Vino Amore



Saturday May 11, 2024
Luigi's Warehouse
  • No Host Cocktails 6pm
  • Dinner 7pm
  • Gift Card Tree Draw
  • Heads or Tails Game
  • 50-50 Drawing
  • Silent Auction
  • Live Auction
  • Special Appeal for Ronald McDonald House Bakersfield
Who does Vino Amore benefit?

Bakersfield East Rotary Club
The Bakersfield East Rotary Club Foundation is the primary beneficiary of net proceeds raised from Vino Amore. This signature event is planned by Rotarians from the Bakersfield East Rotary Club and friends who generously donate their time and resources to make the event successful. Fund raised go to support the 4 charitable avenues of service . These four avenues, Community Service, International Service, Vocational Service, and New Generation Youth Service are the focused ways Rotarians make a difference in our community and world. For more information about the good work the club is doing please visit our website

Bakersfield Ronald McDonald House
Located at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital, the Bakersfield Ronald McDonald House is a place where the families of Kern County pediatric patients at any hospital can go to take a break from the hospital environment. It serves as a home away from home that gives the non-hospitalized part of the family a sense of normalcy in a time when their world is upside down. Keeping families close to each other and the care they need is a goal of the Bakersfield Ronald McDonald House. For more information please visit their website.

Valley Fever Americas Foundation
The Valley Fever Americas Foundation was founded by Bakersfield Rotarians concerned about the impact of Valley Fever on our community and on all endemic regions. Due to the nature of the disease, the only practical way to prevent Valley Fever is through development of a vaccine, a project the foundation has been devoted to promoting since its inception. Until a vaccine and cure are available, our organization recognizes the critical role that awareness plays in the prevention and early diagnosis of Valley Fever. Understanding the conditions in which Valley Fever is most likely to be contracted can prevent further suffering and loss throughout our community, and being familiar with its symptoms empowers victims of this disease to be diagnosed early and increase their chances of making a full recovery.

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