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Home Page Stories

Universal Aerospace Manufacturing


Bob Qualick from Universal Aerospace.


For Vocational Service month it was appropriate for us to have a representative from Universal Aerospace, an Arlington manufacturing firm tell us what it is doing to help our job market.


Universal Aerospace believes in community and building jobs and opportunities for people in our local community.  They are committed to the next generation of professionals and helping people to achieve the American Dream. Universal Aerospace was started 27 years. Founded in 1990 by the Petit family.


It is a super tier 2 company that supplies for tier 1 companies that then supply to Boeing.  It has been located at the Arlington airport for over 20 years. 

Over the course of the last decade there was a low period in sales, but from 2009 on there has been an steady path of increase in revenue.  Aerospace is growing.


As a vertically integrated supplier they have aerospace manufacturing and metal finishing.  Currently they are building a metal finishing warehouse at the old Bayliner plant and will provide over 40 jobs.  Currently operate 4 buildings in the airport area of Arlington.  They will be moving from another facility in Marysville into the only Bayliner complex. 


They have training programs to take young individuals to work hands on and learn craftsman skills.  Not everything that they do is large manufacturing. They so precision machining, turning and sheet metal.  Have worked on cockpit doors, seating and wingtips for aircrafts.  Moving forward there will be higher paid jobs for people that are doing programing that is set up for the manufacturing.  They use many different tools to create products. The monitoring tool is helpful for managers to monitor what is happening on the manufacturing floor. 


Have allocated 2500 sq. feet for in house training.  They have been taking people that have good basic skills and then providing technical training at their facility.  Universal Aerospace has found that they are able to find more employees using this method instead of finding people that already have the technical training.  Trained individuals typically go to the higher tiered companies including Boeing.


Universal Aerospace has many different customers.  That includes Zodiac, Jamco, B/E Aerospace and many other smaller companies.  Diehl Aerospace is a newer customer that they have been working with and have been a part of Universal Aerospace becoming an international company. 


For more on Universal Aerospace, Inc., click on its logo below:



School Bond Information for Feb. 13 Election

Dr. Chrys Sweeting, Superintendant,  and Brian Lewis, Executive Director of Operations, spoke to the club about the bond measure on the ballot for Arlington School District, February 13. 
Chrys Sweeting, Upper, Introduced Brian Lewis, Lower
There are 5,500+ students in the district.  The bond will provide safety and security for our students. The district is asking now because 2000 bonds will be paid off in 2020, interest rates are near historic lows, and building needs exist. 
The bond will replace Post Middle School, add 8 classrooms and technology and arts workshop to Arlington High; improve safety, security, educational opportunity, and/or efficiency at every school building in the district; and make district eligible for $8.9 million in state matching funds.
Secure entry ways would be installed in each building.  This would keep people out of the building that aren’t supposed to be there during the school day.  Surveillance cameras would be installed as well.
Rebuilding Post Middle School would be more cost effective than modernizing the current facility.  There are many upgrades needed and expanding the facility is necessary due to the addition of housing going into Arlington.
Taxes will go up slightly and then down in the years to come.
The District plans to complete Post Middle School by 2021 then begin addition to Arlington H.S. in June 2020.
Because as school district employees Chrys and Brian are prohibited from promoting passage while on the clock at the District, the presentation  was followed by Dave Duskin with Citizens Committee for Arlington Schools talking about passing the measure.  The Committee co-chairs are John and Kimberly Meno, are out of town, so Dave filled in for them.
The committee is meeting every Tuesday between now and the election at Cascade Valley Hospital conference room 4:30 PM.  Dave invited Rotarians to attend the meetings and help with promoting the measure. 
Social media is being used to promote the measure.  Here are some links to check out:
Please like the committee on Face Book, invite your friends to like, share posts on your page, and mark and return your ballot upon receipt.  The auditor will be mailing ballots on January 26.
If you would like to help the committee to solicit yes votes contact Kimberly, John or Dave.  Contact Cindy Huleatt regarding use of your reader board.  There is material that the committee would like on business counters.
Flash Texting:  On Thursday, February 8, at The Point Bar and Grill, 5:00 PM, Rotary Flash Texting event will be held.  An invite will be sent out to members.  This is something new with this campaign and is intended to remind people to turn in their ballots. 


10,000 Mile Trek to End Polio


Lee Harman, Upper, and David Cook, Lower, from Origin Marketing spoke about the Miss Vicky project. 

The goal of the project is to raise a million dollars to finish polio using an 86 year old car traveling from Peking to Paris. 

Lee is working with David Cook for website development and other advertising/fundraising efforts.  Lee wanted to work the car into the campaign.  David incorporated the car into the marketing materials and made it part of the brand.

The car will travel 10,000 in 36 days to show any goal can be achieved.   There are 19 cases of Polio remaining.  But the goal is to get 0 cases for three years. 

There are three steps to success of the project:

1st – Reinforce how difficult the trek will be.  2nd - Reinforce the importance of ending Polio.  3rd – Get a lot of people to donate a little bit of money.

The key elements of the campaign are the website (, Facebook page (@finishpolio), email marketing, and Rotary International support.  Because there are so many Rotary members nationwide the best way to raise awareness is for all Rotary members to share the Facebook page with all of their friends.  Let them know how important this is.  David hopes to create an email database to send a newsletter with updates.

 You can help by sharing the Facebook page/posts, volunteer to help with social media, photography, press releases, and donate $10 to end Polio.  Every dime, with the exception of possible credit card processing fees, will go to Polio Plus. 

Miss Vicky with Lee, DG Lindagene, President Jola, and AG Dave


2018 Ushered In With Glamorous Party!

Simona and Russ DeVries hosted a New Year's Eve party for Rotarians and guests at their home in Glen Eagle.  With the theme of "Glamorous Hollywood", guests were, of course, given the red carpet treatment as they arrived.
Carol and Leroy Arrive!
Guests were encouraged to come in Hollywood attire.  A photo staging area was a lot of fun and here are a few of the photos. Check out the album for more photos:

Jim Ohge and Internet Security

Jim Ohge visited our club to speak on internet security.  There are thousands of attempt to gain access to your personal network and many of those attempts are young kids. Generally their approach is no longer through a virus on your computer, but instead through ransomware. Hackers spend their lives trying to find ways to get into computers.  Because of this it is a good idea to have both malware protection and antivirus software. 
Remember, also, not to respond to scams.  As soon as you click on them they are in. Your best defense is to backup your data and have an antivirus.  Other ways that you can protect your information are to remember not to leave your passwords on or near your computer and don't use your phone or tablet to do anything of importance.  Finally, it is important in your password design to come up with a pattern so that you are able to remember your passwords.  It is important to be aware of your computer and your information. 

Annual Food Basket Project

Our members donated enough money for a record 106 Christmas food baskets this year, which caused our Project Director Devin to proclaim "!!!! HOLY COW!!!!! ...As always, you are all awesome!"


We have been fortunate the last couple of years to have Grocery Outlet of Arlington as our food purveyor.  We can get much more for our money!  Mel Simpson, who owns the store with her husband Mike, is a member of our club.  Mike is on the board of the Arlington Community Food Bank.

Mike Moves Food for Baskets Out to Load 


The Food Bank provides us names of families who have requested food and have been screened for eligibility.  This year it was able to provide names with addresses and phone numbers for delivery of 48 baskets in Arlington and 15 in Darrington.  The balance of our donated food baskets were delivered to the Food Bank for pickup by families.


Life Church 360 in Smokey Point has been a supporter of our project.  In addition to donating funds for 10 of the baskets and providing volunteers, it provides a trailer to transport the food from Grocery Outlet to the Arlington Boys and Girls Club where the food is sorted into the boxes

for delivery. 



This is the second year we have had help from the AHS Interact Club which our club sponsors.  With all of the help, we were able to sort and fill boxes in just 14 minutes!



This annual project takes the place of our regular noon meeting.  Box lunches were provide to members and the many volunteers.


Interactors also helped deliver boxes.  Here are a couple of deliveries:




Some of the basket recipients were ready with thank  you notes for our club.  Here are a couple:


For more photos check out the album in the right column. There is also a carousal on our home page and on our Face Book page.



A Busy Month of Service!

It's been a busy month of service already for our club with our biggest project, Christmas food baskets, yet to come.  
Several members helped collect gifts, money, and distribution for "A Christmas Wish".  It is a new name for an effort to provide a great Christmas for kids in families with financial challenges.  in previous years volunteers headed by our former member, Tina Davis, partnered with the American Legion and it was known as Operation Christmas Hope. This year the volunteers partnered with the Arlington Boys and Girls Club.
in addition to gifts donated by members in our community, the project is aided by cash gifts, a grant from the Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians, and money raised in partnership with the Arlington Runners Club and its Hot Cocoa Run.

Hot Cocoa Run December 9:

On Friday all of the donated and purchased gifts are arranged by age appropriate in the Boys and Girls Club's gym.  Parents and guardians come to the gym to pick from the thousands of gifts for their kids.

A Christmas Wish!

On Friday, December 15, our club bought lunches and gifts for over 200 senior at the Stillaguamish Senior Center.  Members helped with dishing up plates and waiting table, and. of course, our own Santa had to make an appearance to distribute candy canes and gifts.

Christmas Luncheon at Senior Center

Even though it was a lunch for seniors, Santa had to zero in on a grandchild one of the senior brought to lunch:
 Next Thursday members of our club and our Interact Club, along with family and friends will pick up food our members and our club has purchased from the Rotarian owned Arlington Bargain Market, pack the food in boxes at the Boys and Girls Club, and deliver the boxes to families in our community.  
Yes, It's The Season for Giving and Service Above Self!


Annual Christmas Party 

Rotarians and their guests had an enjoyable Christmas party at the Glen Eagle Restaurant on December 14.  This annual event takes the place of our noon meeting and it is always a fun and relaxing evening.
Our Director of Club Administration, Carla Gastineau, was the master of ceremonies.  She introduced President Jola to welcome the guests and to give a brief summary of our year to date.
Jola reported that out of the 4 goals necessary to have the club recognized with a presidential citation, we have already achieved 3.  The only requirement left is for the club to pay its semi annual dues to RI by the end of January.
President Jola
November was Rotary Foundation month and our Foundation Director and Associate Director, Kathy McCone and Ryan Berg, shared the results of our campaign.  $9250 was donated by members with donations of $100 or more being matched by the club.  The match was 9095 points.  This equates to 7 new Paul Harris Fellows with 11 members earning a multiple Paul Harris recognition.  We still have members who have not donated at the minimum $25 amount to qualify our club for "Every Rotarian Every Year" recognition.
Kathy and Ryan
Presentations of the new Paul Harris awards will occur at future meetings and Kathy indicated that families would be invited to come see the presentations.  There was not enough time before our party to have all the awards delivered.
Carla recognized members of the Club Administration Committee for helping with the event.  Wine was the reward.
In these 2 photos with Carla, from left to right: Jennifer Holocker, Lauren Hunter, Sue Weiss, Lyanne Rolf and Jessica Ronhaar.  Others recognized, but not present, Andria White, Jenie Jones, and Simona DeVries.
Carla presented a Kurt McVay plate with the Rotary wheel as a surprise to Dave Duskin for all the things he does for the club and help with making sure we had the gifts for our party.
Dave and Carla
As part of our December month of service, members have been bringing children's gift to our meeting and to the party for "A Christmas Wish" project.  Even a child's bike was donated by a member.  All the gifts were combined with those being collected all over the community so that on Friday, families with financial challenges could obtain Christmas gifts for their kids.
Some of the Many Gifts Including New Bike
( Friday at the Boys & Girls Club) 
Our Christmas party started with a great meal and ended with lots of dancing. 
Thank you Club Administration Committee for putting on a fun event!


Three New Members Inducted!

This week we inducted 2 new members and welcomed back a previous member as a new member.
Andria White, on the left, is a broker with Windermere Real Estate in Arlington.  Andria is a graduate of Darrington High School and Central Washington University.  She lives in Mount Vernon and is married to Cy Valliant.  Her bio has been lost so watch for an update.  Our Membership Director, Mike Britt, who sponsored her, is giving Andria her pin in this photo.  Cindy Huleatt will be her mentor.
Jessica Martin, on the right, is very energetic, driven and passionate about life.  She operates three businesses with the constant support of her amazing husband and three daughters.  Motivated by generosity Jessica spends much of her time in the community supporting nonprofits and those in need.  When not working, she hangs out with her three girls (2 Westies and a Cocker); which you will find with her most of the time.  To the left of Jessica is her sponsor, Breanne Martin (no relation) and her mentor Erik Granroth.
Wally Thomas grew up in Tacoma and attended school at the University of Washington.  He worked the first half of his career in the Food Manufacturing Industry making a variety of products ranging from pasta to beef jerky. In 2005 he moved to the north half of the state after purchasing Artisan Finishing Systems in north Marysville.  Wally is married to his wife Oanh of 27 years; they have two sons, Grant a senior in high school and Bryce a senior in college.   Wally coaches Lacrosse in the springtime and is adventurous and likes to try new things.  Wally was a member of our club previously and his mentor, on the left, this time around is Leroy Jacques.

Knitted Knockers Support Foundation for Breast Cancer Survivors

Members and our guests were visibly moved by our speaker, Barbara Demorest's, story of her cancer story and how it led her to take on the mission of providing free soft, comfortable, knit prosthetics for breast cancer survivors all over the world.
Knitted Knockers was Seahawks Charity of the Month!
Barb is a breast cancer survivor who had a mastectomy.  The doctors told her she couldn’t put anything on the scar.  The traditional breast prosthetics were expensive, hot, and heavy.  The doctor turned her on to a “knitted knocker”.
Super Knitter Phyllis was in Full Production During Our Meeting

Barb’s friend Phyllis made her a knitted knocker.  She tried it on and it was comfortable.  Barb immediately knew other women needed this.  It was life changing.  Barb felt normal. 
Barb went to the doctor to ask if she could make these for women and have him hand them out. 

Barb and her crew of knitters got started and began giving them to the doctor’s office.  They created a website to order free knitted knockers.

50,000 mastectomies done in the U.S.  One million women living in the U.S. that have had mastectomies and have not been reconstructed. 

Barb and her knitters posted patterns, video tutorials, and approval yarns online so people can create their own.  About 25 women meet every week to make the knockers.  1,000 per month are sent out each month. 

Dear Abby reached out to the Knitted Knockers volunteers and said she wanted to run a column about the Knitted Knockers but wanted to make sure they could handle the demand.  Orders for 250 knitted knockers per hour were placed.  The email was shut down by 9am.  By the end of the day 10,000 orders were placed.  They filled all orders.

Dear Abby ran a follow up this last Sunday to do an update on where Knitted Knockers are today. 

Knitted Knockers were invited to have a booth at the Mariners Stitch and Pitch event. An ESPN reporter covered them as a story.  He asked if they ever applied for the Seahawks charity of the month.  The reporter applied for them and they were chosen in the month of October 2016.  They received 100 public service announcements that ran throughout the Puget Sound.  Being chosen gave them a really big push. 

Barb estimates they have sent out 50,000 knitted knockers.   If you can knit or crochet register at to help.  Spread the word on social media.  Please also donate.

There is a bad stigma about breast cancer in Africa.  The group was invited to go to Rwanda.  They trained 30 women on how to create the Knitted Knockers.  The media covered the story nationally.  They were invited to meet with the Minister of Health and now there is a second mammogram machine in the country.  They were invited to meet with the head of the largest hospital.  He agreed the hospital would pay the local women to make the knockers.  The hospital gives them away free. 

Barb wouldn’t have changed getting breast cancer.  She has found passion and purpose in her life and is grateful to help other women.  Both sides benefit from making the knockers. 

Barb Showing Members Examples
Knitted Knockers Support Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) charity that is run entirely by volunteers.  For more of the Knitted Knockers story, click HERE to go to its website.


Four Outstanding Students Recognized

Our outstanding students recognition program has been on a one year hiatus.  This year we will be honoring students from the two high schools and two middle schools in the Arlington School District three times during the year.
The students were introduced by Rotarian and Arlington School Superintendent Chris Sweeting.

Our First Trimester Honorees:


Zeke Basher-Arlington High School

Zeke was nominated by his principal, Duane Fish, who said: Zeke is a critical component to the success of our Student Leadership program at AHS....He has been a great ASB President and our school is better for it".  Zeke's selection for charitable donation in his honor is Children's Hospital.



Trent Noback-Haller Middle School

Assistant Principal, Sally Schroeder, nominated Trent ...he quietly gives positive support to classmates and teammates who are struggling and he commits to helping build a positive leadership program at Haller...healthy understanding of what service means. His charity selection is the Arlington Community Food Bank.


Myranda Ritchie-Weston High School

Myranda embodies everything great about Weston, including our Panther Pledge: Be Repectful, Be Accountable, Be Encouraging and Be Persistent, said her Principal, Will Nelson, in nominating her. Myranda is definitely distinguished in the 21st Century Habits of Mind: Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity, and  Culture. Youth Dynamics is her charity.


Olivia Saenz -Haller Middle School

Teacher Holly Christmas-Harris, Olivia's nominator, said this about her: She understands the meaning of servant leadership and is willing to pitch in whatever capacity is needed, whether it be to create a slide show for Veterans Day assembly, do makeup for Hallerween Haunted Maze, or clean and pack the ASB room...Her charity is Operation Warm Firefighters' Fund to buy needed coats for kids.

Each of the students being recognized were given a certificate and, as indicated, our club donates $50 in each of their names to a charity chosen by the student.  The students introduced family and friends who came to witness the presentation.  CONGRATUALTIONS TO THE STUDENTS AND TO THEIR PARENTS!!


The Point Bar & Grill-Adrian Abed

Adrian Abed, co-owner of The Point Bar and Grill

Adrian gave his classification talk at our November 30 meeting.  He was born in 1982 in Monroe.  His father is Iranian.  Parents separated when he was 2 years old.  Mom worked at Denny’s and he spent a lot of time there.  Mom remarried when he was 7 years old.  He had issues with his step-father making it a difficult childhood.

Adrian left home and went into foster care before moving in with his great aunt and uncle in Mountlake Terrace.  Adrian dropped out of high school and started working in restaurants.  When he turned 21 he went to work as a bouncer at pub/bars and was given the nickname "A Train".  Learned the industry from the managers he worked with.  

Adrian is married and has two children (11 and 6).  He owes a debt of gratitude to his previous managers, wife, and great-aunt and uncle.  He and his partner looked around and purchased a bar in Kirkland that they renamed the Dub Pub. It catered a lot to U of W and Seahawk fans.  It had 50 televisions.  Because of lease issues, they sold the Dub Pub and looked for a place further north where growth is occurring.

Adrian and his partner purchased Razzals Sports Bar in Smokey Point six months ago.  They want to turn the pub into something more than a bar.  As part of their plan they changed the brand.  The name has been changed to The Point Bar and Grill.  

Now there are 40 televisions making it a great location to watch college and professional sports.  Plans are to expand the number to 50 televisions and to have a great menu for families during the day with more of a bar atmosphere at night.  To see more, including the menu, click HERE.


Turkey Trot Fundraiser for Arlington Community Food bank

It was dark when Devin Brossard, Arlington Rotarian and Arlington Runners Club President, started the setup for the Turkey Trot 5 K in the parking lot of Arlington Grocery Outlet.  Other club members soon joined him and, with many hands, setup was almost completed before the rain arrived.
The course had to be rerouted because of flooding.  Runners ran out on the Centennial Trail where frozen turkeys had been placed along side the path.  Those arriving at the bird could keep the turkey but only if he/she carried it back unaided with a back pack or anything else but their hands.
14 Rotarians and their family members helped members of the Arlington Runners Club put on the event. 

Here are some photos from the event:

One member of our club, Lee Harman, actually ran the race and was the fastest in age group. 
The primary sponsor for the race was Arlington's Grocery Outlet and Bargain Market.  Of course the turkeys and the pumpkin pie came from the Outlet.
Sorry we don't have winners' names.  They will posted at the Arlington Runners Club's Facebook site.  To go to the site, click HERE.


Our Members Talked About the Rotary Foundation to Inspire Giving!

Our program was led off by our Foundation Director Kathy McCone telling us the basics of the Rotary Foundation.
Kathy McCone
The Rotary Foundation (TRF) is the charitable arm of Rotary International.  Funds donated to the annual fund of TRF stays with the foundation for 3 years.  Interest earned on the donation goes to pay for the operating expenses of Rotary International.  At the end of the 3 years one-half of the donated funds go back to the districts and one-half is used for global grants.
There are six areas of focus for use of the portion used for global grants: Peace and conflict prevention/resolution; Disease prevention and treatment; Water and sanitation; Maternal and child health; Basic education and literacy; and Economic and community development.
Polio Plus is a designated fund of the Rotary Foundation.  It is not part of the annual fund.  Donations to Polio Plus do count towards Paul Harris recognitions but not towards Every Rotary Every Year (EREY).
Joan Tilton then gave our club some information on global grants and shared some information on our global grant completed this year and on a new grant we may be seeking.
    Joan Tilton                                                                       Global Grants Presentation
To qualify for a global grant our president elect and one other club member must attend the District Grant Seminar in February.  Joan has been our club's representative.  She and Bucky led our effort to provide a well and delivery system in Bungoma Kenya.  We partnered with the Rotary club in Bungoma for the project that started in 2013 and which just concluded.
Qualified projects receive a 3 1/2 to 1 match from TRF and District.  Our club's contribution of $37,790 grew to a total project cost of $106,685.  In the photo album section you can see photos of our project.  A possible new project would be to partner with the same club to provide water in nearby Ndengelwa, Kenya.
Our District Grant Chair is Erik Granroth.  District grants fund projects much closer to home with much less paper work and a shorter time frame.
Erik Granroth Talks About District Grants
There are currently two grants in the pipeline:  We have a $10,400 district grant ear marked for the splash pads for sod and/or park benches.  The project has been held up waiting for the State to approve its capital budget.
More recently, we applied and received a grant to buy up to 20 AED heart defibrillator units for possible police cars and to be located in other public places through out the community.  We were awarded up tp $10,000 which will have to be matched by our club.
   Carla Gastineau demonstrated how easy it is to give to the foundation online.
Click HERE for a link.  When you get to that webpage you will see at the top a link to "My Rotary".  Using that link either access your account if you have already established an account or register.  If asked your member number, it can be found on the address label of your Rotarian Magazine.  You can also find it my going to your Club Runner profile page and click on the Rotary tab.
Once you have an account set up, you can see your entire donation history.  The donate button allows you to give one time gifts or at intervals through out the year.  A monthly automatic donation may be much easier than a yearly gift for the $50 optional payment on your semi annual dues statement.
One of our club goals is to be 100% EREY.  It requires that each member of the club donate a minimum of $25 during year to the annual fund.  We would also like our members to be a sustaining member by donating a minimum of $100 per year.
Remember that if you donate on line in November you need to advise Kathy McCone so that you will get the match.  You can also give a check to Kathy this month!  The voluntary payment that you make with your dues does not qualify for the match.
Each member should have received an email telling you how much you would need to donate to be recognized as a Paul Harris Fellow.  During November the club is matching your gift to the annual fund.  To add some incentive, Associate Director Ryan Berg has established a raffle.  He has had many donated prizes including gift certificates, a set of tires, a generator, a Kurt McVay plate with Rotary wheel, and the list continues to grow.
Ryan Berg:
"For Every $25 Donated During the Month 10 Tickets will be Entered Into the Drawing in Your Name!!"
To make it easy to donate, Ryan set up shop at the meeting with his Square so donations could be made with a credit card. Remember this promotion only lasts through the month of November. With Thanksgiving next week, our only remaining meeting in November is the 30th.

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