Posted by Gary O'Rielly on Dec 21, 2021
Dr. Ken Collins, Superintendent of the Lake Stevens School District and Past President of our Club, shared key facts with the Club on Friday, December 17th about the Lake Stevens School District Replacement Levies. Ken commented that we have a great school district. Both of his parents and many of his cousins are in education. If your community is strong so is your school district. Schools cannot survive without a strong school system.  We have been fortunate to pass all our past levies. If people don’t vote, things don’t get done. 
The Lake Stevens School District will ask voters to consider renewing two replacement levies-an Educational Program and Operations Levy and a Capital Technology Levy. The current levies, which voters approved in 2018, expire in 2022.  
The replacement levies will provide funding for schools through 2026. Important to remember these are not new taxes.
The vote on the Lake Stevens School District Replacement Levies will occur on February 8, 2022. Lake Stevens has thrived on the reputation of the School District and the reason "why" many young couples with school age children have decided to move to Lake Stevens.  Good time to get out and VOTE.