Posted by Gary O'Rielly on May 22, 2023
Marty Pease returned for her annual update on the IPA in Copan, Honduras. IPA-Copan is a partnership between the Rotary Club of Copan Ruinas, Honduras and the International Project Alliance (IPA), IPA is a collaborative group of Rotary Clubs in Skagit and nearby counties in Washington State. Peter Martin, Fidalgo Island is the founder and president of IPA.
Marty posed a series of questions about IPA and its various activities. Contracts with local in country managers, Cinthia and Mauricio have been renewed for the next three years. IPA would not exist or be successful without the support of these two managers.
There are four main goals of IPA: 1) Adopt a School - currently supporting 72 schools in more than 35 villages. 2).Adopt a Dream - finding sponsors for middle and high school students as well as university students. 3) Three-year commitment sought for goals one and two. 4) Rapid Development. The goal is to bring these villages out of property within three years. The latter goal is difficult to accomplish. Yet, no one has defaulted on their loans.
Home gardens have been hugely successful with micro businesses being developed by many of the villagers. Eleven villages are participating in this program. Thanks, Marty, for the update.