Posted by Gary O'Rielly on May 23, 2022
Tracy Rubestello visited us again to update us on the current activities going on at Bridge Receiving. Tracy has visited our Club in the past around 2018-19. The last time Tracy visited us, Bridge Receiving was a vision, idea, and a concept but now it is a reality. Her father was a Rotarian in the downtown Seattle Club. Bridge Receiving opened in August 2020. Bridge Receiving is a healing start for children entering Foster Care. Children coming into Foster Care for the first time.  Bridge Receiving avoids these new Foster Care children going into a hotel or other facilities before going to Foster Care. This is the only facility in the United States with hopes for more being built in the future.
Bridge Receiving receives calls from all over the state asking to take new kids entering the Foster Care system. Tracy referred to Bridge Receiving as a nice happy medium. Bridge Receiving is a 501(c)(3) organization. The longest stay by one of the kids staying at Bridge Receiving was 115 days. The future includes building two more Bridge Receiving facilities in Washington state. The next one will be built in King County.
How to remove a child because of neglect? How do you help struggling families before a child is removed from the home? That is the goal for the parents that Bridge Receiving is working on before a child must enter Foster Care. Bridge Receiving is there to create stability for a child while the family is working through their issues. Bridge Receiving is a tiny house that makes an enormous difference in the lives of these kids.   
The average length of stay is 21 days however it depends on the child's situation which can change if they have no other place to stay. There is so much to share from Tracy's presentation. Here is the link to the meeting if you want to get more information on the impact of Bridge Receiving.  The link is
Bridge Receiving is trying to raise $40,000 for projects that include a new room for a therapist to meet with the children in private. You can give a donation to Bridge Receiving and the video link above will show you how to give directly to them.