Posted by Gary O'Rielly on Nov 02, 2021
Our guest speaker on Friday, October 29th was President Nominee Don Iverson talking about his Aquaponics Project which is a circulating water system where inexpensive fish food is all that is needed for growing fish as well as fruits and vegetables. Aquaponics is similar to hydronics but without the need for manufactured plant nutrients and frequent water replacements.  Here are a series of slides that describes his amazing project. above.
Don likes gardening and fishing, but both require a lot of his time. Plus, he enjoys learning about new projects. There are several Rotary Clubs in the United States and internationally that are involved in aquaponics.
So, it is obvious, that Don's aquaponics project is deeply involved but an enjoyable project worth all his efforts.  The fish tank is 120 gallons and the system is finished.  Thanks Don for viewing an new project that many of us were unaware of prior to your presentation.