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Dr. Chen spoke concerning human rights in China.  Millions of Chinese people have been arrested and/or tortured for their beliefs or political views.  Some have even had their organs harvested and sold.  In the US it can take years to get an organ, but in China it takes 2 to 4 weeks.  Prisoners have been forced to have their organs harvested by the Chines police, legal and military system, with their families never knowing what truly happened to them.  The human rights movement started in 2004.
Michael shared with us how important bringing in new members is for the life of the club.  Each of us should be proud of our club and want to invite those we know to our meetings.  He suggested we spent 15 minutes a month writing down names of people we know and making it a plan to contact them while holding each other accountable to making that contact. Our members should be proud of achieving Best Small Club and with being proud we should be at our meetings and events.
The theme for the Rose Parade is Making A Difference.  If you are interested in helping decorate the float, here's how.  On September 15 at 8AM go to www.rotaryfloat.org and sign up for the dates you are interested in, the cost is $5 per decorator.  Don't wait as the time slots go quickly.  Work shifts are 8am to 4 pm and 4:30pm to 10 everyday except Christmas.  You are responsible for your own lodging.  This years float is called "Planting the Seeds of Service".  RI does not give any monies towards the float for donations are being accepted, the float cost is about $200,000.  All donations can be sent to Barry Rosenfield , RRP FC, 1401 19th St Suite 125, Bakersfield, CA 93301.  If you would like to view the parade from the VIP section with RI President Ian Riseley it will cost $90.95 email brosenfeld1@gmail.com.  The picture is a drawing of the 2018 float.
We are at the halfway point in this years concerts and have made more money this year than last.  Keep up the good work!
Mark has completed his bootcamp and now is a security officer (like police) and is being stationed in Oklahoma.  He and his wife Robin will be leaving on August 5 and have already received base housing.  Since they are newlyweds and have limited household items Jeannie is collecting items that will help them set up their home.  The military movers will be picking up at 8am August 3rd,  if you would like to give them any items Please get to Jeannie before the 3rd.  ex:  Towels, queen sheets, blankets, small kitchen appliances, items that make a house a home. 
Jeff Eckles of the Homebuilders Association spoke  on the lack of affordable housing in San Luis Obispo.  The lack of homes being built has caused workers to have to  communte into SLO.  The American dream of home ownership is out of reach for many, with high rents people can't save for a downpayment.  Two projects have recently been approved, which will help, but the county is still behind on having affordable housing.  
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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Grover Beach - Five Cities!

Welcome to Rotary

Grover Beach

Engage Rotary, Change Lives!

We meet Wednesdays at 12:00 PM
Rosa's Ristorante
491 Price St
Pismo Beach, CA  93420
United States
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