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The Rotary Club of Arlington  is a group of business owners,  professionals and community leaders  that are dedicated to making our world and our community stronger. We are    committed to the  Ideal of “Service Above Self,” while enjoying fun, fellowship, and friendships. 

Home Page Stories

Hands Only C.P.R.

Brian Price spoke to the club about CPR and demonstrated proper CPR techniques.  Lives in Arlington with wife and three kids.  Works for the Arlington Fire Department and in charge of the CPR department. 

                      Fire Chief Bruce Stedman with Fire Fighter EMT Brian Price

First step in CPR is to recognize someone needs help (CPR, first aid, etc.).

In 2015 CPR changed.  No longer 30 compressions and two breaths.  Hands only quality CPR is now the focus.  Survival rate has gone up 50% since using hands only CPR.  The use of AEDs is also important.  If 10 minutes goes by there is a close to 0% chance of survival.

Second step in CPR is to activate 911.  Snohomish County survival rate is highest in the state.

AEDs are around $300.  Easy to use.  Kindergartners can do it. 

Third step in CPR is to start chest compressions on a hard surface.  Expose the chest of the patient.  Locate the top and bottom of the sternum.  Place hands in the middle, push hard, and push fast. Use your hips instead of your arms to get the pressure. Do two minute cycles.  Swap out with someone else.  Compressions are tiring.  Hook up an AED if possible. 

Two reasons to do chest compressions - cardiac arrest due to heart problem or cardiac arrest due to another health issue (allergic reaction, trauma, etc.). 

Put person on flood or hard surface, place heel of hand on sternum, interlock hands over sternum, and rock with the hips.  110 compressions per minute.  Give someone the job to call 911 to distract them if they are upset.

Good Samaritan law ensures you will not be liable if you begin to help and then stop. 

The club will hold a fireside to go through the training to get CPR certified. 


Lyanne Rolf Tells Us About Herself

Lyanne Rolf is a mortgage broker at Key Bank.  Most of her classification presentation was about her life.
                                                               Lyanne Rolf
Born and raised in Arlington.  Grandfather Garka owned a lumber mill in Marysville.  Other grandparents are the Kinneys.  Lyanne’s parents, who married in 1976, still live in Arlington.  Lyanne grew up on Gilman.
Her family goes on a vacation together once every three years.  Lyanne was born in 1978 and her brother in 1979.  Lyanne’s father worked for the family lumber mill  a long time.  Mother started working at the post office the first day Lyanne started kindergarten.  Mom just retired after thirty years.  Grandfather’s lumber mill was sold.  Lyanne’s father is now a shipping a receiving supervisor. 
Sports were a big part of growing up.  Mom was voted most athletic in high school.  Dad is more shy and reserved.  Mom coached softball.  Took the team to districts three or four years in a row.  Mom was a campfire leader.  Mom had the state record for shot put.  Lyanne got close to the record but could not beat her. 
Lyanne went to Japan as an exchange student her freshman year in high school.  She raised $3,200 to fund the trip.  Lyanne did not enjoy Japan - culture shock.  Some time later Lyanne was an exchange student to Tokyo.
Lyanne worked at Safeway and the Boys and Girls Club her senior year.  Lyanne thought she wanted to be a Japanese interpreter after high school.  She was accepted to a school in Ohio for an intensive interpreter program.  She took a class and decided she did not want to be an interpreter.
Lyanne signed up to be a nanny in New York City.  Moved to NYC and worked for a family who was fostering a child from the projects.  While the child was in school she sent resumes out.  Went to an interview for an internet company.  She did trade shows and explained internet to people. 
Lyanne loves football.  Went to an Army/Navy game.  Went to every West Point game.  Lyanne stayed in New York for two years.  Came back and worked for Everett Boys and Girls Club for a year and then moved to Bellevue. 
Lyanne banking career started with First Mutual Bank.  She has worked for PNC Bank, Merrill Lynch, Umpqua Bank, Countrywide Financial, and now Key Bank.
Lyanne met her first husband and moved to Portland while working for PNC.  Her grandfather convinced her to go to work for Merrill Lynch at 21.  Lyanne got pregnant at 22 and started learning about mortgages.  Lyanne then went to Countrywide and then to Key Bank.
Lyanne married Matt in 2008.  Matt has his safety degree from Central.  Lyanne met Matt line dancing.
Lyanne hosts exchange students.  Lyanne’s daughter goes to visits the exchange students. 
Lyanne’s nephew Mason was born with half a heart.  Lyanne participates in heart walks and fundraising.  Lyanne planned the Oso Strong 5k with surviving families.  1300 people showed up.  $38,000 donated to the Oso Fire Department.
Lyanne’s daughter is very open minded.  Always up for anything.  She plays 4-5 instruments, travels, into snowboarding, surfing, wake boarding, skateboarding.  She is involved in the Interact Club and helped start the club.
Many members of our club always comment that classification talks are some of our best programs.  Lyanne's presentation was no exception.  Thank you Lyanne!


Help Support Organizations We Support

When our club got its start 47 years ago as the Marysville-North County Rotary Club, we had close to an equal number of members from Marysville and Arlington.  In looking for a project that would benefit both communities, the Stillaguamish Senior Center came to the forefront.  It was just getting established as well and it needed help on its board and with acquiring property and building a facility.
We used to sponsor a fundraiser each fall for the center known as the Oktoberfest.  Members roasted prime rib which went well with salads and beer, followed by a dance.  One year we sponsored "Stilly Downs", a mock horse race track with para-mutual betting on video taped horse races in California.  Play money was utilized and there were donated prizes that could be purchased with the play money at the end of the races.
In recent years, we have helped the center with its annual Life Time Achievement Breakfast.  Rotarians, Dale and Dave Duskin, co-chair the event which recognizes one of our community members for a life time of benefiting our community.  Rotarians have assisted with hosting tables, recruiting attendees, helping with set up, and with attending and giving generously at the event.
This year Darlene Strotz is being recognized on Wednesday, April 26.  Darlene grew up in Arlington and she and her husband Roy operated a dairy west of town off of SR 530.  After they sold their herd through the federal buy out program, they opened Strotz's Feed.  She continues to operate the business following Roy's death.
Darlene has been an active 4-H leader for over 40 years.  In addition she was the first lady volunteer firefighter and EMT for FPD #19, provided leadership for the Silvana Fair, the Dairy Women of Washington, Stilly Valley Little League, and Stanwood and Monroe Fairs.  When Arlington was short on Little League Fields, Darlene and Roy created a field on their farm, Roy coached and Darlene made sure the field was maintained.  The diamond is still active at Blue Stilly Park.
We still help provide leadership to the Center.  Rotarians currently sitting on the board include Nancy Holiman, Bob Campbell, Dave Duskin, Breanne Martin and Kathy McCone.  Several Rotarians sponsor the Center and sponsor tables for the event.  Every Executive Director of the Center since the early 1970's has been a member of club including the new director, Danette Klemens.
Please plan on attending the breakfast and RSVP by calling the Center:  360-653-4551.  We are still looking for sponsors as well!  If you can help set up Tuesday, let's plan on 3:30 PM at the Center.

Shred Event to Benefit AEF

Our partner in the Dolly Parton Imagination Library literacy project, the Arlington Education Foundation,  with a sponsorship from Coastal Community Bank is holding it annual shred event on April 29.  It is a perfect chance to get rid of sensitive and confidential documents while benefiting the Education Foundation.
Like with the Senior Center, Rotarians provide leadership to this organization as well.  Rotarians on its board include Cindy Huleatt, Linda Byrnes, Robin Reinig and Dave Duskin.  Kurt McVay and Margaret Larson are former directors who serve on the advisory board.
Our partnership with AEF has provided 4,426 books so far to children in Arlington and Darrington under the age of 6.  Currently 557 kids are enrolled and 71 have graduated at their 6th birthday.  In addition to the Dolly Parton literacy project, the Foundation provides  grants that help fill the gaps in acquiring things to be used in the classroom and by students. 
Put June 3 on your calendars now for the 10th anniversary celebration of the Byrnes Performing Arts Center.  AEF was the organization through its fundraising arm, Arts Alive, that raised the funds from the community, including much help from our club, individual Rotarians, and Rotarian businesses to finish the Center.  There will be an afternoon event for families and an evening event to recognize those involved in fulfilling the dream including student performances and an appearance by "The Coats" acapella group that performed at the original gala celebration.

Youth Dynamics Dinner and Auction

Another organization that our club supports is Youth Dynamics of Arlington.  Arlington Y.D, provides care, mentorship and outreach for youth in Arlington and throughout the Stillaguamish Valley.
It's at the Arlington Free Methodist Church, Featuring Weslee W. Jones. BBQ Dinner, Live and Silent Auction, Dessert Dash and free childcare. $25 per person or $175 for a table of 8.
Here is a link to get tickets:  Tickets



Mixed Use Development in Arlington

Marc Hayes-Community Development Director
Marc Hayes with the City of Arlington spoke about “Mixed Use Development in Arlington” at our April 6 meeting.
Marc has called Arlington home for 47 years, he is married with 3 grown children and 2 grandchildren, Marc Hayes has been employed with the City for 34 years, throughout that time he has worked in various positions with several departments Public Works, Airport, Engineering and now as Community and Economic Development Director.
At least 7,000 additional residents are coming.  Where will they all live?  By 2035 population estimates for Arlington are projected to increase from 18,489 to 24,937.  There isn’t enough land area to allow for that growth.  High housing costs south of us are driving people north.  More jobs being created on the north end. 
About 70% of housing in Arlington is single family.  Want to maintain the feel of Arlington.  Want to get away from being auto dependent.  Bring housing to retail (mixed use).  Affordable housing and low income housing are necessary.
Mixed use development makes for three dimensional, pedestrian oriented places that layer compatible land uses, public amenities and utilities together at various scales and intensities.
2,890 deficit in housing units in Arlington.  Of those, 1,040 should be affordable housing units, 384 should service the elderly, and the remaining low income.
The land use approach allows for the effective use of limited real estate through efficient development of vacant land, redevelopment of existing land and optimizing the use of underutilized properties.  This provides for the efficiency of a traditional “town” where residents lived, worked, recreated and supported the essential services available to them, all without the necessity to drive. 
To ensure that there is uniformity of both current and future development, the guiding principle for Mixed Use Development will be Form Based Code- a means of regulating land development to achieve a specific urban form.  Fosters predictable built results and a high-quality public realm.
Horizontal mixed use builds up rather than out.  Allows for services, retail, and housing all in walking distance.  Vertical mixed use is like a typical downtown area.  Walkable neighborhoods allow people to live within a quarter mile of services.
Mixed use is accomplished by overlay zone - superimposed over one or more existing zones and imposes additional restrictions; or Re-zone - changes the underlying zoning.
Benefits - Spurs revitalization; promotes village style mix of retail, services, housing; enhances community’s unique identity and development potential; reduces dependency on cars; promotes sense of community provides more housing opportunities; increases revenues
Challenges - time, public participation, ensuring the proper mix of uses, parking, implementation of form based code.
City Council will review the plan for mixed use developments in June or July. 


Work Party at Haller Park for Jackson's Disney Grant

Jackson Martin
It was announced at the meeting on February 9th that Jackson Martin, son or Rotarian Breanne Martin, a five year old from Arlington has been awarded a $500.00 Disney Summer of Service grant through YSA (Youth Service America).  The grant was tp support Jackson in leading a community service project that addresses the issue of child safety and recreation.
Jackson chose to partner with the Rotary Club of Arlington for the service project and donate the grant funds to the Club for the splash park. The service project occurred on March 11, 2017.
This phase of the project included spreading new bark under the playground equipment to make it safer. Some flower beds were also cleaned.
There is an album of photos take during the project, but here are a few:
Jackson Digs In!
Duane and Grandkids Help
Supervisors or Shovel Guards?
What is a Project Without Food & Drink
Most Rotarians Even Worked!
See the photo album section for many more photos.  Thank you Jackson (and mother Breanne) for submitting for the grant!


Rave Reviews for Guys and Dolls & Party

Rotarians, family and friends enjoyed a pre-function at Carla Gastineau's home followed by a visit to the Byrnes Performing Arts Theater to see the Arlington High School Drama Department's production of the musical "Guys and Dolls".
Enjoying Appetizers at Carla's
Our Charter Member and Honorary Member Don Richards (center) Catches Up With Bob and Lee
When Jazzmine, the predecessor to Flight, had an annual dinner show our club made it an annual fireside.  Since the dinner shows were discontinued we have not been as a club to any of the high school events.  With raving reviews, perhaps attending the spring musical needs to be an annual fireside.
Janice and Duane Rhodes in the Lobby
Prime Seats Were Reserved for Us!
For more photos from the pre-function and from the theater, check out the photo album section.

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