Janet Meyers introduced newly appointed SLO County Undersheriff, Jim Voge, a Cambria resident. 

Jim told us a number of things about his career: 

• He grew up in So. California and in 1969 worked as a student cop while attending junior college. He was paid $2.53 an hour. 

• He has worked in Venice, South Central L.A., Watts and Hollywood Vice. 

• His most embarrassing moment was his 4th day out of the Academy while showing a classmate his clamshell holster he accidentally shot off his gun. 

• Most famous people he ticketed for speeding: Singer, John Denver and Race Car Driver, Bobby Unser. 

• The most inspiring person he ever met was UCLA Basketball Coach, John Wooden. 

• Most difficult assignment was Hollenbeck working gun suppression on New Year’s Eve. 

• Funniest call he responded to was from a pregnant lady whose husband was away. She was sure someone was breaking into her house but it wound up being a monkey on the roof! 

• He is most proud of bringing Tip A Cop to Cambria. 


Jim reminded us that everyone needs to lock their cars and their house. While Cambria is still relatively safe, we have had instances of break ins. So, better safe than sorry.