Our newest member, Steve Alexander, gave his Classification Talk during last Friday meeting. Steve works for a company called Smart Cremation and his classification is Funeral Director. Nine years ago, his mother-in-law passed away. His mother-in-law had 4 daughters and had no plans in place when she died. There weren't any discussions about what to do when his mother-in-law died. Misunderstanding about the cost involved and cremation followed. 
Steve was originally from Washington DC. Steve was a member of Rotary about 30 years ago. Moved to this area in 2004. Rented a house for four months before buying a home. Steve enjoys remodeling houses. He remodeled a house in Granite Falls that was over 6,300 sq. ft. and was a complete shell. As he recounts his story, he bought the view and got the house for free. He remodeled the house and enjoyed every minute of it.