Posted by Gary O'Rielly on May 15, 2023
Our program last week was all about the Lake Stevens Farmers Market which will open again this summer starting in June and ending in August. The Lake Stevens Farmers Market is located at North Cove Park.
Representing the Lake Stevens Farmers Market is Sarah Jensen who spoke about the richness of agriculture in Snohomish County. Currently, Sarah manages three Farmer Markets in Lake Stevens (4 Years), Snohomish (9 years) and Stanwood (5 years). She talked about at least three vendors who have gone on to open their own retail facilities or stores.
The goal this year is to create a Kid's Power of Produce (POP) which is a nationwide program started by Chipotle. The Kid's Club is three-fold. All about agriculture, healthy eating and growing. At the end of the day, the KIDs are given $2 tokens to spend at the Farmers Market. Vendors are reimbursed if they receive any of the tokens.
Sarah took over the Snohomish Farmers Market in 2015. Snohomish started with 40 vendors and now has around 150 vendors. Digital Media has donated $1,000 to the program and Sarah is asking our Club for funds. The Lake Stevens Market started at a quarter million dollars and last year the total revenue was over $500 K.