Posted by Gary O'Rielly on Jun 20, 2022
Our special guest speaker on Friday, June 10th was back for another update on the International Project Alliance. IPA was founded in 2014 by Peter Martin. IPA is a humanitarian projects with Mayan villages surrounding Copan, Ruinas, Honduras. Focus most on education and economic development with Adopt a School and Adopt a Dream, Adopt a Village and Rapid Development which is the economic development program which is a major part of the IPA program. Our Club is a member of IPA and supports Rio Amarillo school.
There are eleven member Clubs, plus Club Rotario de Copan Ruinas. There are 63 schools in Adopt-a-School, 500 students in Adopt-a-Dream middle school, 365 high school and 129 college. There are 173 students in Adopt-a-Dream without sponsors. Plus, there are 16 villages in Adopt-a-Village. IPA supports 35 villages.
The Rapid Development program started with six villages in year 1, two villages in year 3 and three villages in year 4. Most successful programs are home gardens which allows the community to grow crops allowing some to sell their vegetables. How to run these programs correctly is available with no loans being in default.
Peter Martin was awarded the Service Above Self by District 5050 at the recent District Conference in recognition of his work for the IPA. The Award is presented to only 150 Rotarians worldwide. Started endowment fund recently. Peter visits Copan at least four times a year. IPA has a Global grant to add six villages to the Rapid Development program. IPA added a trip specifically for Adopt-a-Village/tourism.
Marty showed so many videos and photos of the work being done by local citizens benefitting from IPA's work in Copan and the surrounding area.
Just an exceptional program that our Club through Tracy DeLorm has supported and will continue to support as part of our International Services Committee project.