Posted on Jul 04, 2019


 Welcome Friends and Rotarians! 

As we begin our 2019 – 2020 Rotary year, we are reminded of what a powerful, forward thinking and compassionate family of Rotarians we belong to. We give special thanks to the dedication of Rotarians around the world and especially to those fearless warriors who are members of our club, who work tirelessly to help projects succeed and our club to have a meaningful presence in our community. Thank you Past President John Edwards, Board members; Sam Sangha, Dick Wareham, Art Claxton, Deane Gurney, Dianna Sears, Garry Sass, Ely Golvin and Bryce McElroy; along with all our exceptional members who have dedicated their time and energies to the success of our club. 

Rotary has a tremendous influence not only in our communities but also to our entire world. We can and do make a difference by the actions we show each other, our communities and the good that we do in the world. 

Mark Daniel Maloney, our Rotary International President (2019-2020) states: 

“Rotary allows us to connect with one another, in deep and meaningful ways, across our differences. It connects us with people we would never otherwise have met, who are more like us than we ever could have known. It connects us with our communities, to professional opportunities, and to the people who need our help” 

(Presidential message July 2019) 

As we reflect on what we want to accomplish this coming Rotary year, our thoughts begin with Rotary’s mission statement: 

“We provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through our fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders” ( 

How we will accomplish our goals is through the collaborative efforts of each of our club members. We reach out to each of you and ask you to consider how you can see our club making a difference in our communities, to vulnerable people within the community, for youth, and through our international reach. 

As Rotary states, “We work differently. We see differently: Our multidisciplinary perspective helps us see challenges in unique ways. We think differently: We apply leadership and expertise to social issues —and find unique solutions. We act responsibly: Our passion and perseverance create lasting change. We make a difference at home and around the world: Our members can be found in your community and across the globe” ( 

Let us take the time to think about how we can take our passion for “Service above Self” and make it a reality in our world. Take the time to think about how our actions as a club and your contributions of innovative project ideas and volunteer service can make not only this year be special, but also improve the lives of those who need our help. We encourage each of you to think deeply about contributing and have the courage to bring new life into focus for the club. We look forward to our continued conversations, collaborative efforts, and of taking action. We are a Rotary family and we shine together. 

Yours in Rotary, 

Dave and Isabelle Hayer 

Co-Presidents 2019 – 2020