Posted by Gary O'Rielly on May 03, 2023
Our guest speaker on Friday, April 21st was Snohomish County Sheriff Adam Fortney. The Sheriff addressed issues surrounding public safety. Public safety is important, and the Sheriff has been a resident for the past 27 years. Currently building a house on property in Granite Falls after selling his house in 2022.
Grew up in Briar. Fortney commented that he is a grandfather and doesn't consider himself a politician. Decisions are based on how it impacts families such as his own family. When he ran for office, his goal was to be tough on crime. Change in state laws was a big issue even though changes were made the following year after some spikes in crime.
The work of the police department is to show up and be proactive on crime in spite of the changes in the law, continued their hands-on approach. We talked about issues in South Everett and the crime that was abundant and working with businesses identifying areas of concern.  The Sheriff's Department has created partnerships with these businesses and is working with a business group addressing policing their area.
Fortney listed himself as non-partisan and doesn't want to identify with either party. The most critical issue to him is dealing with meth and issues surrounding domestic violence. Making progress on domestic violence and budgeting to address the issue. Fortney pointed to Service Above Self as something that is dear to his heart and the way he wants to conduct his business. He is married to Jill and has a blended family of eight children. The department has a eight-week program called Lead The Way working with kids from all areas of the community once a week and sometimes on Saturday to build strong leaders with these youth. All of his staff are involved as mentors to these youth. Breaking down barriers are the most important aspect of the program.