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Rotary Club of Arlington, Washington

Who Are We?

The Rotary Club of Arlington is a

group of business owners, professionals

and community leaders that are

dedicated to making our world and our

community stronger.

We are committed to the ideal of

"Service Above Self"

while enjoying fun, fellowship and friendships



Home Page Stories

Lee Harman's Miss Vicky Polio Plus Road Campaign

Lee Harman, a retired physician, a member of our club, and the Polio Plus District 5050 Chair for the U.S. clubs, gave us a program on Rotary's effort to eradicate polio world wide.  

                                                                     Dr. Lee Harman


Lee and his partner, Bill, decided to undertake the Peking to Paris motor drive in Miss Vicky.  It is a big deal for car enthusiasts.  Miss Vicky is a 1938 Model A Ford.  They used this because there are a lot of them around and it is easy to find parts if something happens since Lee and his Partner Bill have to take care of the car on their own while on the journey. 


The Journey is 10,000 miles and started in 1907.  Their venture will be in June of 2019 to Bejing, to Moscow to Sweden and eventually to Paris.  There are 3 different classifications, Miss Vicky is in the vintage classification. 


Bill is a retired Major from the US Army and a friend of Lee’s.  Lee wanted to help make people aware of Rotary trying to eradicate Polio.  Their goal is to raise 1 million dollars.  They want to dedicate this trip to the final mile in in the 34-year journey of Rotary working toward eradicating Polio.


Polio is an ancient, crippling disease that is worldwide and preventable.  From 1900 to 1956 was the worst time for polio worldwide.  The US epidemic was in 1948-1956.  This led to the era of the iron lung.  The polio virus can only lve in the dirt for 10-14 days.  Virus is ingested by kids playing in the dirt.  Kids play in the dirt and ingest the dirt, so kids have flu like symptoms and others the virus moves into their bodies.  The virus dies in 10-14 days if it can’t find an unimmunized child, therefore all children need to be immunized.


Polio Plus is Rotary working toward Eradicating polio.  In 1984 Rotary committed $100 million to inoculate 160 million kids at 650,000 vaccination booths, each booth desiring to inoculate 247 kids!  This was Rotary collaborating with the CDC, World Health, UNICEF and 125 countries worldwide.  This lead to the beginning of National Immunization Days with the goal of inoculating children worldwide.  In 1984 there were 125 endemic nations and 350,000 per year contracted the disease. Contrast this to 2016-2 endemic nations 38 cases. From the 38 cases only 8 were from the actual polio virus.  30 were from the polio vaccine itself.  The estimated chances are that 1 in 4 will get the virus.  Now people get the injected virus instead of the oral because you cannot become paralyzed through the injected vaccine.  Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan are the only nations that still have Polio. 


There is still a risk because children that are still being born and children are not being immunized.  Until the world is free of polio for 3 years the risk of Polio is still a plane ride away.  Rotary hasn’t fulfilled the goal until the world is polio free for 3 years.

The Current challenge in 2018 is that Rotary raises $50 Billion.  World Wide Rotary has raised $14.6 Billion. District 50/50 is the 4th highest ranking district in giving to Polio Plus. The cost to finish is predicted to be $1.6 Billion.  The money has been pledged.  We just need to do it. 


Miss Vicky is dedicated to bringing public awareness to rotary’s grandest achievement of Polio eradication throughout the world.  We can help by helping spread the world. Visit the Miss Vicky website at and “Like Us” on Facebook and help to share this project on social media and with friends, neighbors and relatives.  They need our help to make this happen. 


There are many reasons to continue, it is the children that we are helping and the lives that we are impacting.

Lee with Miss Vicky and DG Lindagene, President Jola and AG Dave Following DG's Recent Visit

2017 Dick Post Memorial Golf Tournament

The weather cooperated and over 65 golfers participated in this year's event.  As Dale pointed out in his email to the golfers, "THIS IS NOT REALLY ABOUT GOLF!!"  It's about fun and fellowship.
Jim and Dale organized the tournament and Carla organized the after golf party at the Menos' residence.  There were trophies and prizes for various categories.  Not all the winners were present.

Here are some photos! (there are more in the album)

Clockwise: Dale accepts the overall trophy for the core group which included Dale and Ron; The Axis Roof & Gutter team were low gross; the ladies team of Jola, Samona & Lyanne were the bes dressed; Matt had the longest men's drive; Simona won for something she did (didn't take notes); and Lyanne had the longest drive for the ladies (I think). 

Lindagene Coyle-District 5050 Governor

                      Our District 5050 Governor-Lindagene Coyle

Lindagene Coyle, District 5050 Governor, spoke to our club.  She is an active community member, cancer survivor, fulltime volunteer, and has three children and three grandchildren.

The District Conference will be held May 8-12, 2018 aboard the Eruodam cruise ship.  The ship will sail from Seattle to Victoria and back.  Sign up, it will be fun, fellowship, and family. 

Important for members and board to know who the District Governor is.  It is also important for the DG to know our club.  It is important for the clubs to know members can contact the district if they need information.  If you have great suggestions let the district know.

Rotary’s moto this year is “Rotary:  Making A Difference”.   There is a Rotary club for everyone.

The Rotary International President gives out the Presidential Citation to clubs that meet certain requirements.  We missed it by a hair last year.  This year we WILL get the citation.  It is everyone’s responsibility to help meet these requirements. 

Council on Legislation takes proposals to the board of directors and trustees to make changes in Rotary.  Clubs have the ability to influence Rotary.  The deadline to submit proposals is December 31, 2017.  See the Peace Arch Journal this month for more information.

District 5050 Vision:  Rotary clubs are recognized as the service clubs of choice in their communities.  The District enhances the success and growth of clubs through effective communications training and leadership.  Clubs work collaboratively on local and international projects that address all Rotary Avenues of Service.

Key areas of focus for District 5050: 

·         Membership/Club growth - #1 priority. 

·         The Rotary Foundation – Every Rotarian Every Year.  Lindagene recommends clubs focus on achieving this.  Helps you get the Presidential citation.

·         Leadership Development and Training.  Many positions open.  Clubs should go through visioning and strategic planning.  People that have the skills and interest to serve the district should apply.  Three year term for many positions so always looking for help.

·         Youth Programs – Youth Protection Policy is very important.  Clubs must be certified.  District training assembly will occur in April and will sign off on the clubs at that time.

·         Public Image and Communications – Ensure what we put out into the public represents our club appropriately. 


Keep Informed

·         Read the monthly Peace Arch Journal. 

·         Go to the District website. 

·         Have My Rotary account to access information at 

·         Post on Rotary District 5050 Facebook account. 

·         Post your business on Networking Plus – 

·         Do business with Rotarians.


Lindagene is looking for 6 clubs to do breakout sessions at the District Conference (i.e. fundraising, etc.).  Share your successes and challenges. 


Presidential Peacebuilding Conference will be held in Vancouver February 9-11, 2018.  International Convention in Toronto June 23-27, 2018.


Lindagene expects and looks forward to our club earning the Presidential Citation. 

Great Attendance at End of Summer Picnic

It has become a tradition for our club to have an end of the summer picnic the end of August in lieu of our regular meeting.  Of course, we have the picnic at the park we have adopted--Haller Bridge Park!
The head chef this year was Rotarian Ryan Berg, with the assistance of Dale, Bill and Robin.  
Ryan Barbequing Burgers to Add His Secret Sauce!
The event was for Rotarians, their family and friends.  Here are a few of the photos with many more in the album.


Caleb Arrives in Iceland!

Our outbound exchange student Caleb Abenroth arrived in his host country Iceland on Monday, August 21, to start his year long venture. He will be using Face Book to document his experience and there is a link to that site on this website.
His host dad, James, met him at the airport.
Host Dad James with Caleb
They then dropped his stuff at the house, picked up his host mother, and went to his new school to get enrolled.
Caleb at His New School
We look forward to hearing from Caleb!  The above photos were taken from his Face Book site.


Imagination Library Literacy Project

Sherri Ballew, the President of the Arlington Education Foundation and Chair of the Dolly Parton Imagination Library project, spoke to the club about the Dolly Parton program. 

Sherri Ballew AEF President and Imagination Library Chair


Rotary has been supporting the program financially as a partner.  There is a combined AEF and Rotary Committee.


The program mails a book monthly to any child registered from 0-5 years old in Arlington and Darrington.  All the administrative costs are covered by the Library.  We just pay for the books and the postage. 


The Library committee works jointly with a Rotary committee on this program.  Rotary has committed to donating $2,500 each year for two years but due to grants received we have only donated one time.  $7,300+ books mailed. 648 enrolled in the program. 104 children have aged out of the program. Our area serves all children 0-5 years old in Arlington and Darrington.  If you want to donate to the program visit the Dolly Parton Library website. 


This program is run nationwide and in other countries.  Visit the website and enter your zip code to find out if there is a program in your neighborhood.  WEBSITE Stanwood Rotary serves Stanwood and Camano Island.


Another AEF project is classroom mini-grants. Teachers can apply to the Arlington Education Foundation for a mini-grant to try out new ideas in their classroom.  If you are interested you can sponsor some of the grants.


The AEF is hosting a beer and wine fundraiser on October 20th at Dwayne Lane's.


For more AEF news, check out its newly revised and revamped website by clicking HERE



Member Classification Talk

At our meeting on August 3, we heard from one of our newest members, Paul Abramowicz.

Paul grew up on a farm in Wisconsin and comes from a family of  14 where Paul is the 6th eldest.  Growing up on the farm Paul  helped to run almost 600 acres of land.  They learned how to  work and to have a good work ethic. He also learned a sense of  community and family through working together with his  family and other farmer's families to help run their farms. It  became a communal experience.
 In high school, Paul learned that he enjoyed electrical things.  Three days after graduating from high school he left for the navy  and ended up being stationed on the Great lakes on the USS  Kalamazoo working with electronics and technology.  From being  in the Navy Paul had the opportunity to experience much of the  world. 
 After the service in 1982, Paul came home to Wisconsin in January  and signed up to go to school in Electronics Servicing. He  graduated with a 2-year degree in Electronics Servicing. After  finishing school he moved to Lynnwood in 1987 and began  working for an electronics servicing company working on tv’s and  other electronic products. He started working on building computers in 1993. 
After moving to Washington, Paul started doing country western dancing and began teaching, as well.  Paul met his wife, Joanna, at the Oso fire hall teaching western dancing.  They started dating in May of 1989 and were married in May of 1990. Paul and Joanna have two daughters. Their eldest daughter, Sarah works at 3D Composites and their youngest daughter, Cathleen, is a photographer. Paul's wife Joanna works at Haller middle school as a nurse. 
In 2003 Paul started a business doing onsite computer repair.  Oso PC is completely mobile and does not have a brick and mortar shop.  Paul has many elderly customers that are on a fixed income and allows them to pay through donation as a way of helping them to stay connected to their families and friends.  Paul is always willing to help friends, families and neighbors.
Paul lives in Oso on a beautiful farm.
You can check out Paul’s rates and info at

Fun Doing Projects

Each month our club often has both a service project and a social event.  Recently members of our club helped clean up flower beds at the Stillaguamish Senior Center.
Devin and Lyanne at Senior Center Project
One of our most frequent project locations is the Fire Mountain Scout Reservation east of Big Lake.  Some of the projects are a start that gets finished by other volunteers. Here are some recent photos of the finished projects:
                                                              The Deck on the Dining Hall
We worked on a three of the components of the new Swim Beach:
 The Swim Platform and Swing
 Completed Change Station
 Finished Shelters on the Beach
 Beach Overview of "The Beach at Fire Mountain"
Thanks, in part, to our club, Scouts are having a great experience at Fire Mountain!  The camp has become one of the premier camps with 60% of the units using the camp this summer being from outside the Mount Baker Council.
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