Dec 02, 2022
DG Raj
District Governor

Raj was born in the south of India.  He has a Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree and Masters in Hydraulic Engineering (India) and a Masters in Mechanics and Hydraulics (USA).  He came to Canada in 1973 and now lives in White Rock. He is retired but still provides worldwide assistance in subjects of his expertise.

Raj has extensive experience at senior levels in the World Bank, United Nations Specialized Agencies, and private sector. His experience includes working on sustainable large-scale water resources development and management projects (Irrigation and Hydropower) in many countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cameroon, Canada, China, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Moldova, Mongolia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, United States and Vietnam.

Raj is a Director of the Sources Foundation in White Rock which operates various facilities to meet the needs of the community. He is a Director of New Bridge Academy, helping to build bridges between the incoming Chinese immigrant community and area residents.

Raj joined the Rotary of Club of White Rock in 2014 under the classification of International Water Resources Development and Management and was Club President in 2016-17. 

Raj is a multiple Paul Harris fellow and a major donor to the Rotary Foundation. He is Chair of the Canada-Tunisia Inter Country Cultural Committee of the Rotary International.  He is also a member of three Rotary Action Groups: Water and Sanitation, Environmental Sustainability, and Honouring Indigenous People as well as a member of the Whisky Dram Rotary Fellowship Group. 

Raj enjoys trekking and general hiking. He climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in the eighties and trekked up to the Base Camp of Mount Everest ten years ago.