The Rotary Global Essay Competition (ROGEC) is being organized by Rotary Club of Pune Katraj (R.I. District 3131). Through this competition, we intend share ideas and promote understanding on humanitarian issues among the Rotary fraternity.
Theme 2015 - World Understanding and Peace
"Peace is not the product of terror or fear. Peace is not the silence of cemeteries. Peace is not the result of silent repression. Peace is the generous contribution of all to the good of all." - Oscar Romero

Peace is typically described as not having violence, avoiding being in conflict and most importantly not being under constant fear of brutality. However on the other side of the coin, peace is also a way of life, it is about having constructive relationship not only every human being, but environment as whole. The concept of peaceful existence extends right from constraints of an individual's mind to that of a family and from the community that you live in to national and international levels.
Some people tend to see violence as the best means to resolve a conflict. Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and others have set examples of how human rights can be established through non-violent means. These leaders have professed that peaceful behaviours that are kind and considerate to humanity will manifest goodwill.

This competition is open for everyone.  Entrants will participate in a group depending on their age as of 1-Jul-2015.
Group I - Below 18 years
Group II - 18 to 30 years
Group III - Above 30 years

Members of Rotary Club of Pune Katraj, Rotaract Club of Pune Katraj and Interact Club of Pune Katraj and their immediate family members will not qualify for any of the awards

The essays should be written in English language and should not exceed 1200 words.The essay should be submitted in electronic format in Microsoft Word or PDF format only.
Entrants should fill in all the details of the entry form before submitting the essay.
Do not use any diagrams, illustrations or graphics in the essays.
Do not use your name or personal information in the essay.
Quotes or ideas that are not original should be attributed.  Avoid plagiarism.
Deadline is November 10, 2015

Three(3) Winners (one from each group) from anywhere globally will win a 5 day all-paid* trip to Pune, India in addition to a trophy, certificate of appreciation and a special memento. 

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