Just reminders.
Please register or decline for Meetings and Events so we can plan for numbers.
You may not receive an invitation/reminder but log into our Webpage and you can see the schedule
in right hand column and respond by selecting date. Good Practice is check at the start of the month
and match with your personal calendar.
Coming up in February is ROTARY CARES dictionary project. I will need help in deliveries
Dates will be posted shortly but look at 2nd and/or 3rd week of February. Each presentation
completes in an hour and I try to schedule 2 per day over 4 days.We have 8 schools
Part of our annual project is Lunch at the Round up Cafe Opened in 1949  True old Diner.
Bridgeview           12834-115a Avenue
Kirkbride               12150-92nd Avenue
Old Yale                 10135-132nd.Street
Kennedy Trail        8305-122a Street
Prince Charles       12405-100th.Avenue
Forsyth Road         10730-139th.Street
KB Woodward       13130-106th Avenue
James Ardiel           13751-112th.Avenue