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We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Arlington Free Methodist Church
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(Mail: PO Box 3592)
Arlington, WA  98223
United States
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Rotary Club of Arlington, Washington

Who Are We?

The Rotary Club of Arlington is a

group of business owners, professionals

and community leaders that are

dedicated to making our world and our

community stronger.

We are committed to the ideal of

"Service Above Self"

while enjoying fun, fellowship and friendships



Home Page Stories

County Update by Nate Nehring

With the caveat that no campaigning is allowed, Nate Nehring, the current County Council Person from District 1, brought us up to speed on county issues and concerns.
                                      Nate Nehring of the County Council

Jobs and economic Development in the Arlington/Marysville Area has great opportunities in the manufacturing and industrial center by 2020 could have over 2000 jobs in the area.  45% of people that live in Snohomish county commute to King County for work. This will create local jobs.  There will be a vote in the fall to give a regional designation to the area so businesses can see that this is an area where businesses would like to bring jobs


Commercial air service at Paine Field.  Ground breaking happened about a month ago. This is a huge opportunity to have commercial air service in Snohomish County and it will help to spur economic development in Snohomish county. They are also looking to bring a trade school into Snohomish County to help fill the jobs that will be opened up with the new businesses. 


We are expecting 200,000 people to move to Snohomish county in the next few years.  Traffic, Transportation and Housing are big questions with the influx of people.  $150 million was given to Snohomish county to help with transportation problems. Part of that will expand 172nd up to 67th. There are going to be other improvements to many of the area roads and intersections.  Looking toward local transportation projects and ideas of places that need work in North County. 


Homelessness, Drug abuse and public safety in our area has been a large focus. Nate is trying to get stakeholders together to bring groups together to work together on these issues.  Prevention is key in helping with these problems.  The Jail has become a treatment facility, but only about 5% of the people that go through the system are able to turn their lives around. 


The Arlington Drug Awareness Coalition has done a great job at working toward prevention in Arlington and Lakewood.  With the Homeless population there are 2 different groups. The group that chooses to be homeless and the group that is trying to turn their lives around.  We need to be able to distinguish between the groups and help those that are in need.  Working now to have an imbedded social worker in our area as well as an additional Deputy and police officer in Arlington. They will be focusing specifically on homelessness in our area. 


The Sherriff said that after Everett, Smokey Point is the next on the list of most need.  Nate also went on a ride along with the Snohomish County Drug taskforce and asked the officers what was needed to help clean up places that are in need.  The officers need more teeth to move squatters out of homes.  They have been working on legislation to bring more teeth to the laws to help move squatters out and clean up homes.  Nate has also been looking at different programs that are helpful in moving people out of homelessness.  Marysville and Arlington are also looking at the idea of panhandling and the best way to address the issue in the area.


Capital Budget was not passed by the state legislature because Republicans are not willing to do so until the issue of the Hirst Supreme Court decision is addressed.  The Supreme Court's decision is that each county must determine if there is enough ground water before allowing wells to be drilled in the rural areas of the state.  Besides being used to get Democrats to bend on the Republican's proposed solution, there has been nothing proposed in the capital budget relating to the water issue.  Editor's Side Note: The failure to act on the capital budget means we do not have any matching funds for the construction of the splash pads at Haller Park.


Fun Doing Projects

Each month our club often has both a service project and a social event.  Recently members of our club helped clean up flower beds at the Stillaguamish Senior Center.
Devin and Lyanne at Senior Center Project
One of our most frequent project locations is the Fire Mountain Scout Reservation east of Big Lake.  Some of the projects are a start that gets finished by other volunteers. Here are some recent photos of the finished projects:
                                                              The Deck on the Dining Hall
We worked on a three of the components of the new Swim Beach:
 The Swim Platform and Swing
 Completed Change Station
 Finished Shelters on the Beach
 Beach Overview of "The Beach at Fire Mountain"
Thanks, in part, to our club, Scouts are having a great experience at Fire Mountain!  The camp has become one of the premier camps with 60% of the units using the camp this summer being from outside the Mount Baker Council.

Ryan Berg's Classification Talk

A member presenting a talk on their family and work history is always one of our club's favorite programs.  Ryan Berg's talk was no exception.

Ryan Berg of the Shop at Mission Motors-Background Photo Shows Ryan on far Right

Growing up Ryan's focus was faith and family.  When he was young his dog was hit by a car and killed.  He asked to go out to where it was being buried and asked if he could watch Jesus come down and take his dog to Heaven.  His faith is important.

Ryan loves the Seahawks.  Ryan is married and has two children, boy and girl.

Born on Whidbey Island in 1971.  Whidbey is a place he can relax.  In 1976 moved from Whidbey to Everett.  Parents divorced when he was 5 years old.  Single mother so Ryan was very independent from an early age.  Had a step-dad that wasn’t very good.  Kidnapped Ryan for a few weeks and attempted to turn him against his mother.  Moved in with his father in Kingston.  Ryan worked at a restaurant at 14.  Dad was arrested for letting people on the ferry for free.  Ryan worked 45 hours per week while in high school.  Had to quit football/athletics. 

Ryan moved back in with his mother and went to Mariner High.  Ryan was involved with DECA which really changed his life.  Gave him a new passion.  Learned he was a good salesperson.  His senior year he started an “adopt a grandparent” program.  Every month they would adopt a grandparent in an assisted living home and would take them to lunch.

At 19 Ryan began selling cars at Lynnwood Dodge then went to Jeep.  Sold cars for 6 1/2 years.  Found he was too self-conscious about himself to sell cars.  His wife was the receptionist at the car lot.  He then moved to the parts & services department.  Ryan has never worked on a car.  He fixes customers not cars.  Ryan wants to put smiles on customers’ faces.

Ryan was a manager at many car lots/service departments.  Took over managing A1 Auto Service and grew it dramatically.  Started consulting for Mission Motors and then was offered to buy the shop.  Obtained an investor and purchased the equipment and shop.  7 technicians, great reviews.  Ryan loves where he’s at and what he’s doing.

New Logo The Shop 

Ryan is a scuba drive master.  He has taught almost 200 people how to dive. 

Ryan’s grandfather is his hero.  He died in 2008.  He made Ryan who he is.  Ryan wrote him a poem he likes to share with others.



New Board Off and Running

Associate Directors Confirmed

First Meeting of New Board of Directors
On July 12 our new board had its first meeting of the new Rotary year at the Huleatt residence, with new president jola Barnett presiding. 
Officers besides Jola include President Elect-Paul Ellis; Vice President-Bob Campbell; Secretary-Robin Reinig; Treasurer-Pam Beaton; and Past President-Erik Granroth.
Directors for the new year are as follows:
  • Foundation-Kathy McCone
  • Membership-Mike Britt
  • Public Relations-Jessica Ronhaar
  • Service-Devin Brossard
  • Youth Services-Lyanne Rolf
  • Club Administration-Carla Gastineau
One of the first items of new business was the confirmation of the Associate Directors appointed by new president Jola Barnett. Associate Directors, as provided for in our bylaws, are non voting members of the board unless the director is absent, in which case the Associate Director has an automatic proxy to vote for the absent director.
Here is the confirmed slate of Associate Directors:
  • Membership-Cindy Huleatt
  • Foundation-Ryan Berg
  • Public Relations-Breanne Martin
  • Youth Services-Sue Weiss
  • Administration-Jennifer Holocker
  • Service-Jim Kelly
Jola also announced that our program chairs are Fitz Couhig and Simona Devries, District Grant Chair is Erik Granroth, and Global Grants Chair is Joan Tilton


Great Stilly Duck Dash 2017 Winners!

Thank you to our community for participating in another successful Great  Stilly Duck Dash!
1st Prize of $5,000-Tyler Barker, sold by Kurt McVay.
Only one of the winners was present at the park.  Jon Knechtel, a $1000 winner is pictured here with our ducks!
Each of the next 5 places won $1,000 each:
2nd                          Dan Hughes, sold by Ron Huitger.
3rd                           Lynn Birk, sold by Devin Dickinson.
4th                           Mike Kmet sold by  Bill Kmet.
5th                           Kelly Peterson sold by Bryce Duskin.
6th                           Jon Knechtel sold by Jola Barnett.
The next 10 each will receive $100:
7th                           Brent Nicholson sold by Paul Ellis.
8th                           Tom Lampe sold by Bucky Tart.
9th                           Ryan Aneya  sold by Mel Simpson.
10th                         Virginia Hatch sold by Linda Byrnes.
11th                         RH2, Inc.  (Dan Burmel)  sold by  Jim Kelly.
12th                         Ken Stevens sold by Devin Brossard.
13th                         B & B Fabricators sold by Todd Bergeson.
14th                         Bill Miller sold by Al Erickson.
15th                         Bette VanAusdal sold by Dale Duskin.
16th                         Linda Baughman sold by Devin Brossard.
If you are a winner you will receive a phone call asking you to verify your name, address, & telephone number.  It is hard sometimes to read a ticket holders name.                                  
 Rotarians at Haller Park Before Announcing the Grand Winner!  Great Job Rotarians!


Historic Flight Foundation

John Sessions, with the Historic Flight Foundation located at Paine Field, spoke to our club. 

The HFF was established in 2003 as “John T. Sessions Historic Aircraft Foundation” with the intention to collect, restore, and share significant aircraft from the period between the solo Atlantic crossing of Charles Lindbergh and the first test flight of the Boeing 707. 

The HFF is also a public charity that educates the public on aviation history and teaches pilots to fly historic aircraft.  In the last twenty years Boeing has introduced 2 models of aircraft.  Much more regulation now than in the 20s and 30s.

Planes from 1927-1957 are housed at the Foundation at Paine Field.  Some of the planes from the collection will be flying at the Arlington Fly In.

A flight that used to take 10 days now takes 10 hours.  The reason we didn’t invade France earlier was because the success of the U-boats.  Aircraft were successful in overcoming U-boats and getting infantry on the ground.   

John recommends four aviation attractions in the area: Future of Flight, Museum of Flight Restoration, Flight Heritage Collection, and the Historic Flight Foundation.  

Part of the collection will be at the Arlington Fly-in July 7-9.

Click for HFF Website: HERE

Our 2017 Sponsors Rock!

Please support our sponsors who supported Great Stilly Duck Dash 2017.  $81,500 was raised this year from these generous businesses:

Jola Recognizing Tom Lane


Tom Lane of Dwayne Lane Chevrolet




Gold Sponsor Skagit Regional Health

Jola with Kari Ranten



Rotarian Todd Bergeson of B & B Fabricators
Bryce Duskin, DDS Accepting for Eagle Family Dental
on behalf of him, Jeff Huleat, DDS, and Cindy Huleat, Office Manager.
All 3 are Rotarians
Rotarian Devin Brossard, DC
of Symmetry Chirotractic

Transition to the 2017-18 Rotary Year!

It's known as the annual installation banquet.  With the new Rotary year starting July 1, it is a time to recognize the transition to new club leadership.  
This year's banquet was held on June 22 at the Glen Eagle Country Club.  Our Director of Administration, Carla Rankin Gastineau, and Associate Director, Jennifer Holocker, put a great evening of fellowship together to recognize out going officers and to install the new.  Doing the installation honors was Past District Governor Lyle Ryan, a former member of our club, and now a member of the Everett Club.
Lyle Bestows the President's Pin on New President Jola Barnett
Most all of the officers and directors for the year 2016-17 will remain the same for 2017-18.  New to the board is Bob Campbell who will be replacing Paul Ellis who moves into the position of President Elect.  Officers continuing are Pam Beaton as Treasurer and Robin Reinig as Secretary.
Departing from the board is Jeff Huleatt who is being replaced as Past President by Erik Granroth.
Soon to be Past President Erik Recognizes Jeff Huleatt for His Years of Service
These members will serve as our directors:  Administration:  Carla Rankin Gastineau; Public Relations: Jessica Ronhaar; Service: Devin Brossard; Foundation: Kathy McCone; Youth Services: Lyanne Rolf; Membership: Mike Britt.
In addition to thanking the outgoing officers and welcoming the new, our Rotary Foundation Director gave out Paul Harris Fellowship Awards.

New Paul Harris Fellows

Matt Rolf

Matt Rolf was presented a Paul Harris Fellowship from our club for leading several of our Camp Fire Mountain building projects.  Most recent was the replacement of the deck off the dining hall at the Boy Scout Camp that is east of Big Lake in Skagit County.
Other projects have included building a diving platform and shelter at the camp's swim beach.

Joan Tilton

Joan successfully chaired our effort to build a water system in Bungoma, Kenya.  She was successful in obtaining grants from the Rotary Foundation and partnering with the Rotary Club of Bungoma.  Although Joan was already a Paul Harris Fellow, the club chose to honor her with her plus 4.

Erik Granroth

It is customary for the outgoing president to be awarded a Paul Harris for his year of service!  This is Erik's plus 2.  Erik has served as our 49th president.
There is an album for photos from the banquet.  Here are a few more:

About Charlotte Goller of Germany

Charlotte Goller, from Germany, spoke about her exchange experience on her 16th Birthday. 

Charlotte is one of the youngest Rotary sponsored exchange students.  She likes to play the violin, tennis, hike, and she likes to be on the water.  If she moved away from Germany she would want to live in Hawaii.

Charlotte decided to be an exchange student to try something different and experience a new culture as her own culture.  She previously went to Nantes, France as an exchange student.  Her family has hosted exchange students from Canada and Brazil. 

Charlotte chose Rotary to sponsor her because it is an organized and structured program.  Charlotte was part of the Rotary Club years before she decided to be an exchange student.

Charlotte comes from Bremen, Germany in Northern Germany with a population of 500,000.  The capitol of Germany is Berlin and in the European Union.  Germany is the size of Montana with 18 million people.  The drinking age is 16 but driving age is 18.  Public transportation is really easy in Germany.


Community Benefits from Duck Dash Sales

The Great Stilly Duck Dash started as a new fundraiser for our club back in 1989 in response to our club's pledge of $10,000 towards the construction costs of building a new Boys and Girls Club.  When the call went out for the need to enlarge the club we responded with a pledge of $50,000.  We are able to meet that pledge and commit funds to many other projects because of the growth of the fund raiser.
On Saturday, May 20, we were able to celebrate the opening of the enlarged club with a ribbon cutting ceremony.
A Thank You Plaque for the Rotary Club of Arlington!
Kids Cutting the Ribbon With Dignitaries Behind Them
A New Gym and a Half Has Been Added--Volleyball Game the Day of the Ribbon Cutting
New Teen Center with State of the Art Audio, Video and Graffiti Board
A Room for Kids to Study with New Computers
One of the other recent contributions from Duck Dash proceeds was $4000 to Youth Dynamics to help kids go to camp.  Many 
Bruce Stedman
Jul 27, 2017
5-County Community Resource Paramedic Project
Paul Abramowicz
Aug 03, 2017
Classification talk
Steffen Emard
Aug 17, 2017
Classification Talk
Picnic at Haller Park
Aug 31, 2017
District Governor Lindagene Coyle
Sep 07, 2017
District 5050 update
No speaker
Sep 14, 2017
Golf Tournament
Lee Harman
Sep 21, 2017
Polio Plus
Dave Duskin
Sep 28, 2017
47 Years--History of Rotary Club of Arlington
July 2017
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