Posted by Gary O'Rielly on Sep 12, 2022
In 2006, two members of our Club decided to drive Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica, California. Driving the TR 4 was John Morrison with Loren Hole as his passenger, they left Lake Stevens enroute to Chicago. On the route, stops in Missoula, Montana to fix an oil leak were required. From there to Deadwood, South Dakota and when they arrived in Chicago, the first stop was at Lew Mitchell's Famous diner which was the starting point of their Route 66 excursion. 
Some of the sites along the Route 66 trip. Loren was interviewed in 2006 by the Everett Herald. Loren was 81 years old when he made the trip with John. The TR4 was bought when John was 22 years old. He got married at 28, still married and still drives the TR4 when he's here in the summertime and at home in Rio Rico, Arizona.  John is a member of the Rotary Club of Rio Rico. Joining us for the presentation was Sam Bryce a former member of our Club, during the 2006 trip when John and Loren gave the same presentation. This iwa the 3rd presentation on their historic trip.