Today President Roger introduced a new game that, hopefully will help us get to know each other better. Three club members were selected and they will each told us four things about themselves. One of those four things was be a lie and it was up to everyone to decide which was truth and which was fiction.

Cynthia Woodruff-Neer:

Sue Oberholtzer:

#1: I was born on the 8th day of the 8th month and weighed 8 lbs., 8 oz.

#2: I was a competitive ice skater and at 16 became a paid professional ice skater.

#3: After high school I became an exchange student and lived on a pig farm in Sweden with 1200 pigs.

#4: I worked for 30 years as an attorney, some of that time with Alpine Electronics. During my time with Alpine, I travelled to China 20 times.

#1: In the 6th grade we were asked to sell 6 oz bars of World’s Famous Chocolate bars. My parents regularly went to a pub on Friday nights and I sometimes tagged along. I sold 85 chocolate bars to inebriated pub goers and was proclaimed Chocolate Salesman Champion for which I was awarded a 2 pound chocolate bar.

#2: In Jr. High students were asked to bring in items for a bake sale. My friend and I decided to make candy bars by melting tootsie rolls and adding X-Lax and hot pepper and wrapping them in waxed paper. The next day, during 2nd period English, 2 boys came to class bragging that they stole candy from the lunch room. Yes, it was the candy made by me and my friend. They boys passed the candy out to everyone in the class and I am sure you can imagine what happened next!

#3: In 1982 in Austin, Tx, my son Miles entered me into a stand up comedian competition at a local Comedy Club. I was really nervous about it but I went and it was a lot of fun. I ended up coming in 2nd in the Pun-Off contest. No pun intended.


Presentation: THREE TRUTHS AND A LIE, continued

Sue Oberholtzer (continued)

Roger Robinson

#4: While stationed in Okinawa, my fighter pilot husband fitted me out with a flight suit and oxygen mask for a “burner bust” in an F105 fighter jet. A burner bust is when the plane takes off but then lands again right away after the drag chute deploys). After putting me in the back seat, he started to take the plane off and deployed the chute to slow the plane down. The plane blew a tire on landing and he was busted for having a civilian in the back seat (a no-no).

#1: In 1959, while at University of Illinois, I was selected as Editor-in-Chief of the school yearbook.

#2: In 1964, while competing with the US Para Olympics Team, I met Crown Prince Akihito, son of Emperor Hirohito of Japan, and his wife, Princess Michiko and had my picture taken shaking his hand. Crown Prince Akihito became Emperor of Japan in January 1989.

#3: In 1984, in celebration of completing my Masters Degree at Pepperdine, my wife treated me to a weekend at Pebble Beach where I played a round of golf. I won’t disclose my score but I can proudly say that I had a par 4 on the 15th hole.

#4: In 1989 I attended an airline conference in Berlin. While there, the Berlin Wall came down and we were able to walk across the border into East Berlin.

We will be doing this again on November 30. If you would like to participate, let Sue know. In the meantime, were you able to guess which of the statements were the “lies”? Drum Roll please.....

Cynthia has never been to China.
Sue O. did not win the Pun-Off Contest but her son did. Roger was never the yearbook editor.