Margie Sesser, CAPSLO Board Member, told us that Grace has a masters degree in Social Work and has worked in the field for over 35 years. She is currently overseeing the Prado Homeless Project.

Grace began by telling us that there are approximately 1,125 homeless persons in the county, of whom 69% are unsheltered, 262 are chronically homeless, and 81 are veterans. She also told us that 74% were residents of SLO County before becoming homeless. 14% of homeless reported having been in the foster care system as a youth. The risk of homelessness is greatest among households headed by single women and families with children under the age of six. Children in families experiencing

homelessness have an increased incidence of illness, emotional and behavioral problems than those with consistent living accommodations.

The 40 Prado Homeless Services Center is a 365 days per year facility that helps individuals and families improve their health and stability and move them towards self-
sufficiency. Services available to all participants include:

  • overnight shelter (up to 100 beds)

  • meals

  • showers

  • laundry

  • mail/phone services

  • access to case management

  • primary medical care

  • animal kennels

    Specialized services include the SLO-Hub Project for individuals seeking assistance in dealing with mental health and substance use issues.

    Additionally, 40 Prado serves as the Warming Center location for the City of San Luis Obispo during times of inclement weather.

    There was so much important information in this presentation that I found it difficult to get it all down in my notes. However, Grace was kind enough to send me a copy of her slide show and I have attached it to the email with this week’s newsletter. If you missed this meeting, please take a few minutes to look at the slide show. It contains a lot of information about homelessness that you might not have been aware. Donations are always welcome. Community Action Partnership of SLO Co. Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization, Tax ID # 95- 2410253.