Message from our President
I feel extremely fortunate to have found the Rotary Club of Calabasas back in 2017.  I was immediately drawn in by members who were united by the desire to help make the world a better place.  Over these past five years, I have felt at home with fellow members who genuinely believe in the words “Service Above Self.”

The theme for the 2022-2023 year is “Imagine Rotary,” and I could not think of more apropos theme as we navigate life in a time of immense change.  Who would have imagined in January of 2020 how much change we would face in the upcoming months or even few years?  We proved to ourselves that a little bit of imagination can propel us forward into productive and impactful endeavors.

Jennifer Jones, our first female President of Rotary International, has asked us to “Imagine Rotary,” to take a moment and imagine what else we could be doing, or what we could be doing better.  We have come a long way and have so much more to give, do, and share.

Being a member of the Rotary Club of Calabasas means you are part of a larger family.  We build friendships and support one another in life and work.  Through collaboration and connections to a greater community we will continue to imagine new projects and opportunities to expand our reach.

Together, through fun, fellowship, and service we will increase our impact by identifying and meeting the needs of our local community and beyond.  We know how to connect people and resources, and in doing so we will continue to change lives in a myriad of ways.  To increase our impact, we need the help of all members.  We also need to continue to attract and collaborate with dedicated individuals to make a difference in our communities.  

I encourage you share your ideas as you imagine new and different fellowship opportunities that bring us closer together as a Rotary family and enhance member and partner engagement.  Together we can increase our ability to adapt because we are creative, capable, and willing.

I am proud to be a member of the Rotary Club of Calabasas and feel honored to hold the position of Club President.  I know that the 2022-2023 year will be filled with meaningful moments and impactful projects because we have the drive and enthusiasm to work together as our effort and energy speak volumes to our dedication to purpose.

If you have any questions about Rotary and/or club membership, please reach out to our Membership Chair, Bette Hall at  On behalf of our Rotary Club of Calabasas family, I invite you to be a guest during an upcoming meeting and learn more about our club and Rotary as a whole.  Please click on the calendar for more information.  We would love to welcome you.

May you be inspired, and in turn, inspire others.

Daniele Della Gala
2022-2023 President