Join the Rotary Club of China Lake and event sponsor, Ridgecrest Regional Hospital, on November 15th, for an educational and informative presentation on human trafficking in the United States, the challenges for vulnerable and diverse populations, and how communities can become true allies to protect and empower the victims.

Dawn was fifteen years old in 1976 when her family moved into an apartment complex managed by 32-year-old porn star John Holmes. After grooming Dawn, Holmes began a sexual relationship with her, manipulating her with drugs and alcohol, abusing her physically and emotionally, and prostituting her on the streets of Hollywood, to brothels and drug dealers. After the famed Wonderland murders in 1981, they fled to Florida, where she ultimately broke free and turned him over to the police."

One might think this sounds like the synopsis for a Hollywood movie, but it was the reality for our speaker, Dawn Schiller. 

Kern County and our valley are being used as corridors for transporting victims of human trafficking.  Ignorance of the human trafficking issue coupled with the growth of the internet has allowed it to flourish. Many do know how to spot nor know how to help victims of human trafficking.  The issue is so urgent that Ridgecrest is one of three communities that have formed human trafficking community response teams; Frazier Park and Bakersfield are the other two communities.

Mark your calendars, for educational and informative evening. Dawn Schiller is a survivor and an amazing woman with an incredible story to share.  She is an author, educator and advocate for victims of sexual and mental abuse.  As a speaker, trainer and author, she combines her personal experiences and academic studies to raise awareness about sex trafficking, domestic violence and teen victimization.  After the lecture she will be available for a meet and greet and she will have her book available as well. Seating will be limited. The evening is brought to you by Rotary Club of China Lake and Ridgecrest Regional Hospital as a community service project.