Chuck explained to us that TRF is the non-profit arm of Rotary International

and fundraises and supports efforts of RI around the world (Polio eradication,

healthcare, education, ending poverty, etc.). Charity Navigator has rated The

Rotary Foundation with 4 stars for 13 consecutive years!

Rotarians can designate where they would like their donation to go (see

attached graphic “Your Check to rotary—Who Do I Write it to and Where Does

it Go” attached to this newsletter). Half of the donations to the Annual Fund Share come back to our club in

three years in the form of grants. The other half goes to urgent projects around the world. Our goal is for everyone

in the club to donate $100 a year to the Annual Fund Share and $50 a year to Polio Eradication.

In 1988, Rotary launched the Polio Eradication project. At that time, there were 1,000 cases of polio per day,

350,000 each year in over 25 countries where polio was endemic. Over 20 million people are not paralyzed today

due to the efforts of Rotary. That is equal to the total population of New York State!

Attached to this newsletter is a TRF Information sheet and Rotary Direct form that you can complete to make

monthly, quarterly or annual donations to The Rotary Foundation.

There will be a “post-Rotary-meeting” follow-up to our TRF panel discussion on October 28th, a Q&A session

for interested members,

to answer (as best we

can) member questions

about the Annual Fund,

Polio Eradication, TRF

Endowment, and the

seven areas of focus.

This will be immediately

after the meeting on Friday,

November 11th, at

1:30PM. Stay as long as

you’d like, and no commitment

for any further

actions… the intent is to

answer member questions

about The Rotary

Foundation, again, as

best we can.