Sherry Sim introduced Dana by telling us that she joined Rotary in 2002 and is currently a member of Rotary Club of Westlake Village. At the Rotary International Level, DG Dana is the Inter-Country Committee (ICC) National Coordinator for USA. She started the first ICC of USA with her country-of-origin Romania in 2003 and has traveled extensively for various Rotary projects including polio cam-paigns in Nigeria and India. In the last several years she was a presenter, talking about Peace & Conflict Resolution, Prevention Projects and Initiatives at Rotary International Con-ventions, Zone Institutes and Peace Conferences. DG Dana told us that she has been a fan of our club because, when she first joined, she met Monte Rice who en-couraged our club to support one of her projects helping children in Romania. She congratulated us for our crea-tive fundraising despite COVID and is impressed with all the good work we do. Dana believes in The Rotary Foundation and its ability to transform lives. For this reason, she became a Major Donor, a Bequest Society member, a Benefactor and a Paul Harris Society Member. She is a strong supporter of the Annual Fund Program because this is what allows us to work on projects and continue to do good in the world. DG Dana then honored a very surprised Cynthia Woodruff-Neer with a District Governor Recognition for her work with youth in our community, as well as her ongoing service to our club as treasurer. District Governor Dana Moldovan