Why Join Rotary
There are as many reasons to join Rotary as we have had members! Thousands of reasons if you consider our 100+ years of existence. Some join to be part of a community of like-minded individuals, some join to network and make better business connections, some join to be part of our community history, some join for the social aspect and more. Here are just a few reasons some of our members have elected to be a part of Rotary:
“What I really love about Rotary is my fellow Rotarians.  As I look around the room each Monday, I am inspired to do more for our community and the world. As the years go by, Rotary become your personal connection to doing good and a welcomed commitment.  In more recent times, with the increase of violence and lack of civility in our country, I look to Rotary as my constant shining star. I joined Rotary to make a bigger difference.  As a small business person, I could only make small changes, but with Rotary I can help make big things happen. I am blessed with a dynamic and successful career, spanning over thirty years in Real Estate and Hospitality Management.  Working with so many fabulous people in Whatcom County has kept me challenged and refreshed.”
– Teri Treat
Inn at Lynden
“I love hanging out with people that care a lot about our community and that get significant things done to its benefit.”
– Hans Erchinger-Davis
The Lighthouse Mission
“Rotary is a great way to meet a wonderful group of people while at the same time having an opportunity to give back to the community. Rotary means fun, friendship, community involvement and mentoring. My first exposure to Rotary came as a toddler when my Father took our family to Rotary Christmas parties, then in high school, I twice attended Rotary Leadership retreats.  These experiences convinced me that Rotary is a wonderful organization and I was thrilled to join.”
– Ken Marzocco
“When I first joined Rotary, I was impressed by all the local charitable activities it supported. There were projects and fund-raising efforts that went directly to the stated causes. I saw it as a chance to give back to the community. Since that time, I’ve learned that Rotary is much more than just local projects. Through Rotary, we have a real impact throughout the world, and as it true locally. The vast majority of our contributions go directly to those who need it. So Rotary is a means by which all members can have a tremendous impact on whatever cause is important to them.”
– Del VandeKerk
“I just love catching up with people in the Club as well as learning about new businesses in our community. Rotary Club means helping the community on a large scale and making new friends. I joined because once Dominque and Fred asked me to come…I was hooked!”
Lynda Hinton
Windermere Real Estate
"I joined because it's a family tradition. To be part of something way larger than something one person can accomplish. A large group of diverse people from the community who come together and share common goals and beliefs.”
– Mike Diehl
Bellingham Ford
“I enjoy the opportunity to learn more about the members in RCOB and information about their personal and professional interests. Rotary provides a magnitude of different opportunities to support our local community as well as internationally. I joined because I am very blessed and hope to make a difference in any way I can!"
- Colleen Baldwin
Whatcom Title
“I joined Rotary because it had always been my intention to do so. In high school, a local Rotary Club promoted a speech competition that I participated in and subsequently won - that was my first exposure to Rotary. But you just need to take a look around to see traces of Rotary everywhere - sponsoring local events, raising funds for community projects, providing scholarships for deserving youth, and on placards commemorating community-development projects that we love and appreciate every day. I was excited to be a part of that. It is the perfect organization for whatever your passion - tackling hunger, helping and recognizing youth, building infrastructure in underserved areas     internationally, and of course, local improvements.”
– Shauna Naf
The Lones Group
“I rejoined Rotary to again enjoy the fellowship, enlightening programs and the opportunity to serve. I wanted to give back, particularly to the Rotary Youth Exchange program that enabled my son to spend a year in Australia and become a citizen of the world. I find it invigorating to share time with interesting people who know how to make good things happen.”
– Monty McAllister, M.D.