Thanks to his week's correspondent:
Sam Newland
Invocation: Brad Hannink
Flag Salute: Justin Leland
Song: Ken Beurmann (with a major assist from Garro Ellis)
Greeter: Jordan Kaufman
Roving Mics: Jeff Gutierrez and Eddie Paine

Spoke Editor Profile:

Sam Newland is a CPA and partner at the accounting firm Halle Porter Newland & Rickett, LLP (“HPNR”).  Sam is experienced with a wide range of clientele including real estate developers and investors, construction contractors, agricultural businesses, professional service providers, oil and gas service companies, manufacturing companies, and retail companies. His areas of expertise include financial assurance and attest services as well as income tax planning and compliance services. In addition, Sam’s experience includes consulting with closely held businesses regarding a variety of organizational, operational, personnel issues.

Good News & Announcements:

  1. Justin Leland updated us on Girish Patel who received his kidney transplant last week.  Girish is doing well and is expected to be home in three or four days.
  2. Toni Dougherty announced that the Mercy Foundation received two very generous gifts of $1,000,000 each from the David and Catherine Gay Family and Drs. Ravi and Naina Patel.  Funds will benefit The David and Catherine Gay Family Intensive Care Unit, and the Drs. Ravi and Naina Patel Oncology Floor for the new Mercy Southwest Patient Care Tower.
  3. THE Sgt-At-Arms Jim Damian announced the promotion of Chad Tongco to the position of Staff Sgt-At-Arms.  However, Chad has yet to earn his right to speak for himself at the podium.  Baby steps Chad…
  4. Prior to introducing two new Rotarians, President-Elect Ken Beurmann stole the show (again) by patting himself on the back for passing Ben Stinson for second place on the “all-time” list of sponsoring new Rotarians.  Message to Ken…the club is 100 years old and you’re barely old enough to attend today’s beer meeting…I find this record-breaking moment hard to believe. After coming to his senses, Ken introduced two new members to the club: Jorge “Future Spoke Editor” Barrientos and Jared “Super Dad” Cope.  Welcome to the club gentlemen.  We are happy to have you!
  5. President Garro nearly recognized Paul Harris Fellows, but abruptly ended the segment without naming anyone.  This left at least one particular Rotarian saddened as he has been waiting approximately eight months to be recognized for his generosity…sigh…    


The program was presented by Steve and Kim Belmont of Great Change Brewing, who took us through their experiences of starting a craft brewery from the ground up.  The program started with several Rotarians asking, “Where is the beer.”  That question went unanswered, but rumors spread that President Garo banned the beverage for fear that his allergies may be triggered.
Great Change Brewing opened for business in December 2018. The business was started by founders Steve and Kim Belmont, Tim Belmont and Master Brewer Kyle Smith.  With just a few years before reaching retirement, the Belmonts decided to start the company using their own capital, no loan covenants to meet here.   The ownership group had a passion for craft beer and traveled near and far to drink it.  The award-winning experience of Kyle Smith, formerly of Kern River Brewing, was a great asset to the team.  The group decided to stay home and locate their brewery in Bakersfield partly because Bakersfield residents support local businesses, and, believe it or not, Bakersfield is under-served in the beer market. 
Locating an ideal building was a challenge.  Fortunately, a cooperative and brew-friendly landowner joined in on the endeavor.  Instead of avoiding competing breweries when looking for a spot, a location near fellow breweries Lengthwise Brewing, Dionysus Brewing, and Crusader Brewing were selected. The prime location in the “brewing district” is ideal for patrons performing “pub crawls.”  Great Change Brewing is housed in a 10,000 sq. ft. building.  The building provides ample space for future expansion opportunities, including the possibilities of adding brew capacity and a commercial kitchen.  The facility was built out with careful planning and foresight. 
After acquiring the appropriate federal, state, and local licenses and permits, the group began brewing.  Depending on the beer, the brew cycle takes approximately three weeks.  Before opening day, plenty of beer was brewed and ready to go.  As Kim stated, “You want to have beer if you’re opening a brewery.”  The brewery is now open seven days a week.  It is dog-friendly.  Food trucks are often on-site as well as providing nourishment to those crawling through the parking lot.    Although Garro may prefer wine coolers and Epipen shots, he still committed to supporting the new local business.  Cheers to Great Change Brewing!
Other fun facts from the California Craft Brewers Association:
  1. There are more than 980 craft breweries in California, more than any other state in the nation.
  2. Craft breweries contributed $8.2 billion to California’s economy in 2017.
  3. The industry supports more than 54,000 jobs across the state.
  4. Craft brewers donate $10-15 million to charity annually.
  5. 95% of California residents live within 10 miles of a brewery.
  6. Did someone say TAXES…California craft brewers paid $1.6 billion in taxes in 2017.
Bottoms up!

Rotarian Guests:

Carl Breining guest of Doug Hayward
Lizette Patterson guest of Justin Leland
Kevin Danley guest of Rob Noriega and Mark Bateman
In what could be a foreshadowing of his future presidency, Jim Damian creates a job for Chad Tongco "Staff Sgt-At-Arms" so he can come and go as he pleases.
One of Beurmann's babies, Jorge Barrientos.
You can tell how much pride Ken has by how tight he closes his eyes. For instance, in this photo, with new member Jared Cope, he couldn't be more proud.
Jordan Kaufman, scanning badges and taking names.
Andy Barkate and Ron Burgundy.
Epic fail pouring tea today.
Jon Sampson is SO on point, he coordinates his attire to match the table linen.
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