Mar 24, 2023
Dough Clark
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Douglas M. Clark


Doug Cark,  

Regional Development Manager for the N.W.



Doug grew up in Latin America and entered public service at a young age.  He has also been a businessman and served as a Legislator in the Arizona State Legislature. Doug has a Master’s Degree in Cross Cultural Communication/Anthropology which he believes helps him connect with people from varying backgrounds.


His passion is helping individuals raise their ‘Generosity Quotient’. Doug’s enthusiasm for leading individuals into understanding the beauty of generosity is infectious. This enthusiasm has led him to assist people and organizations throughout the United States and in numerous countries.


Sitting still is not in Doug’s make up. In his free time, you will find him either traversing a mountain on his bike, playing a round of golf, swimming laps or participating in any number of activities that might be at his disposal. He also enjoys reading and is currently writing his fourth book.

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Regional Development Manager

Northwest Region

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