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Thank you for your interest in joining Rotary.  Rotary International is an association of individual clubs with each club operating autonomously.  Unlike business associations where companies join the organization, the individual invited to join a local club and becomes a member.  The individual becomes a member after being invited to join and being sponsored by a current member.


As you might know, Rotary is a humanitarian service organization and our club is focused on fulfilling community needs at both the local and international community levels. Our programs are far-reaching and encompass a wide variety of local concerns as well as international issues such as polio eradication, health, and education.


Membership development is extremely important to us and we are always eager to hear from individuals who are interested in our mission and in joining a Rotary club.  Our club by-laws follow the Rotary International premise that the membership of each club constitutes an accurate reflection or representation of the business and professional population within the community served.  Membership in a Rotary club requires available business or professional classification opportunities, as well as an invitation and sponsorship by a member of the club.


Our Membership Chair conducts the membership recruitment process and it includes a series of steps to make sure that we fully explain the responsibilities of membership, financial costs, and find individuals to fill open classifications in our club.



Rotarians have a responsibility to contribute to their club's vitality, success and growth.  A commitment to service within our club and in the local and global communities is a basic quality which potential Rotary candidates should possess.  When evaluating a person to nominate for membership in our club, consider the candidate's desire to be an active volunteer and their compatibility to devote the needed time to being a Rotarian.  The search for new members is a continuous one.  The ultimate goal achieved by bringing a new member into the club is to fill a vacant classification with a person who will be a long term contributor toward the goals of Rotary and your club.


Typically a Rotarian will sponsor an acquaintance who is known to be a person of good character and good professional reputation engaged as an executive, proprietor, partner, corporate officer, local agent, branch manager or manager of any worthy and recognized business or profession.

To sponsor a new member the sponsor should, without the candidate's knowledge:

  • Check the open classification listing of the club to see if one is available for this person. (Note: classification may be of the business or the profession engaged in.)
  • Complete the new member proposal card available from the club secretary, and return it to the club secretary.
  • Without mention of membership, invite this person to a Rotary meeting as a guest to acquaint the candidate with Rotary and your club. 
  • The proposal card will be reviewed by the Classification Committee, forwarded to the Membership Committee, and then referred to the Board of Directors.
  • Following board approval of the new member proposal card, approach the candidate and invite them to consider for membership in the club.

 This may seem like a convoluted method but it is done so a candidate who is not approved by the board, the membership or via classification conflict is not subjected to embarrassment.



In order for attendance to count for a meeting, 60% of the duration of the meeting must be attended.  Making up a missed meeting by attending a meeting at another club in our area or on your travels either within the week prior to your miss or within one week following your miss is strongly encouraged. 100% attendance is the goal and make-ups are used for this purpose.


Dues are billed quarterly.

Included in dues billing is a meal charge per meeting for every meeting date in that quarter. Any other ancillary charges included would be itemized and listed for your review

Prompt payment of dues is a necessity and delinquent dues may result in a loss of membership.


Avenues of Service are the backbone of our Rotary Club and make the difference whether or not our club is effective and actively accomplishing the goals of Rotary.

The Avenues of Service are:

  • Club Service
  • Community Service
  • International Service
  • New Generations (Youth) Service
  • Vocational Service

It is the responsibility of every Rotary member to become involved in committees and club events. Without active involvement in club activities, two of the goals of Rotary membership are not being realized: 1) promoting fellowship and 2) being of service to others.  Just having lunch and paying dues means a member is missing out on the great opportunities to build friendships and serve others.