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The Bishop Rotary Foundation was formed to accept contributions that are tax deductible.  Money given to the Rotary Club of Bishop isn't tax deductible.  Every member of the club is a member of the Bishop Rotary Foundation.  The foundation was formed in 1995.  The New Centurian was formed to include members who pledged $1000.00  Since July 1, 1998 through December 31, 2007 a total of $281,664.81 has been given out.  There was a major grant from the Hoag Foundation which is the bulk of monies in the account.

Randy Van Tassell is the Bishop Rotary Foundation Treasurer and is on the Board of Directors of The Rotary Club of Bishop as representing the Bishop Rotary Foundation.

Mr. Van Tassell presented the Bishop Rotary Foundation Summary of Support for July 1, 1998 through December 31, 2007                                                          Expended

Honduras                                         $ 112, 918.72

Scholarships                                          63,340.00

Tsunami Relief                                        23,078.28

Kosovo                                                  20,700.00

395 Flag Project                                      13,665.00

Skate Park                                               8,883.00

Foster Kids                                               9307.00

Roses                                                      5,740.42

Bishop Union High School                             5,084.39

Cerro Coso Bldg Fund                                  3,000.00

Banners Downtown                                      2,500.00

Bishop Elementary Schools                            1,740.00

Wheelchairs                                               1,520.00

Interact                                                     1,355.00

City Park Repairs                                            682.00

Safari Auction                                                625.00

Ho Chi Minh Hospital                                        536.00

Journeys                                                       500.00

Interact                                                        300.00

Kenyan Water Project                                      225.00

Fort Irwin Memorial                                          200.00

March of Dimes                                               181.00

Leukemia                                                        210.00

Katrina Relief                                                 5,374.00