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What's Happening in Our Club!

Jennifer McPherson - Classification

Congratulations to Jennifer for her successful classification presentation, October 30, 2018. Jen was raised in Millgrove and Carlisle not far from Dundas where she now resides with her family. Volunteerism was introduced to Jen at an early age and she continues to be driven to serve others in her work, community and the world. Jen has a thriving business as a home based travel agent and is currently exploring the idea of "turn key travel" which is for large groups of folks who are travelling together or to the same location.
Since becoming a Rotarian in 2017, Jen, with the help of others, has created, planned and successfully sold out the Club's first Annual Theatre Get Away taking place this December and hosted the Club's 2018 Summer Social at her home. Jennifer is the Director of Community Service which is developing new strategies for the Club to serve others. Thank you for joining the Rotary Club of Dundas!

Match Trophy WIn for the Dundas Club

Rotarian Gary Caldwell, the organizer of the Dundas Club team proudly displays the 2018 Ploughing Match Trophy at the Tuesday, September 18th club meeting.

Bruce Trail Conservancy - Laura Tuohy

Laura shared details of the 898 km of Bruce Trail  history, identified the clubs that take care of various sections of the trail, the beautiful and natural components of the trail including wildlife, plant life and rock formations.  Laura indicated there is a move to secure the remaining 34% of privately owned land so the Bruce Trail will someday be fully accessible. One can help the Bruce Trail by being a volunteer or Trail Member. The Bruce Trail Conservancy is a non-profit organization that acquires funds through individuals, foundations, fundraising efforts and government. Laura can be reached at 905.529.6821 ext. 229 or The main office for the Bruce Trail is located in Dundas, Ontario, 55 Head Street, Suite 101.

Dundas Rotary Annual Flipper Award

During our regular lunch meeting Tuesday, July 31, Rotarian Christine presents the annual Flipper Award to Rotarian Bob. Bob was awarded the award for his outstanding effort every Tuesday and during the July 1, 2018 Pancakes in the Park event.
Congratulations, Bob!

Change the way you view aging

Pat Spadafora (MSW) has her own company titled, Kaleidoscope Consulting. Pat presented a 45 minute talk on What is Ageism, Reflection Questions on stereotyping and discrimination based on age, Images and words that are pervasive in our culture, research and recommendations for changing the way we view aging. "Age is a decline, but decline only in one dimension and not the definition of who a person is and valued as a citizen."  Pat's Recommendations for changing our thoughts on aging; include older adults, don't make assumptions of what a person wants and needs based on age, have age friendly businesses and policies, know that older adults have their own needs and interests, start within.
More info can be found at:
Introduced by self and thanked by Rotarian George.

July 10 - Ryla Candidate

On Tuesday, July 10th, Olivia Perreria shared her recent excursion to 132 hour RYLA program. For her Rotary was a new concept. The RYLA leadership program pushed her out of a comfort zone. Olivia is excited to share her knowledge and skills. She is motivated to set new goals and has recognized that challenging moments offer learning opportunities. Olivia is interested in furthering her Rotary involvement through Rotaract and e-Club Rotary.  A video of the RYLA program can be viewed  on you tube: "RYLA 2018 Rotary District 7090" Introduced by Rotarian Cassie and thanked by Rotarian Alan.

Workplace Diversity and Inclusion - June 12

 Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace is more than race and ethnicity. Inclusion embraces differences and offers respect in words and actions. Speaker, Evelyn Myrie, offered opportunities to embrace diversity in the workplace such as; create diversity calendars, offer a float day, be flexible with work hours, keep updated on LGBTQ information, recognize and acknowledge special cultural days and events.  Evelyn provided "ten must haves" for equity and inclusion in the workplace; be a diversity champion, be self-aware, lead from the top, commit to continuous improvement, and understand each person's diversity elements they bring to the workplace.  Introduced by Rotarian Bob and thanked by Rotarian John.

Monarch Butterfly

On June 5th, Alba Dicenso shared her passion and love for the Monarch Butterfly. We were made aware of the Monarch's life cycle, their decline to the Endangered Species level and realistic steps we can take to help with the preservation of this life form. Alba presented pictures and ways to care for this beautiful creature.  Steps to help the Monarch Butterfly are; plant milkweed, plant other pollinating species, and take a RBG workshop.  Introduced by Rotarian Gary and thanked by Rotarian Neil.

May 5th Tree Planting for Rotary Members


The two local Rotary clubs of Dundas participated in the May 5th Community tree plant for 2018. Rotary International has set a goal for each Rotary Club to plant a tree matching the number of members in the Club. Rotarian Dr. Kamal Shankardass organized our involvement and sought the funds from the Executive.


Upwards of 20 Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Dundas and the Dundas Valley Sunrise Rotary Club along with other local people interested in volunteering, listened to the organizers of the tree plant as they explained the reason for the look of the surroundings, the number of trees to plant and how to plant them.


Near the corner of York Road and Old Guelph Road, over 2,000 trees of various species hardy to this district, were planted on May 5th. Most trees were surrounded by white plastic protective tubes to discourage critters and wild animals from feeding on the new saplings.


A funny moment caught on camera. I thought this would be a great caption for a photo.

"You want me to plant how many trees today?"


Universal Public Pharmacare

Retired, Dr. Brian Hutchison, presented on Tuesday May 8th.  87% of Canadians support the premise of UPP adding in prescription drugs. Canada doesn't include Pharmacare in Healthcare.
Without prescription drug inclusion, Dr. Hutchison says many folks; young adults, women, indigenous, lower income and those without insurance may skip their medicine doses, purposely reduce their doses so the medication lasts longer, delay filling prescriptions, not fill the prescription or sacrifice other areas in their lives to buy medication.
Who would oppose this plan? Large pharmaceutical providers and insurance companies. 
What's ahead for Canada? Current models around the world are being assessed and recommendations to the government will come between 2018 - 2020. 
Introduced by Rotarian, Dr. Kamal and thanked by Rotarian Alan.

Congratulations, Bob Glass!

Born in Scotalnd, Bob emigrated to the unfamiliar Canada at the age of 13. Bob has been married for 58 years. In the mid 1970's, Bob started his own business in Dundas, Dundas Tartan Industries. He joined the Rotary Club of Dundas in 1978. He said, " Rotary is people, experiences and what you do and the concept of Rotary itself." Rotary has offered Bob an opportunity to speak with major players in the business community, make interesting connections with people, was introduced to his passion; lawn bowling, and has gained much information and understanding through Rotary speakers, visiting other countries and their Rotary clubs.
Congratulations on your 40 years of Rotary Service!

Be kind to yourself

Mary-Linda Burgess provided 20 minutes of practical skills for self-compassion to the members on Tuesday, April 17. Mary-Linda identified three core concepts of self-compassion: Self-kindness, connectedness, and mindfulness. She reminded us that self-minded people are less critical or judgmental of self and therefore can respond, try and persist. Introduced by Rotarian Judy and thanked by Rotarian George.

Home Etiquette

Lorna Somers pictured with Rotarian Alan presented an energetic and lighthearted approach to etiquette in our home and dinner engagements, specifically at the table.  Lorna reminded the members that etiquette changes over time and from culture to culture. There were specific ideas on hand shakes, setting a table for dinner, participation at a large table formal dinner and cutlery use while eating. Introduced by Rotarian Gary and thanked by Rotarian Neil.

Reduce Your Risk!

This past Tuesday, April 3, Shelagh from the Canadian Diabetes Association presented several great strategies to reduce the risk of Diabetes as we age. Avoid eating processed sugars and avoid consuming large meals late in the evening. Exercise regularly, every day! Follow Canada's food guide, eat smaller portions. At your next doctor appointment ask for a blood sugar level test. Her standout point, "Take of yourself and you will have a healthier life."
Introduced by Rotarian John and thanked by Rotarian Garry.

Haiti Health Care - Fiona Clarke

This past Tuesday, March 13, Rotarian Kamal introduced Fiona, who shared her experiences as a physician in Haiti. While in Haiti, Fiona spent a month in a hospital setting assessing their needs, establishing goals, collecting data and making a plan of action to assist with the site's health improvement delivery. Although Fiona's experience came with a number of hurdles, she was able to see an impact and a gradual change had started. Two of the greatest needs in the hospital appeared to be a standard health information system, and building capacity of primary care for patients. Rotarian Kabir awarded Fiona the $500.00 bursary and thanked her for the informative presentation.

A Classification - A Talk"

Cassandra completed her classification talk with great success on Tuesday, February 13. At this point in her life Cassandra's full time work with women in the corrections pathway is right where she wants and needs to be. Learning from others, connecting with many in various fields and serving the general population are her primary reasons for joining Rotary. Cassandra was joined by Alan Moffett on the speaking stage today. Alan is the longest standing active member of 49 years in the Rotary Club of Dundas. Alan held the Club Presidency in 87/88 with an 80 Rotarian membership.
Congratulations to both of our speakers today!

the fringe is upon us!

Executive Director, Claire Calnan and General Manager, Heather Kanabe shared the key points of the Hamilton Festival for 2018. Frost Bites Festival - February 15 - 18, Fringe Festival - July 19 - 29 and Alert - September 2018 - April 2019.
100% of all Box office receipts go directly to the performing artist.
15th year of Fringe in Hamilton, stable organization structure and continuing to grow each year in artist performing and public involvement.
Sponsorships are available for organizations wishing to assist with the growth and development of the Fringe.
Introduced by Rotarian John and thanked by Rotarian Kamal.

Dr. Jean Chamberlain Froese - January 23

Dr. Jean Chamberlain Froese, Order of Canada, Executive Director of Save the Mothers. The organization goal is to train local leaders in the developing world to reduce maternal mortality within their own countries. 16 to 20 women die everyday in Uganda giving birth. Jean has been working with individuals and groups in Uganda to change this trend. Save the Mothers is developing leaders, transitioning power to indigenous leaders and making real change for women.  "People need to be part of this change."  Save the Mothers organizes a walk each year in the Dundas Driving Park on Mother's Day weekend.  More information at (905 928 7283) Introduced by rotarian John and thanked by rotarian Barb.

Environmental Stewardship - Tuesday, January 16

Stewards of Cootes Watershed, Executive Director, Alan Hansell provided an informative talk on bringing back our pristine streams. There are multiple sub-watersheds in Dundas, Hamilton, West Dale and Burlington that flow into the Cootes Nature Sanctuary, an incredible biodiverse setting.  Alan leads a team of Watershed members and volunteers to bring greater awareness to groups and individuals about regular maintenance of the sub-watersheds. People can make a difference by their volunteer community engagement in regular environmental cleanups, eliminating hazards to wildlife and reducing leachate from polymers. All is not gloomy for the Cootes Nature Sanctuary, there are reasons for celebration. The Chinook Salmon have returned to Spencer Creek, there are positive results from artificial creek booms that collect garbage and we are an excellent example for communities within the St. Lawrence Basin. To date after five years of cleanup, almost a half million pounds of garbage has been removed from the Cootes Watershed. Joining Alan today was Chris Boothe the Watershed Program Manager and Katie Rees, volunteer. Introduced by Rotarian Marguerite and thanked by Rotarian Peter. More on line information at or FaceBook.

Dundas Youth Routes Dinner and Auction - Feb. 23, 2018

The Rotary Club of Dundas supports the Dundas Routes Youth Centre through funding, in kind donations of time, and attending the annual dinner and auction. See if you can attend this worthwhile function!

Open House Social, January 9, 2018

The Rotary Clubs of Dundas (Dundas Rotary Club and Dundas Valley Rotary Club) hosted a business social at the Dundas Museum. The evening was very successful. Business owners of new and old, physicians, medical, financial and more attended. Great conversation and networking!
Small steps forward for the future of Rotary in Dundas.

Speaker - Mila Ray-Daniels

Tuesday, January 9, the Chief Executive Officer of Brain Injury Services provided an Agency introduction and review of the services. The stand out point of the presentation; each client has brain injuries that result in unique, individual needs. The Brain Injury Services program offers individual programming, goals and recovery strategies for specific client needs. There mission for the clients; to adapt, learn and live more independently. The organization provides assisted living, outreach and group services. The challenges the organization currently addresses are transportation for clients and practitioners, access to appropriate housing and accessing the community mental health and addiction services. Introduced by John Attridge and thanked by Alan Moffat.

Donating to the Dundas Community Service

During the Christmas Club Social and Auction the members with their partners and guests raised $1458.00 for the Dundas Community Services Organization.
Receiving the cheque from Rotary President, Judy Shepalo is the DCS Executive Director, Jane Allen
DCS is an organization that supports individuals, families, seniors and persons with disabilities through a wide range of programs, services and information.

Contribution to Ellen Osler Home of Dundas

During the month of December, Rotarian John Attridge promoted a weekly collection for the Ellen Osler Home.
His effort encouraged the members to contribute $260.00.
Receiving the cheque with John on December 19, 2017 is Rotarian Cassandra Pollard the Business Manager at the Ellen Osler Home in Dundas.

John mcrae - 40 year member of Rotary

On Tuesday, December 5, 2017 John was recognized by the club members for his 40 years of service to Rotary. John recounted that he joined Rotary for the fellowship and the opportunity to help locally and globally. John is an avid photographer and has published texts and photographs. He fully enjoys retirement with his spouse, Joyce, four sons, daughter-in-laws and four grandchildren. Congratulations on your incredible contributions to our community and globally!


President Judy and Sponsor Marguerite complete the induction Tuesday, December 5, 2017. Cassandra is excited about joining Rotary and looks forward to the new opportunities of service to others.
Congratulations and welcome, Cassandra!

President judy shepalo

November 7th, 2017

Past President Keith Green and Rotarian Christine Green formally welcomed Judy as the 2017 - 2018 President.  The Rotary Club of Dundas members look forward to the year ahead with Judy's direction and vision. Congratulations, Judy!
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