Scribe May 3, 2017
Dierdre’s e mail worked.  There were several visitors, including a visiting Rotarian, Spouse, guest as well as the speaker.
Mary Brunet, president of the Rotary Club of Semiahmoo spoke about upcoming events – SASSY (May 12), the 7th annual.  A need for club information (Joanne nominated as chair in her absence and Dierdre has photos and is to tell her) and a planting Bee to come in fall.
Pat suggested that the district governor’s visit schedule be left up to Lindajean.
A suggestion has been made that each of 5 clubs pick up 1/5 of the 1% proposed reduction in support of Save on Foods gift cards that the Block family has proposed.  Mary Brunet said that this could be capped.  Pat said this will go to the executive and if approved will then come to the membership.
Pat said we need to consider proposals for next year’s executive.  Be prepared if this railroad comes your way.
Renee reminded us of the shred it event coming on June 3rd and explained, mainly for visitors, where the money is going.  The shred it company’s donation was again mentioned as it has not yet been made.
Peter talked about the 5 club breakfast, the generous matching donation promised, ticket sales and other donation received.
Sergeant Scott Phemeister told a long story of his cruise and the Rotarians and other service minded people he met.  Peter paid for a goal scored during the sergeant’s absence and was rebuked for only one goal in the long time.  Alan paid a pittance for all the rain we had to put up with.  Don was happy that he no longer has to lead O’Canada.   Brian paid for the article in the newspaper that the sergeant was shown IN PANAMA. Visitor Rhonda was happy to have a child closer to home.  Pat was happy to have a child working closer to home.  Mary was happy to be going to the District conference but complained (a bit) about the dropping exchange rate. 
Speaker, April Lewis, was introduced by Dierdre.  April was happy to have her daughter back from Cambodia even though unemployed.  April told us she is divorced after 30 years but has a boy friend who is a Paul Harris Fellow.  She has had a birthday recently that qualifies her to work with CARP.  She has cruised with Lindajean, known to her as Linda.  April talked about her book, Lovingly Arrogant, a title she picked up when she was called that.
April was thanked by Stuart, though she said writers liked pens, she appreciated the certificate we gave her.