Posted on Mar 19, 2024
Listed below is the proposed Officers and Directors for 2024-25
At our meeting on Friday, March 29th, we will vote on the new Board
President                                Ron Rasmussen
President-Elect                      Brian Rewis
President-Nominee                Lance Morehouse
Past President                        Don Iverson
Secretary                                Gary O'Rielly
Treasurer                               Laurie Westover
Club Services                        Ilene Levering
Community Services            Brian Rewis
Foundation                            Reshal Ploeger
International Services          Lynda Routh
Membership                          Kyle Strand
Vocational Services               Kristin Odegaard
Public Image                         Rand Southam
Non-Board Member
Program Committee             Kendra Pinkleman
We need as many of you as possible to attend and participate in voting but better than voter turn out in most of our elections.