Posted by Gary O'Rielly on Jan 29, 2024
Our guest speaker on Friday, January 26th was Nathanael Engen, Black Forest Mushrooms pictured above with a display of various mushrooms. In the depths of the Pacific Northwest lies old growth forest hidden in the mist. A soft glow finds its way through the canopy to the forest floor. More mysterious than the dark forest, mushrooms take advantage of this perfect symbiotic environment. According to Nathanael, mushroom growing is under a controlled environment farming.
Black Forest Mushrooms conducts tours on Sundays at 11 am and the cost is $30 and you leave with a product growing kit. The office in on Hewitt in Everett. Each mushroom has its own distinct flavor and texture. Some varieties can even be used an alternative meat in most recipes. According to Nathanean mushrooms are still surprising us with new discoveries and applications every day.
Black Forest Mushrooms is honored to locally cultivate and hand-deliver these incredible, mystical and wonderfully nutritious gourmet mushrooms from their farm to your door. Their goal is to produce 6,000 pounds of mushrooms in February and donate them to three Food Banks.