Looking forward to October when members come back from Vacations. (I thought use retired people did not get Holidays and Weekends!)
Our calendar is starting to fill up as we find additional ways to help our community.
Starfish scheduled to restart later this month as the schools get settled. We will be assisting 15 families this year. Providing  backpacks of nutritious foods for the weekends for 15 needy students.
"Give a Kid a Muffin" just kicked of at the Surrey Central Library.
"Rotary Cares" Grade 3 Dictionary project just gearing up as we order this years dictionaries for 8 inner city schools.(Delivery in the new year)
Our weekly meetings and socials are providing opportunities for our members to interact and gain knowledge
Last weeks speaker was Farhad Sadeghi Amini  a renowned Persian Artist. Here is a link to his webpage http://www.sadeghiamini.com/.
As the saying goes "a picture says a thousand words" He explained the thoughts behind his work and how he helps new artists find their
style and express their feelings in art. I especially like his Lincoln/Obama from his Card series.
Here he is with our members sid was also there he took the picture.
Also this month we had a presentation from Dave Hayer gaining an in-site into the working of our Legislature where Dave was a MLA representing Surrey for many years.  As in the old TV show Laugh in as Arte Johnson would say "Very interesting"
And finally a fun night at Boston Pizza celebrating our esteemed presidents Birthday (Only One candle otherwise we would have set off the fire alarms)