Check out Dick's Interview:
Born in England UK. In 1966 I decided to emigrate to Canada. Actually, my plan was to go to California [Never made it].
Initially I ran an Office Equipment Retail store in North Battleford Saskatchewan. Then I moved into Banking with ScotiaBank obtaining FICB status. I rose through the ranks of Consumer Credit, eventually starting up their retail auto sales center in Saskatchewan. After a stint as a Bank Auditor. I left the bank and joined 2 friends in the retail computer business now known as Simply Computing [Apple Franchise with 7 locations]
in 2008 I got Cancer so sold my share and retired but after needing something to keep me busy I returned as a part time inventory Auditor and Assistant to the buyer.
After my term as Rotary Club president in 2004 I took over the position of Secretary [Always one difficult to fill]
I have had a varied life history - Ran a Night club, Managed a Rock & Roll band. My Hobby is philately [Stamp Collecting {Specialize in India, Great Britain and Canada]. Although with trend to online getting used specimens is more difficult these days.
I like to travel so once COVID has gone so will I return to cruising and exploring countries on my bucket list.
1.  What is your biggest accomplishment with the Rotary Club?
  I think I would select the ROTARY CARES- Grade 3 Dictionary Project. We Provide Grade 3 students with their very Own Dictionary and complete a word lookup exercise each time we do a presentation. We started this in 2011. We deliver to 9 inner city schools and haves upplied 3390 dictionaries to date.
2. Which Rotary cause are you most fond of?
Literacy as it is a foundation to getting ahead and prospering in society. Utilization of Gaming funds to maximize the impact in our community.
3. How would you like the Rotary Club of Surrey to look like in 5 years?
Continue to grow in size with a very mixed ethnic content. But not too big to lack the family atmosphere.
4. Do you have a favorite quote/motto?
Literacy is the basic building block for a successful future.