Janet Meyers told us that we were here to celebrate Suzette

Morrow, art teacher at Santa Lucia Middle School and Coast

Union High School. Suzette holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s

degree in Fine Arts and has been teaching for 30 years.

Suzette told us that students 10-18 years old in her art classes

participated in the project. As part of the curriculum, they discussed

what peace is and what peace means to them. Students

were then asked to design a picket with that in mind.

Some chose to design their pickets with scenes that they see as

peaceful while others used animals to show how different species

get along.

Suzette thanked Rotary for the opportunity to participate in

this project saying that Rotary has contributed more to the student’s

education by getting them engaged in school and creating

a culture for our school and community.

Paula Porter, on behalf of the Peace Builders Committee presented Suzette with a

certificate of appreciation and announced that the committee made a gift to the

Rotary Foundation in her name and presented her with a Paul Harris pin.

Mark your calendars: We will be honoring and congratulating the students for their

outstanding work promoting art and expressions of positivity and celebrating art

teacher, Suzette for her outstanding lesson plan and guidance at a Peace Picket

Kickoff Celebration on Saturday, April 9 from 11 to 1 at the Cambria Historical Museum.

Suzette told is that the students and their parents are really excited about

this since they have not had a public showing or their artwork for a couple of years

due to COVID.

Paula also told us that the Peace Pole on the stage is from their home and, if you are interested, you

can purchase one online at PeacePoleProject.org.

Thanks to Suzette for what most of us thought was one of the best presentations we have had in a long

time. And thanks to the Peace Builder’s Committee for a project that is getting tons of attention all

around town and beyond.