Hicks,  Brian Karschiti,  
Danielle Mably,  Michelle Ordyniec, Charlotte Shipley,  Ann Turner  Jonah Tassie