Posted by Arthur Claxton on Jul 10, 2019
Stopping Wild Baboons...Rotary At Work
Often I have people ask me, “What do Rotarians do?”
Well, sometimes we stop wild baboons!  Several years ago, I visited some rural schools in South Africa.  Most of the children are the sons and daughters of the black workers on the local farms.  There is not a lot of money for upkeep, materials etc.  When I got back to my club in Surrey, they agreed to work with several Rotary Clubs in South Africa who were in turn maintaining and rebuilding some of the rural schools.
One of the most interesting projects was the Baboon Fence.  It seemed that one of the elementary school play-ground was near an orchard.  The baboons would always take a short cut through the school playground.  Baboons are bigger than the children and have much bigger teeth.  So a tall fence was put up around the playground to protect the children.
So there you have it.  I am thinking we are the only Canadian Rotary Club to put up a baboon fence.
Rotary believes in the importance of children for our future.  Children at that school  will now be a lot safer.