The Rotary Club of Bellingham Foundation (the Foundation) was established in 1998 as an approved 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization.  The purpose of the Foundation is to provide a secure, permanent fund into which the Rotary Club of Bellingham, it’s members, and others can contribute funds on a tax-deductible basis for service in the community, nation, and/or world. 
The Foundation currently administers the following funds: 
  • Phil Millard Scholarship Fund, awarding 6 scholarships for 2020-2021. 
  • Mischaikow Scholarship Fund, awarding 1 scholarship annually.
  • Designated Club Account, responding to grant requests from the Rotary Club of Bellingham for current-year Rotary projects. 
  • Scholarship Endowment Fund, generating income in perpetuity for Bellingham area students.  As of  May/9/2021, this fund is over $1.8 Million and will fund $66,000 in 2020-2021 in annual scholarship support for  area students. 
  • General Endowment Fund, generating income in perpetuity for special projects that may arise from time to time. 
  • Undesignated Funds contributed by members to be used for future projects.
  • Funds for the Club’s annual major projects.
Particular receipts that go to the Foundation are: 
  • The contribution of Individual Club Member semi-annual dues (Designated Club Account);
  • Club Member designated “Happy Bucks” for anniversaries and birth of a child or grandchild go to the Designated Club Account unless otherwise designated.
  • or any other donation so designated by the donor at the time of gifting.
The Foundation Board has established general investment guidelines, and invests available funds into securities that meet those guidelines.
A particular long-term goal of the Foundation is to accumulate assets, including bequests to the Endowment Funds, so that those funds can provide a continuing income stream for charitable programs. As a result, Members are urged to consider the Foundation in long-term giving plans, and in their wills.
RCOBF Directors
Seven directors serve overlapping terms of three years.  As noted in the RCOBF Articles of Incorporation, Article VIII, Directors are appointed by the Rotary Club of Bellingham President.  Terms expire June 30 of the year shown.
Scott Wilson (2024)  Dennis Williams (2024)  Dave Blair (2024)  David C. Morse, Jr. (2025) Teri Treat (2023) Sara Maloney (2025)  Nathan Twining (2025)
RCOBF Officers
Teri Treat,  President; D. C. Morse, Jr., Vice President; Dave Blair, Secretary, Dennis Williams, Treasurer
Rotary Club of Bellingham Foundation, P. O. Box 28113, Bellingham, WA.  98228