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This morning over 100 children that were identified by their teachers and principals as needing cloths had their needs met.  Three Passport Rotarians joined over 100 other Rotarians and family members at Kohls Department store for a 6am shopping spree and full breakfast at Embassy Suites Hotel with parents.
Passport Rotarians donated funds to cloth 7 of the children.  Thank you Rotary de Tolosa for this favorite  annual community project.
My kindergartener at first told me she did not like to run.  Imagine that.  We traded her black strapped poorly fitting dress shoes for sparkling pink high top sneakers.  She was last seen running all around the Embassy Suites Hotel.
Today.... Rotary Passport Club joined Rotary de Tolosa in making a difference.
Saturday December 2nd is our first club wide project, the Holiday Spree for Kids (Child Spree) sponsored by the Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo de Tolosa.  An early start 6:15 and you will be assigned an elementary student in need to take on shopping spree at Kohl's across from the Madonna Inn in SLO.  Parents wait over at nearby Embassy Suites to have us bring their kids over for a hot breakfast and pictures with Santa. There is a link on our Calendar to register-several clicks . John Semon will be sending our names over on Wednesday November 22nd.  A wonderful way to start the holiday season. If you care to support a student in addition to shopping with them or instead of shopping that also is an option. But de Tolosa strongly states that is an option. Most needed is your involvement. The kids will have pre-shopped or a parent has so you will have a list of their needs.  Helping Kids have a better holiday and camaraderie it does not get much better than that! We have so much to be thankful. One is our coming together to improve our communities. A toast will be coming your day on Thanksgiving
The  Brand New Rotary Passport Club of the Central Coast is committed to serving our communities.  Averaging over 22 hours a month on community service per member, time has been donated to Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs, Kiwanis Clubs, community based non profits, parks, schools, churches, a clinic that provides free healthcare to the uninsured and more. The satisfaction  comes from helping people in all walks of life including many our members will never meet.  Truly Service Above Self.  If you have a service project you would like our members to know about go the Project Link on the lower left of our home page.  If you have a fund raiser use the same form to let our Members and Web Page visitors now about it. 
PASSPORT Clubs are a new type of Rotary Club encouraged and established by Rotary International. For decades Rotary has maintained membership at 1.2 million members. Passport Clubs provide a unique 21st Century option for Rotary Membership. 
The research on retention from RI found members often left due to a “T”. Our target members are former Rotarians that may have left for one of the “T’s” = Time, Treasure and/or Tradition. Also, we will seek out new Rotarians who love the concept of Rotary Service but have a challenge with use of time, treasure or club traditions. 
As stated in our bylaws, we will not solicit current Rotary members. If a Rotarian is interested, we ask they contact their club to discuss their reasons for a potential change. Rotary Passport Members are full-fledged Rotarians but with different obligations.
Our footprint is all of Rotary District 5240 Region 4 (SLO County and North SB County/Santa Maria area).
The Passport Club is a service based club that will serve its many communities and other Rotary Clubs by donating time and supporting Club Fundraisers. In short, Passport Clubs offer more volunteer opportunities and fewer meetings.
There are Four General Membership Meetings per year. We have a regularly scheduled monthly board meetings followed by a social. All members are welcome at both meetings. Additional Rotary volunteer opportunities will occur throughout the month.
The Passport Club will post service projects from Rotary Clubs within our footprint along with projects from other non-profits. The club’s goal is to select one project a month as a club wide project and encourage full club participation. Additional volunteer opportunities will be announced so our members can participate individually, as a group or as a company or business. Members have an annual 60-hour commitment which in addition to service projects can include participation and/or support of non-profit fundraisers, non-profit board involvement and more.
Rotary Passport Club of the Central Coast   It is all about giving back.
Jim Eaton-805-550-8970           Gil Igleheart  805-995-1015
We meet 3nd Tuesday of each month at 6 pm for a board meeting followed by a social - Our location will change each month so we can meet through out the county.  Please check this website for current location information.


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