Posted by Gary O'Rielly on Jun 20, 2022
Our guest speaker on Friday, June 17th was our past President and current Superintendent of the Lake Stevens School District, Ken Collins providing a "State of the School District."  Ken started his presentation by talking about the importance of continuity of education which was interrupted by Covid 19. How do you fill in the gaps for the kids learning so that they meet all the educational standards required by the District and the State? 
In the 2021-22 period, enrollment is 9.221 and the district employs 1,229 people and there are 8,300 chrome books available students in pre-school to 12th grade. The school district is the fourth largest in Snohomish County. The school district has one high school--Lake Stevens High School, Cavalero Mid High School serving grades 8 and 9, two middle schools, seven elementary schools and an early learning center plus Homelink. There's also a Transitions program supporting special needs students post high school graduation until they turn 21. Lake Stevens is running out of buildable land. The Mid High School alleviates congestion in the high school and middle schools. Only one other school district has a similar set up and it is Puyallup. Lake Stevens is big enough to have two high schools. 
Mid-Schools are more costly. The incoming 9th grade has the largest number of students in District history. There is a need for two additional need elementary schools.  Max capacity at the high school is 2,600-2,700 students unless you add portables and Ken isn't in favor of going in that direction. This year, the high school graduated 592 students.
In summary, passage of both levies provided accelerated learning to meet the students' needs which was intentional on the strategies developed by the school district to support the students. Teachers are all on board the multi-track function.  Gina Anderson led the district on the accelerated learning program. Another important aspect of the district is that equity, diversity, and inclusion be a big part of the district so that they can create an environment in learning. Students must feel welcome in the district. 
Ken just concluded his first full year as the Superintendent. Prior to that he was the Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning giving support and direction related to curriculum, instruction, assessment, special services and programs and learning for both students and staff.
Did you know that Ken when to Washington State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in History and Education?  He earned his Master's in Education Administration from Central Washington University, his Administrative Credentials from City University, and a Doctorate in Education from the University of Washington. Ken played football in college for the Cougars and professionally for the New England Patriots.