Hello Rotarians and visitors, how is everybody?  I see Alf Marchi is in the house, please welcome our Assistant Governor who has a very important job to do tonight and that is to install another member. Dr. Parveen Goel will be suitably introduced later by his sponsor Dave Hayer. Dick and Dean send their regrets for not being here tonight.
I am sure that if you were asked what kind of a year we had since the last AGM, there would be some but not full consensus. For me, we had some scary moments not knowing what the future of two clubs would be. I am sure that some of you would admit that you weren’t sure if you wanted to remain a member and again all of us probably thought what we are getting ourselves into by merging two clubs with different cultures. I am pleased to say that we are here because you saw the value of being a Rotarian and the positives of coming together as one club. It reminds me of a saying by William Arthur Ward and I quote “Do more than belong: participate. Do more than care: help. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than be fair: be kind. Do more than forgive: forget. Do more than dream: work.”Close quote.
  • Bryce, Art and their team of six worked through the summer on the merger of the two clubs. We received unanimous support to merge. The new club is called the Rotary Club of Surrey and the new board was installed in July by past RI representative Dean Rohrs.
  • A special thank you to you the members who are the backbone of the organization. Without your commitment and belief in the Four Way Test, we would not be here today.
  • Frances, Norman, Duane and Lynn Juliet said goodbye to the club. Yeen may be back in 2019.
  • Membership: We started the new year and the new club with our first and newest member for the new club; Sam Sangha. Our intrepid community liaison Dave Hayer sponsored a new member who will be installed tonight
  • Programs: Fusion Fest was held and at some point, we will decide if we will participate in the future, thanks to Bryce and his team
  • Starfish is growing and I would be remiss if I failed to thank Lynn Spence and her team for the incredible job they are doing with this program. Rose McKeen is no longer a member, but she continues to support Starfish and I cannot thank her enough for her efforts
  • The Booksale was completed- thanks to Charlie Molnar for the work he and his team did to organize and execute the book sale
  • Under the guidance of Anup Jubbal, Canadian Eyesight Global continues its work in restoring sight to people in India and as you know, CEG sponsors free eye camps around the Lower Mainland.
  • The Inclusion Awards Event is just around the corner, thanks to Dick for representing Rotary.
  • The Seniors Christmas Dinner which is being organized by Dianna Sears will be held on December 8th and the Starfish Packing event followed by the club’s Christmas dinner will be held at Vlassis Greek Restaurant on November 22nd. Again, thank you all for the work you do for Rotary.