Dear District 5240 Rotarians,
By now, you all know about the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal this past Saturday.  More than 3,800 people are confirmed dead and that total is expected to rise. Thousands more are injured and/or displaced because their homes have been destroyed. The isolated region and damage to the roads and infrastructure are making it extremely difficult for aid supplies to get through, although headway is being made.  Many relief organizations are already providing immediate aid to the affected area; however both short and long term assistance will be needed.


Rotary International President Gary Huang issued a statement today expressing Rotary’s commitment to help provide short term disaster aid and long-term recovery and rebuilding assistance to Nepal. As you may know, Rotary has a partnership with ShelterBox, a non-profit disaster relief organization that provides ruggedized containers with portable shelters, water filters, and other necessary emergency supplies. RI President Huang is requesting Rotarians or Clubs who wish to support the emergency relief efforts in Nepal consider making a donation to ShelterBox. More information can be found at and donations may be made online.

Other relief organizations currently assisting in Nepal include Unicef, International Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, and Direct Relief International (among many that are involved). Donations may also be made to these organizations for Nepal relief.
We will continue to update you should Rotary International or The Rotary Foundation take additional action, such as setting up a Donor Advised Fund for long-term rebuilding projects. This has not yet occurred yet. Please continue checking the District 5240 
website for updates at​.

Thank you,
Deborah Linden, Chair
Rotary District 5240
Disaster Response and Preparedness Team